New Avengers (2013) #10 Review

NEWAV 2013#10 (1)

 Inhuman secrets reveal the desires of Thanos.

The machinations of Maximus the Mad.

The battle for Earth continues…what an awful time for an incursion.

The Good

Story- Black Bolt summons the Illuminati to his “pocket dimension” where he is free o speak. He reveals why Thanos has come to earth to find his son a ½ inhuman. He also recaps how the inhuman race was split into factions long ago leading to intermingling with humans and other races. Now among the scattered inhuman descendants Thanos son hides completely oblivious to who he is. Black Bolt entrusts the “list” to the Illuminati while him and his brother make other plans.NEWAV 2013#10 (6)

Tension– The art does a great job of communicating the animosity between Black Panther and Namor. When Namor said that Atlantis had been completely destroyed I actually felt sorry for him despite his betrayal of T’challa at every turn. Likewise I felt dread as I thought more and more of what was to happen to Wakanda now that Namor had set the Black Order on the nation as retribution.  You have to love the intricate details of his tale. $hit is about to hit the fan!

Black HeroesBlack Panther was here and his sister Shuri makes an appearance close to the end.

Black Bolt– (Shakes head) this guy goes from bad to worse every time his people are in danger. Why he’s on the Illuminati team is beyond me. In typical Black Bolt fashion he has a plan that will endanger pretty much everyone on earth. During War of Kings he planned to bomb the shiar with a “Terrigen” bomb which will make them inhuman and end the threat. Said Bomb when it went off tore a hole in reality itself which endangered all of mainstream marvel; this guy is a scary ass extremist who crazy brother has the skills to indulge his subtle madness. Now he betrays the Illuminati by sending them on a wild goose chase while him and his brother make other plans. I expected the Inhuman king to do something crazy but didn’t see this one coming!

Incursion– Seriously? Hickman loves to lay it on thick, with all this going on a red incursion seems to occur close to the end. Talk about fighting on multiple fronts!

Cover- The Illuminati bathed in Infinity phase two red hues. Pretty neat looking though it pales to the interior art.

Ebony Maw– Still not sure what to make of this thing but it has undefined powers and managed to take control of Dr. Strange a man I place very highly on the power hierarchy in the marvel universe. This guy is scary.

Next step- Next time Thanos confronts Black Bolt and the Black Order descent on Wakanda. $hits about to get real!

The Bad

No Complaints

The Ugly            

 So far this is my favorite part of the Infinity event. Tension so thick you can cut it with a knife, gorgeous art and betrayals galore. Not reading Infinity? Silly you! 5/5



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