WOBH Awards-Best Black series: results


Doomwar! Go ahead laugh because you haven’t read Black Panther vol.3 and Black Panther vol.4 from 2005-2010 or you just hate change or even because it was not your cup of tea! Make your blood pressure rise because you miss Vibranium in wakanda! Lambaste what you consider a downgrade for everyone from Wakanda BUT know this Doomwar takes the African nation into new territory. T’challa has been taken back to the priest inspired batman stuff that fans have clamored for since Hudlin took over. Me? I enjoyed every panel, sure we could nitpick till next year BUT it was an unpredictable thrill ride of an event which I loved! To top it off the issues where some of the highest rated comics we reviewed this year!

Read everything about Doomwar here

Fans choice

The Unknown Soldier” which highlights many of the problems faced by Uganda & it’s surrounding regions while having Great characters, story, and action was picked by our fans. The titular character pushes the boundaries of what’s acceptable to save his people. Sure it got canceled at issue #25 but It’s cultural relevance makes it noteworthy enough to win this coveted prize.

Click the pictures for the previews  :)

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