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Real Name: Unknown

Alias: Papa Bear

Publisher: Aspen MLT

Created by: Michael Turner and J. T Krul

1st appearance: Soulfire v1. #3, 2005

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations:

Legal Status:Unknown

Height: 6’5″     Weight: 240 lbs 

Eyes: Brown      Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and Abilities: Skilled fighter and electronic engineer.

Powers: Part Flesh, part machine. Being part machine Benoist can become one with mechanical creations and weapons, this allows him greater range and control far beyond that of any other being.

He also shares great capability with his vehicles, being able to travel and fly in unusual contraptions which only he can usually pilot. He has knowledge of almost every metal in existence, there is very little in the way of machine or armored defense that Benoist cannot build or undo. His cyborg parts also grant him superhuman strength [Soulfire Preview 2003].

After his upgrade he is now techno-organic after being infused  with magic. This allows him to fly under his own power and morph his techno parts into any shape desired he is now seemingly stronger and more durable than before [Soulfire v4, #4]


As a young man he used to work for Rainer Industries. He possessed prodigious talents in the art of making machines. He joined simply to have access to the resources necessary to test his brain but found something far more sinister. Rainer had been using him and those like him to build a weapon to enslave mankind. Unfortunately for Benoist he was discovered and caught. Taken to Rainer himself he had both arms ripped off. They they had a “falling out” which resulted in him being thrown from the 139th floor of the building [Soulffire v1 #3 and Aspen Comics Presents-Benoist]. Both legs were lost in the fall and he should have died but he was found by Gabriel a prodigy in the fields of engineering and cybernetics. Gabriel healed his mind and his body not only be crafting him new limbs but showing him that losing his limbs didn’t mean that he lost his soul [SoulFire v2 #2]. Gabe could only do so much however as Benoist fell into self loathing and drinking. It was the love pf the fairy Lyra who truly set him on his path to recovery in mind and body [Aspen Comics Presents-Benoist]. It is suggested that some time later she died [Soulfire v1#4].

The Champion

Benoist is the grand champion of the battle pit; an arena where they hold high tech competitions that are broadcast on the net, the location changes for each event to keep government censors of their back. He met Grace and company when they tried to contact Randolph Jenkins about “alternative transportation” to Hawaii. When he realized rainier was involved he joined their cause [Soulfire v1 #3].

He aided their campaign [Soulfire v1 #3-9] and saved pj’s life after his arm was severed by creating a cybernetic arm like his own for him [Soulfire v1 #10]. The two now have a mentor and student relationship [Soulfire v2 #0]. While visiting ‘the eighth continent’ the largest junkyard in the world off the coast of Australia to visit Gaberiel he ran amok of Jakobi who had taken control of the continent [Soulfire v2 #1]. When he infiltrated the complex to try and see his friend he realized that Jakobi had been keeping his mentor in a comatose state to claim leadership of the Junkyard because as his right-hand man he would be leader in his absence [Soulfire v2 #2-3]. When Pj staged a rescue attempt Jakobi tried to have him killed. Benoist escaped revealed Jakobi’s treachery and ended the threat. Upon realizing Gabe had suffered irreparable brain damage he was the one to unplug life support so he could die in peace [Soulfire v2 #4]. Alongside his friends they battled Rainer and his techno organic monsters [Soulfire v2 #5-9].

Later he participated int he battle against Onyx and met Miya [Soulfire v3. 1-8].


When Grace is corrupted by evil he is severely injured when saving his friends [Soulfire v4. #3]. To save his life they infused his body with Magic but it had an unexpected side effect. The Cybernetics raged with the organics and magic initially endangering his friends. After a time however the three stabilized and his wounds healed. Benoist was reborn and more power than before [Soulfire v4. #4]. He used these new abilities to aid his friends in battling the corrupted Grace and eventually freeing her [Soulfire v4. #5-8].



Publisher: Aspen MLT

Created by: J. T Krul and Micah Gunnel

1st appearance: Aspen Showcase- Benoist #1, 2008

Nationality: American

Legal Status:Unknown

Height: 5’5″     Weight: 150 lbs 

Eyes: Brown      Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and Abilities: Unknown

Powers: Lyra is a member of the Faye race and as such has insect like wings that sprout from her shoulder blades granting her flight. She also has peak human attributes in the areas of sight, smell, healing, and agility. Her other magical abilities are unknown.


