Marvel Infinity- Meet the Bad Guys

InfinityposterDespite marvel’s editors not catching the blacks and Banana’s backlash of Mighty Avengers we are still genuinely excited for Jonathon Hickman’s upcoming event Infinity. Hickman is current writer on the simply divine Avengers (2013) and New Avengers (2013) both of which marry excellent writing with art and it doesn’t hurt that he’s featured black characters in prominent and worthwhile roles since he took over the Avengers writing reigns. So without further adieu here are the villains for Infinity!

Corvus Glaive

Marvel Infinity-Korvus Glaive“The first of the five. Thanos’ most favored. Corvus is cruel, arrogant and the most loyal of the Black Order,” said Hickman. “A warrior who betrayed his people and sold his soul to Thanos to pursue a different kind of glory.” He’s the most prominent of the five lieutenants. He’s Thanos’ second-in-command and the one who most readily speaks for him. While Thanos is a fairly big, blocky character and really became that over the years, Corvus — he’s not skinny, but he’s more slender, more lithe, more wiry — sort of in reflection of the glaive weapon that he carries. He’s like the physical personification of that in a sense.”

Proxima Midnight

Marvel Infinity-Proxima Midnight“The cruelest of Thanos’ generals,” said Hickman. “A predator in every sense of the word, Proxima Midnight is the greatest warrior in Thanos’ army.”

“Proxima Midnight is a warrior, is a fighter, is the best actual combatant within not only Thanos’ lieutenants, but within his whole army,” said Brevoort. “She is literally a warrior princess type in that she’s gotten to where she is through physical prowess and physical ability. Design-wise, she had to come from that. She was designed by Jonathan himself, actually, at the 11th hour. She comes very directly from his imagination in terms of her look and her feel. At a glance, you should look at her and know she’s something of an ass-kicker and will do so bare handedly or with weapon in hand.”


History unknown. A mentally unstable omnipath and telepathic parasite, Supergiant seeks out intellect and devours it,” said Jonathan Hickman. “What she knows, Thanos knows.”Marvel Infinity-Supergiant

“Supergiant, as a term, refers to a particular grade of star that is of colossal size and colossal heat and colossal mass,” said Brevoort. “She is probably the most outwardly psychotic of the five lieutenants. Her physicality belies what you might think of when you hear the name. You hear ‘Supergiant’ and you think, ‘That’s a Hank Pym character. That’s a tall person.’ In fact, while she’s got some stature, she’s not huge and massive. What she is, is a mentally unstable telepathic parasite, who is drawn to intelligence in the manner of gravity. Gravity attracts gravity, she is drawn to intelligence and sucks it dry. She’s almost the information source among Thanos’ guys. What she knows, Thanos knows.”

Black Dwarf

“When compared to the others of the Black Order, Black Dwarf seems almost normal,” said Jonathan Hickman.Marvel Infinity-Black Dwarf “Feigning joy and contentment, in reality this celestial Nihilist is simply more at peace with the oblivion Thanos seeks than the others of the Black Order.” 

“He’s larger than Thanos, actually. On the surface, the name Black Dwarf makes you think it’s a little guy, but you’re really talking about something with the mass of a dwarf star that’s very dense and very solid,” Brevoort said. “He’s a powerhouse, certainly, and physically the most imposing simply standing there. He’s the one guy, really, that dwarfs Thanos if you’ve got all six of them standing together. He’s massive. By contrast, [he] is probably the most serene-seeming of the Thanos lieutenants. He does his business, he’s just as bad as any of the others, but he’s not as outwardly sinister or verbose or forthcoming. He’s a little bit more even-keeled because there’s just no need for him to be otherwise. He’s just so massive.”

Ebony Maw

“A thin razor of a man; not a fighter — a thinker,” is how Hickman describes Ebony Maw. “A black tongue that spreads mischief and evil where ever he goes. He seems to be the weakest of the Black Order, but in truth, he is the most dangerous of them all.”Marvel Infinity-Ebony Maw

“He’s exactly what you would expect just looking at the design,” Brevoort added. “He’s not a physical character, he’s a mental character. He’s the dark tongue, he’s the seducer, he’s fundamentally much more creepy and disturbed and perhaps a little more demented than the others, but it’s all in the psychology; it’s all in the mind. He doesn’t have a need, necessarily, to strike you down physically. He gets in your head and undoes you from the inside, the psychological makeup that puts you together. Again, he needed to be somebody that looks like a thinker. He wasn’t as physically imposing as the others, and in fact, his design and outlook almost belies the fact that he’s probably the nastiest one of the bunch by far — and probably the one that the other four would think twice the longest about crossing or going up against.”

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More as it breaks!

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