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Fantastic Four #544 Review

FantasticFour#544 cover

In the aftermath of Civil War comes RECONSTRUCTION, the beginning of a stunning new era of fantastic adventure. The team has been rocked to its foundations by the controversial events of the last several months. Now Reed and Sue have announced their plans to take some time off to work out their marital problems, leaving Ben and Johnny to hold the fort. But they won’t be doing it shorthanded. Two new members join the team, Black Panther and Storm. Epoch says that the events that occurred are beyond their comprehension. The Fantastic Four make to land on her but she begs them to leave. She says their energies she’s releasing are detectible and she fears being discovered by the Herald. With that, the Silver Surfer arrives.


The Black Panther and Storm join the Fantastic Four and renovate the Baxter building to be more like home.  After a press conference they meet with Deathlok who has them investigate the mystery of Gravity’s missing body. They manage to visit the Watcher and get the information they need.

Tracking Epoch the living planet they discover she has Gravity’s body and she refuses to hand it over. A fight ensues and the Silver Surfer arrives.

The Good

Mystery- Who the hell is gravity and why is his body missing?FantasticFour#544 1

Cover-We have the ever loving blue eyed thing in the foreground, followed by the human torch with our favorite married couple Storm the mutant weather goddess and Black Panther the most dangerous man alive.

Believable- McDuffie manages to put Storm and Black Panther on the Fantastic Four and even have the costumes changed to match Black Panther’s black motif in a very natural and convincing manner. He also makes a point of having Storm reconcile her normally volatile relationship with the press by having her acknowledge that as queen she must now comport herself like a queen as she no longer has the benefit of being a mutant outlaw.

Future Portents- This issue references the watcher attending the wedding of Black Panther and Storm back in Black Panther (2005) # and also makes reference to the children they will have…….now by my calculation that would mean Sky Panther, Azari from the cartoon Avengers Next, Panther who joined the exiles, The children from the “dune like” future T’chaka who marries Luke Cage’s daughter Danielle, Twari, the unnamed son, the twins…..yeah that’s all I’m aware of so far. But me thinks there must be quite a few more that should eventually pop up!

FantasticFour#544 2Humor- Quite a few chuckle worthy moments in this one, my favorite had to be where Black Panther went into his exposition about the watcher and Storm nips it in the bud. Pity Reggie Hudlin didn’t take note that this was the proper way to write a marriage.

Black Heroes- Ladies and gentlemen I give you Storm and Black Panther the mightiest coupling in the marvel universe under a scribe whose execution is damn near perfect! Oh and Deathlok shows up too!

Art- Paul Pelletier’s art is a visual feast. Everything has a good balance of details, smoothness and cartoon aesthetic.  Storm in particular is beautiful, with full luscious lips, charming eyes and well defined African nose.  The art also manages to give all the characters even the rock like Thing very expressive facial features.

Team- McDuffie manages to lay all the personalities at his disposal very well. Storm is warm, comforting and friendly with Ben and Johnny yet very loving though not submissive to Black Panther.  Storm steals the ultimate nullifier off panel thanks to her thieving skills, Johnny is the typical hothead mess and Ben shows that he’s not the dumbest member of the team by piloting the new ship easily and also grabbing the information the tea needed from the Cycloedia Universum (the Watchers Wikipedia) while everyone else was overwhelmed. This is simply bloody good writing!

The Bad

Action- This issue is very light on the fisticuffs, which will surely prevent a great many from digging into this feast.

Thief- This was an aspect of Storm’s characterization and continuity that Hudlin all but ignored. I would have gotten a kick out of seeing how Storm got the nullifier but that probably just me.

The Ugly

Dwayne McDuffie RIP this is by far one of the most enjoyable tales that feature the Black Panther & Storm. It shows them taking over the spot of Invisible woman and Mr. Fantastic with great ease while adding their own unique flair. Overall I must say this issue is a solid 4/5

stars- 4

New Warriors (2014) #2-3 Review



New Warriors (2014) #2

The Evolutionaries are on the war path! If it’s not human, it DIES.

