Michael Collins (Character)

Michael Coins/Deathstroke
Michael Collins/Deathstroke


 Created by:  Dwayne McDuffie, Gregory Wright,  and Jackson Guice                                                           

1st appearance: Michael Collins version- Deathlok #1 (limited series) 1990

Nationality: American

Universe: Earth-616

Team Affiliations: Freelance Shield Agent; Secret Defenders; Wild Pack

Alias: Robot Vigilante; Doctor Donut

Origin: Deathlok #1 (1990); Deathlok #13 (1991)

Legal Status: unknown

Eyes: Brown (as Collins);  Right- Brown Left- Yellow (as Deathlok)    

Hair: Brown  (as Collins);  Light Brown (as Deathlok); 

Height: 6’1” (as Collins);   7”2”  (as Deathlok); 

Weight: 200lbs (as Collins); 825lbs (as Deathlok)

Relatives: Tracy Collins (wife) Nick Collins (son) Patricia Collins (daughter) Bill Collins (brother) Arlene (sister-in-law)  

Skills and abilities: Ph.D. in prosthetic/neuroscience, Master’s degree in computer science; educated in cybernetics

Powers: Collins’ human brain was transplanted into the Deathlok Cyborg by a group of scientist at Cybertek. The cyborg body grants him superhuman strength, speed, and resistance to injury. He possesses a broad spectrum of auditory and visual powers in his cybernetic left ear and eye. He has limited organic parts which are supported by nanotech assemblers which can repair the organics, and is responsible for adapting Collins’ facial structure to match his human structure. His skeleton is adamantium, while his muscles and cartilage are a flexible steel/adamantium alloy. He can lift up to 150 tons but is prevented from doing so by his computer to prevent injury. He maintains a strength level of 85 tons. Deathlok can also run up to 107 MPH on foot. He possesses a sophisticated A.I. which is capable of making complex strategies and evaluating their outcome. The A.I. also can take over the cyborg if requested and perform operations. The A.I. also has an extensive data base of combat techniques and strategies as well as gives Collins computer-guided combat routines, which make him an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, and gives him proficiency over any kind of weapon. The A.I. also gives him the ability to target and track multiple objects. He has the ability to infiltrate any computer system by direct interface, and project his consciousness onto the Net. He carries a plasma pistol which draws its energy for from his controlled fusion generator, which powers him. The weapon only fires when in contact with the outlets in Deathlok’s hand.  He also possesses a Plasma Grenade Launcher as well as a powerful Plasma Rifle, but due to the “no killing parameter” installed by Collins, he rarely uses these and keeps them stored in his backpack. He once possessed an adamantium/vibranium alloy helmet, but got rid of it when he discovered it could be used to wrest control of the cyborg from him.


Michael Collins had a great life. He had a loving family and a high paying and rewarding job working for Cybertek; a division of Roxxon Oil. When he discovered that his work which he thought was going to help people who needed prosthetics, was really going to a secret project for a cybernetic killing machine called the “Deathlok Project” he went to his boss and friend Harlan Ryker. Ryker, who was also in charge of several other clandestine projects with military applications, instead betrayed Michael and killed him. He then had Michael’s brain placed in the Deathlok cyborg to be used as “wetware”- to be the works of Deathlok’s computer. Collins’ consciousness awakened inside the cyborg while on a test mission and witnessed it kill some soldiers. After a while, Michael asserted control of the cyborg and once in control, Collins set up the “no killing parameter and set out to find his old friend Ryker. He finds Ryker, who is about to broker an illegal arms deal, and before turning him in, finds out that his human body still existed and that he could be restored if he also found the doctor that made the transfer of his brain to the Deathlok cyborg. Deathlok sets out on his quest to find his body, while searching; he encounters Misty Knight, and after helping her and other heroes rescue other missing cyborgs, hires her to watch his family. He encounters other heroes as well as villains along the way, and is invited to Wakanda by the Black Panther to investigate a series of computer break-ins into the Wakandan system; King T’Challa also invites Deathlok’s family. While there, Wakanda is attacked by Moses Magnum in an attempt to overthrow the Panther’s regime and take control of the Vibranium mound. Initially Deathlok was not going to get involved, but after seeing a young boy killed, who he thought was his son, he almost single-handedly defeated Magnum’s “Terrordomes”. Ultimately Collins finds his body, and gains the ability to transfer from Human body to Cyborg body.

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