T’chaka the Great (Character)


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by:  Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema

1st appearance: The Avengers #87, 1971

Nationality: Wakandan

Team Affiliations: none

Legal Status: Diplomatic immunity as the sovereign of his own nation.

Height: 5’11               Weight: 225 lbs
Eye Color: Brown    Hair color: black

Relatives: Azzari the Wise (Father, deceased), unnamed mother (deceased),  S’yan (Brother),   N’Yami  (wife, deceased),  Ramonda (wife),  Shuri (daughter),  T’Challa (son), White Wolf (adopted son), Jakara  (son, deceased)  Storm, (daughter in law ),  T’shan (nephew), Bashenga (ancestor)

Skills and abilities:World class martial artist.

Powers: All his physical attributes have been enhanced beyond peak human by the heart shaped herb. He is noted for using retractable clawed gauntlets throughout his career.


T’chaka is the the first son to Wakandan king and Panther cult tribal leader Azzari the Wise. Being first born meant the burden of leadership has always carried heavily on his shoulders. Being trained from birth in the ways of the warrior he easily excelled. He also held cultural norms in high esteem and   took a stance of preserving  Wakanda‘s heritage and honoring the “old ways” of Magic despite the technological advancements of his nation. It was during this time that he met  Zawavari, a wakandan sorcerer who would play a vital role in the lives of his children. They were friends.

When a second child was born to his parents, younger brother  S’yan  came into the picture. His brother was also trained in the way of the warrior and only  further sharpened his skills. The two would clash constantly because of their conflicting ideas of what a leader should be. During world war 2 they met the American; Captain America and soldier; Gabe Jones. Being there first contact with the outside world they learned of the terror that was war as the Nazis tried to conquer them. This brush with the outside irrevocably changed T’chaka who vowed to protect his nation at all costs.

After the death of his parents he ascended the throne with his younger brother as his chief adviser. Over time he gained the nickname of   “T’Chaka The Great”  because of his prowess in combat.

He quickly married knowing that one f the main duties of a king is to provide an heir. His wife  N’Yami  did not conceive quickly however and one day he discovered an orphaned white baby. Knowing nothing of discrimination he took it as a sign from Bast the Panther god and adopted the boy into his family. He named the boy Hunter and trained him as though he were a prince.  When his first son biological child  T’Challa  was born and his wife died in childbirth, T’chaka trained Hunter to be his personal assassin who would do anything to protect the nation. He founded the Hatut Zeraze (The dogs of war) for this purpose. They were essentially the CIA of Wakanda. Sometime later he had a son named Jakara.  He eventually wed  his second wife Ramonda who gave him his first and only daughter  Shuri.
As the rest of the world advanced in the use of technology and since Wakanda was independent with no ties to any other nation, their advancements were coveted.  When he was called to a UN meeting in hopes of other countries trading with him, he refused and was assassinated by Klaw while he tried to protect his wife and children. Upon his death his brother S’yan ruled in his steed until his son T’Challa was old enough to take the throne.


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