Black Panther: Most Dangerous Man Alive #526 Review


T’challa manages to save the woman from the bank of wakanda and flee from Typhoid Mary and Lady Bullseye. He leaves her under the protection of Sofija and tracks down the remaining living member of the Bank of Wakanda. He discovers he’s under the protection of the hand and thus a traitor. T’challa breaks in and interrogates him learning Kingpin’s plans to take over Wakanda. He then enters Shadowland and chats with Kingpin. After he leaves Kingpin smile that T’challa is playing right into his hands. Elsewhere T’challa recruits Falcon and Luke Cage as he fools Kingpin into thinking he’s playing into his trap and moves his own chess pieces into play.

The Good

Story- Kingpin is trying to gain control of Wakanda through the banks and their many assets. I buy it! I won’t say more than that, pick it up for more details. 🙂

Continuity- At last Wakanda comes into focus and their status post Doomwar and Klaws of the Panther. It’s a question Black Panther fans have asked in vain for far too long but finally Liss gives us a glimpse to whet our appetite.

Successor- After running around Hell’s Kitchen since “Shadowland” Black Panther faces off with Daredevil’s eternal nemesis the Kingpin of crime. It’s been awhile coming but things are shaping up nicely.

Characterization- You can complain about everything in Liss run of Black Panther except his depiction that T’challa is a brilliant strategist and tactician. This continues here and to great effect, the brief chess game between Kingpin and T’challa underlies the battle waged by both men for wakanda.

Art- While it’s not the level of detail I would want Shawn Martinbrough beats Francavilla is action scenes. The action doesn’t feel as stilted or as weird as Francavilla while retaining the “Noir” vibe that so many people seem to dig.

Hand divided- From all indications within Lady Bullseye, Typhoid Mary and Miyu don’t like each other…..everybody wants to be Kingpin’s right hand….but only one gets the top job……let’s see how Liss plays this one!

The Bad

Cover- Would it kill marvel to give us a truly epic cover before this series ends?  These last set of cover suck royally!

The Ugly

Arguably the strongest single issue in David Liss’s entire Black Panther run. It ties together his replacement of daredevil and facing kingpin along with addressing what is happening in Wakanda. At last the story I’ve waited two years and endured through crappy stories for is finally at hand! 4.5/5


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