 Lyra’s past is shrouded in mystery. She came to the world of man and after meeting Benoist in a bar after his limbs had been amputated [Aspen Showcase- Benoist #1, 2008]. Helping him with his recovery mentally they apparently fell in love. It is suggested by Benoist that she died at some point.


 Stealth allen_white

Publisher: Studio EFX

Created by: William Satterwhite

1st appearance: Stealth webcomic, 2001; Stealth Vol 1, 2005 (print)

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: United States citizen with no criminal record

Height: 6’1”               Weight: 175lbs

Eyes: Brown                Hair: Black

Relatives: Brenda White (Mother, newscaster), Edward White (Father/deceased, aerospace engineer), Eric White (Brother/deceased, policeman)

Skills and abilities: Near genius level intellect, above average to good athletic ability before gaining superpowers (backup quarterback on football team freshman and sophomore years)

Powers: Can move at super speeds, up to and just beyond the speed of sound. He also possesses superhuman strength and agility- capable of lifting one ton- enhanced senses, x-ray vision and a low level healing factor.


A shy, reserved, sensitive and thoughtful young man, Allen White is one of the top students in Cleburne High senior class. One night, while caught in a storm, he was struck by lightning. Instead of dying or suffering any injury whatsoever, he began to develop superhuman abilities- superspeed, enhanced strength and senses and x-ray vision. At first, he was unsure what to do with these newfound abilities until tragedy struck and his older brother Eric, a rookie police officer, was gunned down by a drug dealer. Since then, Allen has sworn to use his abilities to battle the criminal element in Terminus City.

After a couple of “warm ups” against low level hoods, Stealth’s first major confrontation is with Shockwave, a bank robber with the ability to generate, control and manipulate electric energy. It is during this confrontation that he realizes he also has a low-level healing factor, which is pivotal he his winning the day. When he dresses up as Stealth, he adopts an entirely different persona. Whereas Allen is smart, quiet, shy and sensitive, Stealth is sarcastic, arrogant, and somewhat brutal. Stealth can best be described, and has been, as Allen’s dark side.



Steel Pulse

Steel Pulse

Steel Pulse

Publisher: Image Comics

Created by: Todd Johnson and Larry Stroman

1st appearance: Tribe #2

Nationality: Jamaican

Team Affiliations: Tribe

Legal Status: Unknown

Weight: 180 lbs    Height: 6’1

Eyes: Brown            Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Genius level scientific intellect.

Powers: Having been transmuted into a living liquid metal he has no need to eat or sleep, is seemingly immortal having survived having his upper chest being blow apart. He can also shapeshift and make his body either solid or liquid.


The Jamaican born skilled metallurgist  Desmond Negril’s past is a complete mystery. He is identified as “Rastafarian” [Tribe #2] meaning he believes in the divinity of Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie.

At some point in the past he became friends with Blindspot/Murdock Elliston and was put in charge of a two million dollar private research facility, Allotech located on Strong Island. His life changed the day he was in the middle of an experimental liquid metal bonding process which would have had everyone in Washington clamoring.   His complex was attacked by agents of Europan. The perpetrators were after his most well-known discovery, Stromium. Stromium is a metal alloy known for its incredible resistance to physical stress and its unusual properties of energy dispersal.

During the ordeal he was accidentally exposed to his liquid metal chemicals. This changed the chemical composition of his body into a malleable liquid metal yet still alive form. He was rescued by Blindspot [Tribe #2].

He was present during the battle with Deus and the transformation of Rosalyn [Tribe #0 and Tribe #3]. He was also friends with fellow Tribe members, Fly Girl and Short Order

Fly girl


Publisher: Image Comics

Created by: Todd Johnson and Larry Stroman

1st appearance: Tribe trading card, 1993

Nationality: Unknown

Team Affiliations: The Tribe

Legal Status: Unknown

Weight: Unknown         Height: Unknown

Eyes: Unknown                   Hair: Unknown

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Skilled designer.

Powers: Nicolena dons a prototype costume called a TUX (Tricot Ultralight Exoskeleton) which enables flight. It was also said she wears a G.E.A.R (general Energy Abating Rags) suit that absorbs and redistributes energy.


