Hatut Zeraze

First Appearance: Black Panther #4

Created by: Christopher Priest


The Hatut Zeraze (pronounced hah-TOO sir-AH-say) Created and founded by T’chaka The Great after Klaw tried to invade their nation of Wakanda. They are essentially the secret survive and assassins of the nation reporting directly to the king himself. They were lead by Hunter, the step brother of T’challa. When T’challa rose to power after the death of his father he banished Hunter and the Hatut Zeraze from Wakanda not agreeing with their methods.  They still operate in the united states under Hunter who maintain Wakandas best interests still despite his exile. He was noted for encouraging Kasper Cole to take up being the Black Panther despite trying to manipulate him.


They employ vibranium weave costumes which absorbs kinetic force and is virtually bulletproof. Their shoes cling to walls and has a camouflage ability making them invisible to the naked eye.


Members are trained in a wide variety of martial arts skills along with armed combat. In addition they are very skilled infiltrators, Assassins and torturers. In turn they can withstand a great deal of punishment and a re trained to guard there secrets at all costs.

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