Black Panther #14 Review

Black Panther #14 - Bride Of The Panther, Part


T’challa drops of Cage at home in with his wife Jessica. He gives the origins of storm and her parents then remembers his time with Ororo when they were kids, how they split etc. He finds her in saving some slaves after creating lakes and ponds to help the local people. Once he lands he proposes to her after realizing she is the love of his life.

The Good

It was a surprisingly enjoyable read. Slow paced some may say but I think it was perfectly paced. The past few issues have foreshadowed this proposal and it just feels right.

I’ve been shipping Forge/Storm for years since Jean botched their engagement but this….this works for me. I like it. It was also fascinating to see how hudlin took Panther and even storm and wove them into modern mythos like Malcom X etc. It was damn near refreshing. A very enjoyable read, it also got me thinking I must read that Storm limited series to get the juicy details of his first encounter 🙂

The bad

Nitpickers will have lots to complain about

The Ugly

3.5/5 stars


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