Nicolena Johnson is Fly Girl. A high-fashion model, she is the face behind the successful ad campaign for the Touch of Velvet cosmetic firm. Along with partner Todd Innis, she is also co-owner of Rumble Wear, the fashion house responsible for designing most of the costumes of the Image universe. An avid thrill seeker, Nicolena dons a prototype costume called a TUX (Tricot Ultralight Exoskeleton) developed with the aid of friend Murdock Ellison. *Source: Back of card

She also has access to a G.E.A.R (general Energy Abating Rags) suit. If Tribe had remained at Image she would have made her debut in Tribe #5 at a fashion show where Savage Dragon, father of Malcolm Dragon and Youngblood made an appearance [Tribe collectible card Promo set, 1993].


Aizan _Revealed_Colored_BlueBG
Real Name:
Hela St.August

Publisher: Pyroglyphics Studios/Street Team Studios

Created by: Shawn Alleyne

1st appearance: Aizan Mixtape Sketchbook

Nationality: Barbadian

Team Affiliations: Street Team; The Sleeping 8s graffiti crew; Clan of Aizan

Legal Status: Dual citizen of Barbados and America with no criminal records

Height: 5’ 6”              Weight: 175lbs

Eyes:Light Brown/Green      Hair:  Black “loc-hawk” with burgundy highlights (which she changes periodically)

Relatives: Orville Moore(father); Carmeta St. August(mother; deceased)

Skills and abilities: Aizan is a self taught practitioner of par-kour and breakdancing, making her extremely agile and coordinated.  Through a special ceremony of The Aizan Clan, some of her mentor’s abilities were passed to her, allowing her to absorb some of his martial arts abilities. Aizan is now versed in the Clan’s martial art system “Anansea Vita Saana. With all of these elementsshe has created a new hybrid unorthodox fighting style all her own.

Powers:  It has been hypothesized that Aizan is able to cast a psychic aura or “web” that allows her to perceive parallel realities. This manifests in her being able to see through illusions, to the “truth” of reality. Aizan can “read” body movements and actions, giving her the ability to anticipate attacks or even tell when someone is lying. At her highest level she capable of forcing people to reveal truths. At this level she can also “share” her ability, allowing others to see the varied paths their actions could take.  This psychic aura also allows her to decipher codes and translate foreign languages. A strange side effect of her power makes her immune to the affects of vertigo. In addition, Aizan participated in a ritualistic ceremony of the Aizan Clan, where certain mental and physical attributes were transferred from her mentor Black Aizan to her. Mental attributes consisting of collected ancestral knowledge allowing her to pool wisdom from numerous past lives of experience; and psychical attributes consisting of enhanced reflexes, speed, flexibility, stamina, durability and agility, slightly above that of a human at peak condition. A combination of the two has gained her access to advanced “muscle memory” martial art techniques.

Weapons/Paraphernalia: Aizan utilizes two specially designed collapsible fighting batons. When fully extended an electrical strip can be activated on one side. Along her arms are a total of four removable smoke cartridges. At low level they release smoke to mask her movements, and at high level they can be used as flash-bang grenades. Her costume is an advanced light-weight but highly protective suit that protects her from most minor firearms and damage. Her scarf is made of a hi-tech material with interwoven electromagnetic nanite fibers. As she moves, the nanites are released producing a jamming static that blocks all video frequencies, making Aizan invisible to cameras, video, etc. Aizan has also been known to carry paint cartridges to perform spontaneous graffiti-ing.

