Meruda (Character)


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Monty Nero and Salvador Larroca

1st appearance:  Amazing X-men Annual2014

Alias: None

Nationality: Kenyan

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Weight: 325 lbs    Height: 6’4

Eyes: Red               Hair: Black (originally)

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Meruda has limited knowledge of arcane rituals and magic.

Powers: Meruda is an Inhuman whose powers were activated after Black Bolt set off the Terrigen Bomb during INFINITY. After emerging from his chrysalis he had the power to control the elements of wind, lightning and sand. He can make sand storms and even control the shape an density of sand allowing him to create weapons and solid objects out of sand. He has demonstrated the ability to generate gale force winds and control the temperature of the winds to flash freeze objects and people. With his wind based power he can also fly. Lastly he can generate red lightning which he can fire fire his fingertips. He can also call down red lighting from the skies.



The man who would one day be known as Meruda is from a tribe in Kenya who knew about the bloodline of the Kenyan royal family. As a young man he witnessed a young T’challa and Storm journey through their province. While there T’challa was captured by poachers and Storm lashed out with her powers. Her emotions caused her powers to rage uncontrollably and the sandstorm she conjured ripped his friends and family to pieces. He and only one other survived. He vowed to have his revenge on her one day.

Meruda origin
Origin of Meruda from “Amazing X-men Annual, 2014” story by Monty Nero and art by Salvador Larroca.

After the events of INFINITY when Black Bolt  detonated the Terrigen bomb he found himself transformed in the days following the event. After emerging from his chrysalis he found himself taller, stronger and brimming with power. Finally able to enact his long sought revenge he christened himself Meruda and made a plan to draw Storm from the American shores to finally avenge his people. His plan involved the abduction of Storm’s cousin Abuya. After the abduction he used her in a magical ritual to summon Gawa, lord of the undead. Separating Storm from her teammates he engaged her in a deadly duel. At first he overpowered her but Storm is ultimately able to turn the tides on him. Cast into a crocodile infested river the body of Gawa lands on him [Amazing X-men Annual, 2014].

It is unknown if he survived though the other survivor from his tribe vanished after his defeat [Amazing X-men Annual, 2014].


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