What does the High Evolutionary want with Nova?

All across the world, the New Warriors come together… SEE! Sun Girl and Haechi deal with Morlocks! WITNESS! Justice and Speedball fight to save magic! CRINGE! As Scarlet Spider refuses to play well with others.

What I thought

Honestly this issue was head and shoulders better than the first for me. The action was good and while I can’t accept Kain as the Scarlet Spider or the book’s lack of Night Thrasher I can see the threads being woven together. The unified outlook that Kyle has planned is an interesting take on the Marvel Universe, quite similar to New Warriors Volume one from the 90’s. The team has potential: Clone, Demigod, Atlantean, Inhuman, Human tech user (Sun Girl) and Superhuman. All the bases are covered and the threat provided seems big enough to warrant a team made of these seemingly disparate groups joining together.

Another complaint is the lack of seeming maturity among the original New Warriors Vance Astrovic and Speedball. I thought it was a nice touch having Speedball mention Firestar who had a long running relationship with Vance and also joined the Avengers with him. She’s clearly not going to be joining this team since she just joined the Amazing X-men.

I also liked the use of the High Evolutionary as the ‘big bad’ of this opening arc. He really does need to get more usage with his range of skills and abilities.


I give this issue a 3/5 for good cast, art and a step in the right direction.

stars- 3 good



New Warriors (2014) #3 Review

New Warriors (2014) #3 Review


The all-new NOVA has tea with the High Evolutionary as a world-wide genocide approaches.

Why does the High Evolutionary want to kill anything that’s not human? Is he a hero or villain? The answers are here!

PLUS! As the New Warriors gather in New York, a captured SCARLET SPIDER meets Nova, and one of them REALLY annoys the other. Guess.

What I thought

Art was good and I’m enjoying the story development. Team dynamics are starting to come into play. The New Nova and Scarlet Spider are two very different people who get on each other’s nerves instinctively. There is enough tension between Justice and Sun Girl for that to lead into a romance in the future or for her to be co-leader; of both. I enjoyed how Yost tied together all the different races into the grand scheme of the celestials in the first few pages. I could nitpick, the hell out of it but I’m going along with it because I’m curious to see where this goes. It’s also quite effective in introducing new readers to the marvel universe in general. That level of accessibility is priceless in this often convoluted and back story heavy realm of comics, kudos to Yost on that one. The art is pretty good though the cover is pretty damn bland. Still waiting for Night Thrasher to show up but seems like a moot point now.


I’m enjoying this which is a major step up for issue number one. I give this issue a 3/5

stars- 3 good

Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics Spider-man #1-3 Review



Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics Spider-man #1

MILES MORALES learned the meaning of having great responsibility and put his costume back on after mourning the tragic death of his mother

Now he stands to lose his entire world as a cosmic threat descends on earth

Can SPIDER-MAN and his friends, CLOAK & DAGGER and SPIDER-WOMAN make a difference in the face of apocalypse?

Story- On the SHIELD Hellicarier Spiderwoman recounts recent events to Captain America and the Ultimates. Below the clouds Miles Morales snoozes in class. Elsewhere Bombshell is getting hell from her parole officer about using her powers violating the terms of her parole. She snaps at him because she used her powers for good this time. Later on Miles Morales in his Spider-man garb saves some people and gets a hug from the Police who are glad he has finally returned. Elsewhere Cloak takes Dagger to her parent’s home. She breaks down when she realizes they have left.  Cloak teleports them back to a nearby rooftop where they witness the arrival of Galactus in the city and SHIELD forces racing to intercept.

Cover- Miles Morales, Cloak and Dagger flee as Galactus imposing frame towers above them.