Biography: Hela St. August was born and raised on the island of Barbados, one of the few places on the planet not heavily populated with an emerging para-human community. The few that were on the island were studied at the medical facility where her mother and father worked as para-human gene researchers. While there, Hela’s mother become extremely ill, and it was hypothesized that exposure to a para-human’s unique energy caused her sickness. Her father tried for years to do his best for his wife, and though a brilliant researcher, he grew frustrated over his many failures to find a cure. This lead to heavy drinking, and him pulling apart from his family. Hela was very young when this happened and began to blame super-powered people for her family’s circumstances. Seeking new help, her father relocated them to the city of Bridgeport in the U.S, where the cutting edge genetic firm Genergy was located. He got a position as one of their top associates, and for many years he threw himself into new research, dedicating himself to finding a cure for his wife’s mysterious illness. It was to no avail, and Hela’s mother died a few short years later. This destroyed the already fragile relationship between Hela and her father, and she decided to make it on her own in her new adopted home of Bridgeport. A rebellious and troubled youth, she eventually became a member of The Sleepy 8s graffiti group, earning herself a rep as a daredevil tagger. It was soon after that the “Street Team war” occurred in Bridgeport City, where a group of vigilantes fought an overlord called Oguun, leaving Bridgeport devastated. Hela’s hatred of the parahuman community knew no bounds. She launched a viral and visual campaign against para-humans and government officials, blaming superpowered people for what she felt was wrong with society. A charismatic philanthropist by the name of Roman Gideon arose to restore the city to its’ past greatness, but Hela saw him as an opportunistic, greedy, government puppet businessman, and sought to expose the truth of his actions. One night while on a raid of one of Gideon’s new development sites, Hela discovered a secret chamber housing numerous para-human beings, and was attacked. She was gravely injured, but was rescued by the city’s notorious vigilante, Black Aizan who, after restoring her to health, revealed to Hela that she was chosen to take on his mantle of an “Aizan”, or protector.

Midnight Sun

M'Nai.midnight sun

1st appearance: Special Marvel Edition #16 (February 1974)

Real Name: M’Nai

Aliases: Midnight; The Dark Destroyer

Nationality: African

Team Affiliations: Si Fan; Legion of the Unliving

Legal Status: legally dead; criminal of the Kree Empire

Height: 6’2”   Weight: 210lbs  

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black

Relatives: unnamed parents (deceased)

Skills and abilities: master combatant, equal to Shang Chi, ability to vanish into shadows

Powers: as Midnight- none; as Midnight Sun- clone body of original body genetically engineered by Kree to have superhuman strength, durability, reflexes, stamina, and also retains all combat skills; outfitted with disc attachments to his hands and feet to allow space travel, and he can exist in space indefinitely

Weapons: Midnight is armed with various daggers, throwing stars, and nunchucks.


Tragic Origins

M’Nai was born in a village located in Africa to parents who were agents of Fu Manchu, who operated a base from there. When the base was assaulted by Sir Denis Nayland Smith, M’Nai’s parents were killed in the raid and M’Nai was orphaned as an infant. An aide of Fu Manchu found M’Nai in the wreckage and saw the scars on his face from the fire. The aide wanted to put the crying infant out of his misery, but Fu Manchu stopped him. Fu Manchu realized that the child was not crying from pain, but from hatred towards those who caused the death of his parents. Fu Manchu took the child back to his fortress and raised him like a son alongside his other son; Shang Chi. M’Nai wore a mask to cover his scars. At the age of seven, Shang Chi ask M’Nai to remove the mask. M’Nai refused and the boys dueled. The fight was a stalemate, and the two became good friends (Special Marvel Edition #16).

When M’Nai was 15 he was accused of stealing from Fu Manchu. M’Nai’s accuser was on of Fu Manchu’s trusted aides, and told Shang Chi and on of Fu Manchu’s other aides his accusation. M’Nai and Shang Chi fought when M’Nai approached Shang Chi about what he had been told. The two were able to put aside their difference and find the real thief. They tried to tell the other aide but was not believed. Shang Chi felt that Fu Manchu set the whole thing up to see if the boys would turn on each other. (Master of Kung Fu #41; June 1976) M’Nai’s first assignment was to go extend an invitation to the villain known as Half-Face to join Fu Manchu’s Si Fan. After fighting his way into Half Face’s home, M’Nai; now as Midnight; extended the offer, but was refused. Midnight felt sympathy towards Half Face because they both were disfigured. (Iron Man Annual #4; 1077) Shang Chi was sent by his father to assassinate an individual, in which Shang Chi refused. This act was the end of both his relationship with his father and M’Nai, who he felt was his brother. Shang Chi left and was located by Fu Manchu in New York.


Fu Manchu sent Midnight after Shang Chi. When they first faced each other, he could not bring himself to fight Shang Chi, who he still considered a friend. When Midnight told Fu Manchu about this, Fu Manchu told him Shang Chi was a traitor and no longer his friend. Midnight found him again and tried to kill him. During the course of the fight, Midnight attempted to kick Shang Chi while they were on a winch and Shang Chi evaded the kick. Midnight’s momentum carried him over the edge and to his death.  Midnight’s cape was snagged on the winch’s hook and snapped his neck (Special Marvel Edition #16). 

