Here at World of Black Heroes we know there are new black superheroes each and every day. We need you to help us stay up to date on black characters from all across the comicverse. Submission guidelines are as follows.

Black Superhero header

For Superheroes or villains: Send us the following biographical and physical information and at least three pictures to

Character Name


Created by: 

1st appearance:       


Team Affiliations:

Legal Status:

Height:                    Weight:

Eye color:              Hair color:


Skills and abilities:



Biographical info must be submitted in a Microsoft word document, separate from the three picture files.

IMPORTANT! plagiarized submissions will be disregarded.


For submissions to Beautiful Black Men or Beautiful Black Women send us the suggested name and a picture of the selected personality to with the appropriate headline.

For independent publishers who wish to submit previews or have their work reviewed whether their graphic novels or comics you may send us the book in question in pdf form and a small summary/press release for said book to

Thanks in Advance~

11 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. I have finished a thesis paper on Black Heroes. It talks about the negative stereotypes that the early issues of top Black Heroes in Marvel and DC. How do I submit this to your website?

  2. I am putting the finishing touch a 130 page Graphic Novel spec: LIGHTNING BOLT The secret of my speed. Can I post the first 14 pages seeking some expo and collaborators in Artists?

    • My original comment was asking if anyone could please tell me the name of the font in the article’s main image (“So much to learn! Like Us! World of Black Heroes The worlds greatest Black superhero spot!”). Again, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. :)

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