First Appearance: Fantastic Four #53, 1966

Created by: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Holographic display of Vibranium made objects and devicesWakandan Vibranium

History: Thousands of years ago a meteor crashed to earth it was composed of a foreign material which absorbed any vibration or kinetic energy directed against it. It also had the effect of mutating those exposed to the raw material into demon like creatures. The processed form could be used to create just about anything which retained its properties.

A closely guarded secret of the royal family of Wakanda is that pure vibranium can amply magical abilities exponentially by tapping into a limitless well of unstable quantum energy. This process was never mastered however.

Notable creations: Captain Americas shield is composed of a vibranum and adamantium combination which is virtually unbreakable.

Black Panther’s technology such as boots which cling to surfaces and allows him to land from very high places by absorbing the kinetic force are also notable as well as a costume which renders him bullet proof by absorbing the kinetic energy of Bullets.

Savage Land Vibranium in a stone box

Antarctic Vibranium/Savage Land Vibranium

Discovered in the savage land this form has the power to disintegrate all other metals even Adamantium based on the vibrations they give off. Normal Vibranium can be converted to this form by particle bombardment.

The effect on metals


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