Emotion- The flashbacks  really helped to paint the picture of Bombshell’s past




Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics Spider-man #2 Review

Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics Spider-man #2 Review

The young heroes of the ULTIMATE UNIVERSE gather together to save New York from the terror of GALACTUS!!!

War time romance blooms!

A NEW hero debuts!

Story- A flashback to two years ago when New York was flooded by Magneto and his brotherhood, we find out what Dagger was up to at the time. In the present Cloak and Dagger teleport right onto Galctus’s face and start attacking. They realize they are way out of their league and instead turn their attention to evacuating the city. Miles does the same thing and quickly tries to locate his dad. His father refuses to take his help as Spider-man so he removes his mask.

Cover-This one has an all white cover with a cut out in the shape of Galactus head showing Miles Morales, Cloak and Dagger primed and ready for the attack.

This issue’s big unmasking was a treat.



Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics Spider-man #3 Review

Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics Spider-man #3 Review

The question everyone has been asking: Will Miles Morales survive CATACLYSM???

Story- With Galactus in the center of New York all hell breaks loose. Miles dad has an emotional outburst upon realizing his son is Spider-man. Before they can hash things out a plane crashes on their street. Miles helps the survivors and tells his dad to remain in the apartment until he returns. Once he swings off his father breaks down and cries. At the crash site Spider-woman, Cloak, Dagger and Bombshell show up to aid things. J Jonah Jameson is also rescued. Miles returns to his house to find his father gone. Before he can process what has happened the Ultimates contact him for aid.



This series  had gorgeous art from start to finish. Stunning Splash pages and characterization popping off every single page. The most powerful scenes from issue #1 were Bombshells memory as a child criminal with her mom and Dagger’s realization that her parents had just packed up and left her behind. In issue #2 the ending was the best part as Miles stands without his mask in-front of his father. The finale issue had allot of powerful moments. The confrontation between father and son and the shocked realization his dad experiences pulls at your heart springs in a way only if you’ve been here from Ultimate Comics Spider-man #1 you will truly get it. Other notable happenings was J Jonah Jameson trying to talk to Miles and then saying “When this is all over I’m going to change your life”. It’s spine tingling and tear jerking when you realize Jameson after Peter Parker died regretted everything he put Parker through. It’s the same reason he refused to disclose the Miles identity back when Venom came onto the scene (See Ultimate Comics Spider-man #16.1, Ultimate Comics Spider-man #19, Ultimate Comics Spider-man #20Ultimate Comics Spider-man #21 and eventually killed his mom (Ultimate Comics Spider-man #22).

This series manages to ease us into the Cataclysm crossover without being jarring or feeling as forced as the tragic and average United we Stand (Which ran through Ultimate Comics Spider-man #15, #16-18) which happened earlier in this run. Brian Michael Bendis delivers simply divine Characterization wrapped in great art and deep-seated emotion. I give the entire thing a 5/5

stars- 5 excellent

Batwing #29 Review

Batwing#29 1

 Gotham City has been invaded by an army of criminals sent from the Gotham Underground!

Batwing must defend his home and live through his first meeting with his most dangerous foe yet: Menace!


The Good

Cover- This month continues the Batwing trend of a cover predominantly of blue hues. Batwing and his costume are almost completely black except for his bring blue glowing insignia. It’s simple yet effective and really sticks out on the comic stands.

Art-Eduardo Pansicca is still on art and it appears to be one of his best illustrated issues yet.

Emotion- Luke is a man out f control and out for vengeance. His life, this life he has longed for has finally resulted in tragedy. He thought he was in for a life of high-flying action, instead his sister is now brain-dead, his other sister missing and his family irrevocably emotionally shattered. Batwing#29 2The panels in which look sheds a single tear as he watches his parent’s emotional upheaval were excellently done. It was a tear jerking moment which leads straight into Luke roughing up the thug by breaking his arm and literally using too much force. It all flowed and made the book that much more enjoyable, kudos to all involved.

