Secret Wars (2015) #1 Review

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In the Ultimate Universe of Earth 1610 Reed Richards informs Nick Fury and his Ultimates of the upcoming Incursion but he tells them only enough to provide a distraction so he and the dark Cabal can enact their real plan. On Earth 616 the allied forces of Black Panther and company backed by the whole planet manages to hold off the 1610 forces and turn the tides. While Wilson Fisk and the other villains cheer the end of the world Punisher shows up to kill them all. Miles Morales sneaks onto the ship created by the 1610 dark cabal. Cyclops tries to use a Phoenix Egg to save the planet. Eden Fesi enacts the plan of 616 and teleports Spider-man, Cyclops, Star Lord, new lady Thor and Ms. Marvel onto the revival ship. Their ship has a hull breach and all the fantastic four besides Reed are lost.


What I thought

Honestly this just came across as epic beyond words. Hickman had me the moment he took over the avengers line but when INFINITY delivered I could not conceive that things would go up a notch, but it did, and I am so damn grateful! The art courtesy of Esad Rubic is comparable to Sara Pichelli and classic 90’s era Carlos Pacheco. It is simply divine honestly! They of course are complimented by the colors of Ive Svorcina who I’ve never heard about but who is clearly on my radar. Other notable happenings include Cyclops using a Phoenix egg as a last resort….a nod to Grant Morrison’s run and his recent Avengers Vs. X-men drama. I also liked how key players were moved around seamlessly in the tale to clearly play a larger role in Secret Wars. Miles Morales, New female Thor etc Seeing 616 earth destroyed was also quite emotional as it’s been the one constant in just about every marvel fans life since day one. It also made me think of Dc Comics who shuffles their continuity ever so often to the point I refuse to throw any money at their books because I just can’t relate. Here’s hoping Marvel can do a better job. Most of all I like the unpredictability of what’s to come. For a comic fan that is rare and I embrace it with all my fanboy heart. I give Secret Wars #1 5/5 stars

stars- 5 excellent


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