Right before his death, Midnight was grabbed by Kang into the time stream. Kang employed him in his Legion of the Unliving, which attacked the Avengers. Midnight fought Mantis to a standstill, and Mantis was able to flee. Midnight caught up with Mantis, but was defeated and sent back to his proper place in time by Immortus (Avengers #132-132; January-February 1975; Giant Size Avengers #3; February 1975).

Agent of the Kree

After being returned to his time, Midnight’s body was taken by the Kree and placed in storage.  20 years passed, and the Kree found themselves in battle with the Silver Surfer. One of the Kree doctors reanimated Midnight’s brain and placed it in a augmented cloned body. The body was designed to be able to battle the Surfer. Now known as Midnight Sun, he was able to hold his own at first, using a shadow cloud the Kree released to attack. The Surfer was able to locate Midnight Sun in one of the clouds and defeat him.  As the Surfer approach the Kree planet, Midnight Sun was able to escape and was defeated, and was rescued by a Kree tractor beam. He was sent to defend the planet, and initially hesitated, but attacked the Surfer again after being goaded by the Surfer, and is once again defeated. (Silver Surfer #29-30; October-November 1989) Midnight Sun was turned over to the Kree for reprogramming. It was felt that his old memories were responsible for him hesitating in battle, and they needed to be purged. Midnight Sun broke free and escaped fighting off an entire battalion of Kree soldiers before being allowed to leave. Midnight Sun flew to the Earth’s moon to contemplate who he really was. (Silver Surfer Annual #4 1991)


While on the moon, Midnight Sun saw the Silver Surfer flying towards Earth and flew into his path to see if the Surfer knew who he was. They two fought as Midnight Sun attempted to make the Surfer talk to him. The battle was seen by the Inhumans, midnight Sun was injured in the fight and had to remove his mask. The Surfer was horrified by Midnight Sun’s appearance. As Midnight Sun fought to hide his face, the Inhumans appeared. The Surfer informed them that he did not know who Midnight Sun was, but they departed as friends. Midnight Sun went with the Inhumans, who treated his wounds. (Silver Surfer #60; December 1991) Midnight Sun returned to Earth, and his earliest memory was of fighting Shang Chi. He located Shang Chi and started fighting him. Shang Chi realized what Midnight Sun wanted, and told him he was M’Nai, his brother. (Shang Chi. Master of Kung Fu One Shot #1; NOVEMBER 2009)


Abe Brown

Abe Brown

Abe Brown

Created by: Jim Englehart and Jim Starlin

1st appearance: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1; April 1974

Nationality: American

Aliases: Black Tiger

Team Affiliations: Sons of the Tiger

Legal Status: No criminal history

Height: 6’3               Weight: 215 lbs

Eyes: Brown               Hair: Black

Relatives: Hobie Brown (brother- aka the Prowler), Misty McPherson (sister-in-law), “Tiger” Brown (father; deceased)

Skills and abilities: Master Martial Artist

Powers: None

Equipment: When Abe donned one of the jade tiger amulets his martial arts skills will combine with the others who have donned the two remaining amulets and triples the wearers skills, strength, stamina, endurance, and agility.


Abe brown was born in Harlem, New York. As a young man he was a victim of a hate crime which led him to take up martial arts so he would not be victimized again. He studied under Master Kee, along with two other students; Bob Diamond and Lin Sun. when Master Kee was killed by ninja assassins, the three students came together to form the Sons of the Tiger. Lin Sun had in his possession an amulet which separated into three parts. When three fighters don the amulets, their skills and physical abilities are tripled. (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1; April 1974)  The Sons dedicated themselves to combating the forces of evil, and fought alongside some of New York’s hometown superheroes such as Spider-man. The group split up after a rift developed between Bob Diamond and Lin Sun, who were seeing the same woman. Lin Sun gathered the amulets and tossed them away, which they were later found by Hector Ayala.