Action- Luke faces off with the Anubis gang before being attacked by a mutated fish creature at the end. How the hell do Palmiotti and Gray squeeze so much into every issue without making it feel rushed is truly astonishing.

Gotham Underground- I find this new playground fascinating. It literally adds depth to Gotham and opens up endless possibilities for storytelling.

Consequences The opening scenes which has Alfred and Batman lamenting Luke’s downward spiral and the tragedy which always comes with being a part of the Bat family was on point. I immediately thought of the death of Dick Grayson’s family, the death of Jason Todd, the death of Tim Drake’s father, the crippling of Barber Gordon etc. There is a great deal of danger which comes with being a crime fighter in Gotham. It’s one of the reasons why David Zavimbe was such an excellent choice; he had already lost so much. Alfred points out that if anything happens to Luke’s sisters Bruce will bear the brunt of the blame because he pulled Luke into this lifestyle.

Black Hero- Batwing/ Luke Fox is here, His father Lucius also makes an appearance as does Tamara and his mom.



The Bad

No complaints



The Ugly

I’m sick and tired of telling you each and every month to buy this book. Batwing #29 is an exciting, emotional, beautifully characterized and rendered gem. BUY IT! 5/5

stars- 5 excellent

New Avengers (2013) #15 Review

newavengers2013#15 1

 Just who, or what is the Black Swan? Black Panther and the Illuminati make a shocking discovery about their mysterious ally! All this and…..everything dies! 


The Good

Cover-A painting-esque rendition showing Black Swan in the foreground while statues of the Illuminati surround her in the background.

Art- Simone Bianchi’s art is pitch perfect this issue with, I have no complaints. Complimenting the line work of Bianchi are some bold and dynamic colors courtesy of Adriano Dall’alpi. Good stuff!

Action- Not a whole lot but dismemberment and disintegration are used to break up the rather exposition heavy plot.

Reveal- Clearly we expected the Black Priests to be kill-able but the casual nature by which the Black Swans do it was rather anticlimactic. Nonetheless it was good to know they are not the threat they originally seemed to be.

Story- The Illuminati use their devices to check the background of their “ally” Black Swan. They discover she will betray them and has seemingly more power than they realize. Later they jail her once more hoping to prevent the dismal future they watched from ever happening.

Black Hero- Black Panther the King of the Dead/Most dangerous man alive is present and accounted for.

The Bad

The Reveal-So the big reveal is that the Black Swan is not an ally? Really? Did the readers or the Illuminati trust this chick when in her debut issue she betrays her allies and has them all slaughtered (See New Avengers (2013) #1 for details?

Fight- Am I the only one who would have loved to actually see the Illuminati vs. the Black Swan? No? I didn’t think so! I would have paid good money and enjoyed it allot more than I did this issue if I witnessed a good old fashioned knock down drag out fight.

Somber- It’s becoming a bit overbearing that everything is doom and gloom always with this title. You can only see so much dismemberment and death before it really loses its ‘sting’.

Exposition- At some point it just gets too much, this book is heavy on the exposition



The Ugly

New Avengers #15 was surprisingly average and dull. We have great art sure but the “big reveal” lacked any kind of punch. This issue gets a 2.5/5

stars- 2.5

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #27 and #28 Review



 MILES comes face-to-face with the evil of ROXXON.

They created VENOM and because of Venom, Miles’ mother is dead.

Miles is going to unleash hell.

The Good

Story- Cloak and Dagger regroup on a rooftop before being drawn into the battle between Taskmaster, Miles Morales, Spider-woman and Bombshell.  During the battle Taskmasters powers are revealed and he easily over powers the trio. It’s only when Cloak sucks him into the dark zone are our heroes saved. Together the team attacks the Roxxon corporation who sent Taskmaster after our heroes in the first place.

Cover- Miles swinging foot first towards Roxxon’s building. Very literal and fitting.

