Black Panther #18 Review

Black Panther #18 - Bride Of The Panther, Part 5: Here Come A Storm


On the eve of Civil war Storm and T’challa are wed in a beautiful ceremony. Watched by their families and the superhero community. Cap and Iron man depart before the ceremony for personal reasons.   Even the watcher shows up. Storm is presented to the panther god and he blesses their union. When the festivities are over they get a message from Dr. Doom, they decide to go to Latveria for their honeymoon.

The Good

I loved the art, storms wedding dress was stunning. Hands down the best wedding dress of any super chick who has gotten married in all of comicdom bar none! I enjoyed the slow paced story and the nod to the wider marvel universe. It takes me back to 2006 when the superhero registration act took place and lines were drawn in the sand.

Hudlin really shows two people who love each other and were destined to be together.   It was an Issue that Both men and women would enjoy even if for very different reasons.

The bad

Slow paced stories are just not for everyone, so if watching a wedding is not your MO skip ahead.

The ugly

I enjoyed it but it was not a wow issue 3/5


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