Uncanny X-Force (2013) #2 Review

Uncanny X-force 2013 2 (1)


What secrets does the man with the “M” on his face bring from the future?

The Good

Cover-The standard cover is stunning! It features Psylocke and Puck in the foreground while Cluster, Spiral and Storm are in the background. The Logo is neatly stacked on top of the “Revolution” banner while the Marvel Now tag is on the top center.

Action– Fisticuffs and explosions a plenty!Uncanny X-force 2013 2 (4)

Black Hero– So Bishop is back….and now possessed by a bear?….Is that the demon bear connected to Dani  Moonstar which was fought by Proudstar during the initial Uncanny X-force run? Let’s hope so otherwise this shit just got weirder than I would ever have anticipated. We also get Storm the Black Panther‘s Ex-Wife being a capable team player in her sexy new costume and killer Mohawk hairstyle.

RedesignBishop had the weakest costume in my opinion when I saw the initial sketches but seeing it in motion it’s pretty darn cool! The flowing sections and the locks are pure gold! This is my favorite Bishop costume in years! I also like the practicality of Storm‘s redesign just look at the preview pages. That form fitting body suit with revealing bust line can be worn just about anywhere! This is one costume I shall be getting made for the missus 🙂

Art- The art looks good, for the most part. Bishop and Psylocke in particular are the highlights. The crazed Bishop and the distinctively Asian Psylocke have details clearly lacking on puck and Storm

The Bad

Colors- My big problem is how flat the colors on this book are. The art for the most part is doing its job the problem here is the colors are not enhancing things in any meaningful way. This book would look better in black and white.Uncanny X-force 2013 2 (5) That’s not because I’m a huge fan of pencils and inks but because the color palette is way too subdued! This book could be the sexiest thing on the stands but instead we are saddled with these stunted dull tones! Just look at Avengers (2013) to see what I mean!

Again- So Bishop is back and he is now here to kill another child? Oh brother! Did we not already go down this road with Hope?

Weird- Ok Humphries I’m way too creeped out by Fantomex and his cone clearly dating his clone and god knows what else they may be doing or did after he left Psylocke. This is the weirdest relationship since Nate Grey/X-man was dating his mother’s clone Madelyne Pryor. Creepy!


The Ugly

I’m still not seeing how this team will become a team and the reason the team needs to be together, How Humphries sells Spiral’s inclusion on this team of fringe worthy heroes will probably make or break my personal investment in this team when you consider all the bad blood between herself and Psylocke. That will sell everything else to me along with a proper reason for the team’s existence. 3/5


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  • March 8, 2013 at 1:17 am

    I Always thought puck was wolverine’s brother


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