Bayne 1

Bayne (Character)

Publisher:  SILVERAXE COMICS Created by:  Chyna McCoy 1st appearance:  Unknown Nationality: Siberian Team Affiliations: None Legal Status: Unknown Height: 6’0                             Weight: 225 pounds Eye color: Red/yellow           Hair color: Clean Shaven Relatives: Deceased Skills and abilities & Powers: Superhuman Strength & Agility: Bayne can exhibit a large degree of supernatural strength and agility, shown…



Publisher: Archie Created By: Ryan Brown and Dean Clarrain Nationality: South African Team Affiliation: The Mighty Mutanimals Legal Status: Deceased. Height: 5’10                Weight: 160 Ibs. Eye Color: Brown      Hair color: Brown Relatives: Unknown Skills & Abilities:  Attributes of both human and wolf. Power: Super Speed. Biography A native of South Africa, Dreadmon was sent…

Elijah Alexander

Elijah Alexander (Character)

ELIJAH ALEXANDER Created by: Eric Dean Seaton 1st appearance: Legend of the Mantamaji Book 1 Nationality: Mantamaji Height: 6 feet  Weight: 190 Eyes: Brown    Hair: None Relatives: Mariah Alexander (mother), Candor Alexander (father) Skills and abilities: All forms Martial Arts dating back 3000 years. Powers: Super strength, the ability to Morph his Ankh into…

dre-shift 1

Dre-Shift (Character)

Publisher: Image Comics First Appearance: Wildguard Fools Gold #1, 2005 Created by: Todd Nauck and Jeremy Dale Alias: The dopplegangsta, Thug for hire Height: Variable               Weight: Variable Eye Color: Variable           Hair Color: Variable Legal Status:  Unknown Family: Unknown Skills and Abilities: Unknown Powers:  Has the power to shape shift. He can assume the size,…


Bloodshot WWII (Character)

  Publisher: Valiant Created By: Matt Kindt and Chrisscross First Appearance: Bloodshot #0, 2013 Nationality: African American Team Affiliation: Unity WWII Legal Status: Unknown Weight: 230 lbs                        Height: 6’1 Eyes: Red formerly brown        Hair: Black Relatives: Unknown Skills and Abilities:  He has extensive training from the military in armed and unarmed…

Power Girl6

Power Girl (Character)

A genius-level intellect, a bright future and more money than she knows what to do with, at just 16 years of age Tanya Spears has it all – even superhuman powers! Tanya is the newest Teen Titan, believe it!