Fantastic Four #607 Review

The Fantastic Four travel to Wakanda, which means the return of Black Panther to the pages of Fantastic Four. Their mission: what happens when the world completely runs out of Vibranium?


The FF visit Wakanda at the behest of the Black Panther/T’challa. He explains to Reed why he has invited him there and they enter a long hidden chamber which leads under wakanda. Meanwhile the past of Wakanda is told and how that ties into recent mystical attacks.

The Good

Meeting of minds- The exchange between Reed and T’challa was f***ing epic! Thank god Hickman understands that there is no way in heaven that a nation that has been profitable from inception could be so crippled by the loss of their main export that they would be taking it up the ass from outsiders to stay afloat. Let me also add that for those new to Black Panther mythology the nation has oil, gold and diamond reserves that they haven’t even used or exported while they relied on Vibranium. They are an untapped (by western standards) resource. The loss of Vibranium would simply cause them to start using these resources. Reed thinks he’s smart (and yeah he is) but T’challa shows why he’s THE first THE greatest Black Superhero out there by shutting Reed down so eloquently I was literally jumping for joy! Oh and that bit about buying up American debt? Priceless!  Jonathan Hickman…….You……Me…….INTERVIEW, NOW!

Art-Giuseppe Camuncoli and Klaus Janson turn in great work on art duty, particularly loved the strong jaw on T’challa and the lovely renderings of Bast and the Egyptian gods. The whole issue though shone in the art department from the shambling corps to the happy crowd everything looked great!

Wakanda-Man is it good to be back here! Oh how I’ve missed you! (sheds tear)

History- The backbone of this issue is centered on the unknown origins of wakanda dating back to the age of Bashenga before Conan’s reign. A conflict between the Egyptian gods resulted in Anubis defeating the god Amun-Ra to gain his heart. Unknown to him Bastet/Bast the Panther god had already secured the heart and took it to what would become known as Wakanda where she made the first black Panther. Of course we know from this sprung the most powerful and advanced nation in history.

The followers of Anubis have apparently been trying from that day to locate the heart and secure it. With Wakanda seemingly “weakened” by the loss of Vibranium during Doomwar they have started attacking again and this time in greater force and frequency. The mysteries of Wakanda (hopefully) will be laid bare to us. I’m genuinely intrigued!

Inert- The opening recap of Doomwar also made me smile. The Vibranium was referred to as being rendered “Inert” that suggests that there may be a way to reverse the process….hmmmm

Cover- How cool is it to see T’challa the Black Panther sitting on his throne in full regalia? Oh let me count the ways! Mike Choi and Guru-eFX make me want this as a painting in my living room. They capture both the fierceness of the first black superhero and the awe inspiring larger than life nature of his regal dynasty.

True purpose of the Black Panther- As the past events unfold it’s suggested that Amun and Bast hid knowledge where Anubis could never find it. At the same time T’challa narrates the reason Wakanda is a walled sub-continent to keep knowledge in……and Bast anointed the first Black Panther Protector of this knowledge…… this their true/original purpose to guard the knowledge of the sun god Ra? Intriguing stuff!

Marriage- It was really great seeing T’challa and Storm together as a couple minus the recent contentions (see Avengers vs X-men) or the distance (Black Panther Man without Fear). They exchanged no words but it warmed my heart to see them together.

The Bad

Continuity- They briefly mentioned that Storm, Shuri and Invisible woman will be visiting Bast, but she died during Marvels Chaos war. Will this be followed or will she now mysteriously still be alive with no explanation? I’m a continuity buff so this could make or break this story for me.

White god- Ive wanted to say this for a long time but never found time to work it into any of my reviews before but….how come no one has ever complained that the wakandan god is white? I’m just saying…..

The Ugly

Despite my Nitpicks this was a very interesting tale from Hickman which adds layers to the panther mythology and re-unites him with the FF in a major way. All hail the return of the king! 4.5/5

Simply a must read for Black superhero and Black Panther Fans!

stars- 4.5


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6 thoughts on “Fantastic Four #607 Review

  • June 15, 2012 at 1:04 am

    I’ve always wondered why Wakanda’s God is White…

  • June 15, 2012 at 4:21 am

    I think Don McGregor explained it best is his “Panther’s Prey” story arc about how all of Wakanda’s technology and advancements came from Vibranium. All the other resources are not only untapped, but according to David Liss in his run on the Panther, it lies underneath land that is considered a “preserve” and will not be touched!

  • June 20, 2012 at 3:46 am

    I honestly wouldnt complain about the panther being white. In the spiritual realm colors don’t mean the same. It’s the same with all things. GOD saying he’s holy and righteous is vastly different from a man being the same

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