Action- Taskmaster takes on Miles Morales, Cloak, Dagger and Bombshell and almost takes down the whole lot with his absorption powers. Over the top and so fluid!

Art- Gorgeous! Simply Gorgeous! Sweeping skylights, spread pages, explosions! Oh lord this one packed it all!

Black Heroes- Ultimate Cloak and Miles are here and introducing Taskmaster!

stars- 4






The end of the first chapter of the MILES MORALES saga

Miles discovers one of the big secrets of his origin.


The Good

Story- Miles Morales, Spider-woman, Bombshell, Ultimate Cloak and Dagger crash into the Roxxon corporation. Once inside Roxxon boasts that the heroes cant touch him and even alludes to being responsible for the death of Miles Mom. This sends Miles into a rage. He manages to not kill Roxxon before S.H.I.E.L.D arrives. The Roxxon brain trust attacks and manages to subdue Bombshell, Spider-woman, Cloak and Dagger. Miles quickly rescues the gathered heroes and together they subdue the brain trust. That night Miles reconciles with his best friend Ganke.

Art- As far as art goes this is easily one of the most consistent books on the shelves, period! Everything looks great and the action flows seamlessly.

Secrets- Just what is the real history of Miles father Jefferson and the Roxxon corporation? Methinks this will be very similar to what Peter Parker’s dad used to do.

Continuity- So this issue leads directly into Cataclysm which I have yet to read (Note to self, pick up Cataclysm) and also ends with a few suggestive panels of the new Ultimates being formed over the course of this series which was announced awhile back.

Characterization-It was good to see Miles finally grow into his role as Spider-man. His reconciliation with his best friend was also heartwarming as well as his assertion that he is Spider-man.

Black Hero- Ultimate Cloak, Miles Morales are both here and black support character Jefferson Morales.



Another solid read courtesy of Marvel comics and Brian Michael Bendis 4/5

stars- 4

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #26 Review



SPIDER-MAN is back!!


And what is Miles’ new girlfriend’s secret?

What I thought

Story- In this issue we learn about Bombshell’s past and she battles both Miles Morales/Spider Man and Spider Woman. Elsewhere Cloak & Dagger reaffirm their love and make plans to take down Roxxon. The Roxxon Brain trust calls for mercenary Taskmaster to bring Bombshell back. While the teens talk on  a roof  Taskmaster attacks and subdues all three.

 Cover- A close up of Miles arm shooting a web tether. The background is a detailed rendition of New York. I dig it!

Art- Dave Marquez flexes his artistic muscle for this issue by giving us a dash of diversity. In the Sombre places the art takes on a darker moodier tone while outside in the the present is bright, vivid and smooth. Kudos to Justin Ponsor’s colors as well which compliment the whole package from start to finish.

Characterization- It was interesting to see the origin of Bombshell and her connection to the evil Roxxon Corporation. I also dig the portrayal of the Roxxon Brain trust. They have this curiosity inherent even in real world scientists but with the typical comic book twist of taking it too far.  Miles and Spider woman continue to have great chemistry and play well off each other.

Black Heroes- Miles Morales and Cloak are here and introducing the Ultimate Taskmaster!

 Overall: I enjoy reading Ultimate Comics Spider-man but because of my schedule it’s gotten harder and harder to give comprehensive reviews. Despite that I thought this issue was pretty good. It had great characterization, good action, great art and also managed to introduce a new black supervillain in Taskmaster. I give this issue a- 4/5

stars- 4


Mighty Avengers (2013) #8 Review

Mightyavengers#8  Cover

Spectrum and She-Hulk join Blue Marvel on one of his global adventures – against a threat that could break Adam’s heart!

It’s White Tiger versus Tiger God – with Ava Ayala’s soul in the balance!

We need to talk about Kevin.

The Good

Art- Valerio Schiti is still here on art and he’s seen some improvement. There is now a clear distinction between the more senior Blue Marvel and the more middle aged She Hulk and Monica while Ava is clearly a teenager.