Upon the break-up of the group, Abe sought to take a vacation. While in route to his destination, his plane was hi-jacked. The plane subsequently crashed in the African desert, with only Abe and the leader of the hijackers surviving. The two were found by a rebel Muslim group, which passed their leadership mantle to Abe after he defeated the hijacker, who fell into a pit of snakes while being startled by Abe catching a bullet in his bare hands. The group named Abe “Black Tiger”, and he led them on many adventures before Abe returned home and opened up his martial arts school. (Powerman and Iron Fist #82; June 1982) Abe rejoined the sons of the tiger to fight alongside the Heroes for Hire when Master Khan attempted to retrieve the amulets that created the sons and rejoin it to the fable jade dragon. (Powerman and Iron Fist #74; Oct 1981) Abe later on hired the Heroes for Hire to help clear his name after being accused of committing crimes in the country of Haiwan. Powerman and Iron Fist take the case, and are attacked by assassins hired by the king. The duo along with Abe Brown, go to the country and learn that Abe, as the Black Tiger, fought alongside the rebels in the neighboring country, and lost his memory after being struck in the forehead with a bullet. (Powerman and Iron Fist #81-82; May and June 1982)

Abe is the brother of Hobie Brown, who is the black hero known as the Prowler. 


Front Cover 2
Publisher: Vantage: Inhouse Productions
Created by: Victor Dandridge
1st Appearance: The Samaritan #1
Nationality: Unknown
Team Affiliation: Unknown
Legal Status: Drifter/Migrant
Height: 6’3                        Weight: 230lbs
Eyes: Brown                       Hair: Black
Relatives: Unknown
Powers: A Superman-level hero, Smith has been seen to fly, wield TREMENDOUS strength, heat vision, freezing breath, super-hearing, invulnerability and a soothing vision, that immediately calms those he wants to comfort.
Biography: Smith is an enigmatic force, that quietly moves into a neighborhood and systematically uses his awesome array of powers to clean up the area.  Seemingly a part of a larger organization, nothing else is known about Smith, who he works for or how he came to be this force for justice.

Thunder Head

Thunder head9

Publisher: Image Comics

Created by:  Erik Larsen

Real Name: Kevin Gorelick

1st appearance: Savage Dragon #171, June 2011

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: US citizen with no criminal record

Height: 6’1              Weight: 190 lbs

Eyes: Orange           Hair: None

Relatives: Rapture (Mother, deceased), Skullface (Father, deceased), Malcolm Dragon (1/2 Brother), Willie (Uncle)

Skills and abilities: Proficient street Fighter.

Powers: Superhuman strength.



Born to the super humans Rapture (from another dimension) and Skullface. Like his father he had a deformed appearance which often ostracized him from his peers. His father was a super villain and member of the the “Vicious Circle”, Savage Dragon’s most fearsome foes. Skullface was the right hand of Overlord the undisputed most powerful foe of Savage Dragon. Despite this Skullface ensured that his son attended school and always did his homework [Savage Dragon #171]. Thunder Head could not understand why school was important because he wanted to join his father in a life of crime.

Thunder head First appearance

‘First appearance of Thunder head’ From Savage Dragon #171, art by Erik Larsen

His father warned him to stay away from a life of crime at all costs, David promised his dad before his death that he would stay away from crime [Savage Dragon #171]. Years later after his mother was killed he continued to stay away from crime.

The Vicious Cycle

When he was fired because of his appearance despite being a good worker and got an eviction notice he thought all his sacrifice had been in-vain. He was recruited into the “Vicious Circle” when they promised they could resurrect his dad. While perpetrating a crime he fought Malcolm Dragon, his 1/2 brother. In this first encounter he managed to hold his own an escape [Savage Dragon #171]. He delivered the desired device to the Circle thus completing his mission [Savage Dragon #172]. While at the graveside of his father alongside Wargod, they were thwarted by Malcolm Dragon and his adopted sister. During the battle the “resurrection machine” was damaged and Wargod was killed. When Malcolm realized they were brothers he allowed the reluctant villain to escape [Savage Dragon #182]. While  visiting his father’s grave he witnessed a resurrection of ‘The Claw’ [Savage Dragon #183].

He was pulled into Claw’s plot and was abused by him. When Claw was stopped Kevin was severely injured and had to be hospitalized. Malcolm and him bonded during his recovery. Though he was told he may never walk again he vowed he would recover [Savage Dragon #189]. After leaving the hospital he got a job in a restaurant and using leg bracers was walking again [Savage Dragon #190-193].


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