Menthu profile


Meet MENTHU! Created by Robert Roach, educator, author, artist and award winning comic book series creator! Menthu is an Eyptian styled indy black superhero gifted by the gods here to save the world!

crimson flame profile

Crimson Flame (Character)

Meet CRIMSON FLAME! Addileon is the son of Addison Hall spawned from the union between Addison & a woman of the original Nubia before it was destroyed. In Addileon exists the unified power of two great evils and undetectable subatomic flux abilities. All hail the new Indy superhero CRIMSON FLAME!

Ty Urban Shogun profile

Ty (Character)

Meet Tyra Speare, a Jamaican born Muay Thai Grand Champion fighter! Sister to the world famous Tiger Style/Jalen Spear she now runs the Bad gal Yardie Gym where she continues to develop her fighting skills and help train others in Muay Thai and kickboxing!

Razinji profile

Razinji (Character)

Meet RAZINJI a descendant of the legendary Queen Medusa, a Libyan amazon, and King Poseidon, sovereign god of the African Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea! From the mind of Mashindo Kumba!?

The Hole profile

The Hole (Character)

Created by comic greats John Jennings and Damien Duffy THE HOLE is a ground breaking science fiction horror superhero set to the backdrop about the buying and selling of race in America, the simultaneous worship and degradation of African Americans in popular culture, and the tearing down of physical and psychological boundaries! Believe it!

brooklyn blur 1

Brooklyn Blur (Character)

The New York Sentry, Brooklyn Blur has relentlessly been keeping the streets of New York City safe for nearly three years, and shows no signs of slowing down. Her decision to serve as protector of the largest, and perhaps most dangerous, city in the United States has earned her the respect and admiration of most residents and of the nation alike. Blur’s efforts, along with those of Black Reign and the Chicago-based hero EM, have served as the catalyst for the Neo-Superhero Movement making her the “face” of a movement that champions the violation of the MacLauchlan Act, a law prohibiting superhero vigilantism in the United States…..


Wildfire (Character)

Created By: Quinn McGowan Name: Will Watson 3 Height: 6′                                 Weight: 178 pounds Hair: Black (close cropped)       Ethnicity: African descent (US born) Place of birth: Shelby City, Tennessee (that world’s equivalent to the city of Memphis) Known relatives:…


Lightning Rod (Character)

Publisher: ? First Appearance: ? Created By: Quinn McGowan Real Name: Leon Jamal James Rodney Occupation: Student, adventurer-in-training, possible Bringer of Universal Armageddon Identity: Not known to the general public Legal Status: Citizen United States of America with no criminal record. Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York Known relatives: Alisandre “Sandra” Guichard Rodney (mother), Randy…

The 8 Dean Hannibal power promo (1)

Dean Hannibal (Character)

Real Name: Mark Pickett  Publisher: AHR VISIONS  Created by: ABDUL H. RASHID  1st appearance: THE EIGHT #0  Nationality: “African-American” (Carthaginian-descent)  Team Affiliations: The Eight (Leader), The gold Chain (Second-in-Command)   Height: 6 ft 6 in              Weight: 250lbs (109kg)  Eye color:   Brown in natural state – Green during initial power-up – Glowing yellow during full…

Jeff Walters- Blur 4

Jeff Walters- Blur (Character)

Created by: Mark Gruenwald 1st appearance: New Universe, D. P. 7 #1 November 1986 Nationality: American Real Name: Jeff Walters Aliases: Blur Team Affiliations: D.P.7 Relatives: Thelma, mother; deceased, Dennis, brother; deceased, Michelle, sister; deceased, Blur (Alternate reality counterpart) Height: 5’10”   Weight: 175 lbs   Eyes:  Brown       Hair: Black Skills and abilities: Trained in hand-to-hand…


Dreadmon (Character)

Publisher: Archie Created By: Ryan Brown and Dean Clarrain Nationality: South African Team Affiliation: The Mighty Mutanimals Legal Status: Deceased. Height: 5’10                Weight: 160 Ibs. Eye Color: Brown      Hair color: Brown Relatives: Unknown Skills & Abilities:  Attributes of both human and wolf. Power: Super Speed. Biography A native of South Africa, Dreadmon was sent…