Black Heroes- Roll call: Luke Cage our fearless leader is here! Monica Rambeau, Ava Ayala, Power Man and the mighty Blue Marvel are also here.

Mightyavengers#8 1Villain- I’ve been dying to see the Blue Marvel’s kids for quite awhile now. I never expected any of them to be a villain. At the start of this series I got a chuckle thinking about how through Blue Marvel, Marvel comics could have its own superhero family. This issue we are introduced to Dr. Positron, a clearly youthful villain who quips about liking Austin Powers and taking every cliché from James Bond villains to the extreme. He is highly entertaining and deliberately stereotypical. The big reveal will leave a great many Blue Marvel fans with their mouths open. W.E.S.P are also introduced…..who the hell are they? I can’t wait to find out!

Cover- Greg Land is on cover duty this month. It illustrates Monica Rambeau, She Hulk and Blue Marvel being sucked into the vortex of the neutral zone. Colors and hues of blue are predominant bathing all three heroes. It’s a neat looking cover though not eye popping enough to stick out on a comic book stand.

Action-Our trio of Monica Rambeau, She Hulk and Blue Marvel taking down the W.E.S.P bots was awesome!

Technology- Blue Marvel’s toys get shown off this issue. From his undersea base, “Kadesh” to the holding facilities contained therein for “Thanos level threats”. The drone portals also seem quite fascinating…..Just how many are across the world? Mightyavengers#8 2

Continuity- I love Ewing’s attention to detail and the nods to what’s currently happening in the wider Marvel Universe. Victor tries to contact both Wiccan and ‘young Loki’ a nod to the young Avengers failed re-launch. Even the dialog boxes containing the text were the same.

Bad Romance- The blossoming feelings between Ava Ayala and Power Man can’t possibly end well. Victor is a hot head and clearly Ava has a death wish and a connection to a very powerful god. Together they have incredible power but since Ava is this team’s ‘Wolverine’, Victor better be careful she doesn’t take him down with her.

Family- This issue shows the reappearance of Max Brashear last seen in a picture frame in Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel #2, most of you apparently blinked and missed that. We also hear about Kevin Brashear who is stuck in the neutral zone. Where the hell is Adrienne Brashear in all this? I love me a good superhero family

The Avatar- This issue Ava Ayala stands up to the ‘Jade Tiger god’ and manages to regain control of her body. She has also now clearly made an enemy of this god. If he finds a new avatar she is f***ed!

The Bad

Anti-climatic- It would have been far cooler to at least keep the identity of Dr. Positron for one more issue. The pages leading up to the reveal had my brain swirling with possibilities. He was fresh and amusing to boot. Getting some mileage would have better than revealing his identity right off the bat.

Art- While the art is improved a new reader will be hard pressed to tell at a casual glance that Luke is not a few years older than Power Man.

The Ugly

Overall Mighty Avengers is still a top shelf read and my favorite book every month. We have action, character development, surprises, decent art, sweet cover and more diversity than you can shake a stick at! Yes Mighty Avengers rocks our socks off! 4.5/5

stars- 4.5

Unity #4 Review

UNITY-004-3UNITY divided!

Here comes heavyweight showdown you’ve been waiting for! As Harada’s secret machinations come to light, the newly minted UNITY team will be faced with a choice that will change this team forever – and the Valiant Universe along with it. Get ready for a world-shaking battle royale as the final installment of UNITY’s first adventure pits X-O Manowar and Toyo Harada against the most dangerous battalion ever united – and each other.

The Good

Cover- This month Clayton Crain delivers a slick and poignant cover. This one has an all white background while Ninjak holds a sword to the throat of Toyo Harada who is bloody and beaten between his legs. I dig it allot!

