Bronze Tiger vs Black Panther

Black Panther (Lean about him here)


Bronze Tiger (Learn about him here)

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2 thoughts on “Bronze Tiger vs Black Panther

  1. Cat Fight!!!!
    If we are strictly talking toe2toe (no tech) then it would got hte full 12 rounds with a split decision to the Tiger. Even with ‘toys’ it would go a ways but the Panther has better toys.

  2. Bronze Tiger is bad as can be… bad as a human can be. Before T’Challa accepted the mantle of the Panther and partook of the heart shaped herb, Tiger may have won, but with the blessing of the Panther God and the additional physical boost the herb granted him, the former king of Wakanda is more than human.

    The Tiger could beat Batman, but Black Panther could take them both.

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