Captain America: Hail Hydra #3 Review


The Falcon, Black Panther/T’challa and Captain America are in Wakanda so T’challa can equip falcon with his very first set of wings. A section of wakanda is attacked by zombies and our trio defeat them and realize Hydra is behind it. They meet with the avengers before heading to Haiti to check on the zombie formula. They get attacked again and Cap learns that the super soldier formula may have been something more that he was initially told. Falcon secures the research they came for and cap’s eyes glow with the hydra formula.

The Good!

The Grotto of Soloman– Apparently Wakanda is not only home to Vibrainuim but also the secrets of immortality were left by Solomon with endless bounties of treasure. I like this expansion on the rich culture of wakanda and the grotto of Solomon could easily tie into the frogs of Solomon introduced by Jack Kirby in Black Panther vol.1 #1 way back when.

Captain America- It was nice seeing questions asked about how Captain America managed to survive being frozen and reanimated in modern day with no side effects (note he did have side effects but apparently that has been retconned). The entire super soldier program has always been shady, (cough)  Isiah Bradley  (cough)

Cover- Nice cover with our trio, T’challa, Falcon and Cap.

The Bad!

Art- Chronically Inconsistent. In an attempt to channel the art of yesterday the artist has instead given us panel that sometimes look good and sometimes don’t. Detail is nonexistent, faces lack features…….at  least it looks better than flags of our father.

History Lesson- The scene with our trio in the quinjet over wakanda discussing the origins of the word Zombie felt like the writer took it from a book and simply wanted to share it in the story but not doing so very fluidly.

T’challa- his disbelief in Zombies while heading to the site was ludicrous for a man who rules the most technologically advanced state in the world, holding the most precious metal in the world which mutates people into demons based on raw exposure. Plus he would have knowledge of his nations past and their magic phase……why would he not believe? I don’t get it? That felt like bad characterization.

Wakanda’s intelligence systems- So Wakanda has info on even the super soldier’s secret identity the first time he lands on wakandan soil? They have Galactus protocols, T’challa even infiltrated and joined the avengers to asses their threat level but he has no idea who hydra is? Ridiculous!

The Ugly!

2/5 meh


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