Art- Doug Brathwaite’s art is gorgeous yet surprisingly subtle. While the action flows seamlessly and the bodies are all distinct and shapely it’s in the small things that it truly shines. On the opening page as Livewire and Harada walk away from the vault  you can tell from the look on her face that she is conflicted. In the same panel you can tell Harada is a stern, serious and determined. Not many artists can pull that off. UNITY-004-5

Accessibility- Using the reporter as the reader’s point of view character much the same way that Christopher Priest used Everett Ross during his Black Panther run we are given an outside perspective on the events unfolding. They serve as a great way for new readers to be brought up to speed quickly while giving them someone they can imprint their own experiences on immediately.

Conflict/Emotion- Doug Brathwaite’s art helps to truly sell the conflict within Livewire. As she says while ragging Harada into the upper atmosphere, she now realizes how truly corrupt and power hungry he is. He was her savior, her mother and father figure. She is devastated to learn of his very human flaws, and the depth of his depravity. As she holds him in her arms and cries you realize how disappointed and emotionally devastated she truly is. “Goodbye Harada sama”, is a tender yet agonizing adieu. Livewire could have killed him but ‘cant’ despite his corruption. This pivotal moment again shows the dueling emotions within her…does she think him redeemable or is the pain of actually killing him herself too much to bear?

Harbingers- We also get a bit more insight on the ‘Unity’ team that was killed by Aric in Unity #1. It also shows just how loyal Harada’s men are to him. This is like a military run operation with Harada as president. Failing him means falling onto your own sword in regret.

Team- I love the skill set of this team assembled over at Valiant Hq. Their dynamic is fluid yet off kilter at the same time. As I said in Unity #3 Review, I can’t put my finger on what makes me love this team the way I do.

The Bad

Small Nitpick- As expected Aric get’s back the armor and Livewire. Me sad :(

The Ugly

Unity #4 is an emotionally captivating, action packed, well drawn masterpiece! 5/5

stars- 5 excellent

Number 13 #0 Review

number13#0 1

In a postapocalyptic wasteland populated by mutants and terrorized by flesh-eating ogres, a young amnesiac searches for the answers to the mystery of his identity. Wandering aimlessly, he comes to the rescue of Lorna, a young girl who gives him a name: Number 13. Facing danger at every turn, Number 13 fights to stay alive as his quest to find out who he is leads to the deadly truth of what he is.

From the pages of Dark Horse Presents!

The Good

Art- Robert Love brings to life this interesting introductory tale which shines in action and emotional scenes.  The colors by Diego Simone and Michelle Davies also add a dynamism thank to lighting and contrast that truly brings the entire package together in a beautiful way.

Story- This tale published by Dark Horse Comics takes place in another dystopic future. This one is the result of a scientist who created a virus which mutated the homosapien race into mutant creatures. An amnesiac black boy wanders the desert alone. He runs into an Ogre feeding on a little girl with three eyes. His arms morph into ballistic weapons and he kills the Ogre and rescues the little girl.  After he makes her a prosthetic leg they meet upon her father who takes the boy with them. At the girls home the father quickly subdues the boy. Elsewhere his “siblings” learn of his location. The father reveals to the boy that he was created to kill all mutants and being a mutant himself he refuses to go peacefully into the night.

Black Hero- Number thirteen is an interesting addition to the black superhero ranks. Not much of a personality yet but since this is a 0 issue things must develop from here. I like his origin and the mystery of why he had amnesia in the first place and how he fits into his siblings plans. What other nefarious schemes did his father set in motion before his death? Is his father actually dead?

New World- Dystopic futures are a staple/cliché of most science fiction based tales at this point. I’m entertained enough to see where this one goes especially with a mutated human race and cyborg based “purifiers” all around.

The Bad

Character- For a first issue this one really did not allow for any true connection between the reader and the titular character.

Cliché- It’s yet another tale of dystopia.

The Ugly

Number 13 is an interesting start for Dark Horse. Robert Love and David Walker’s first issue guarantees a return! 3/5

stars- 3


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