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Created by:  Fabian Nicieza

1st appearance: X-Men #27, 1993

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: none

Legal Status: unknown

Height: 5′ 8              Weight: 130 lbs

Eyes: Blue green        Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities:Proficient in the use of computers

Powers: Threnody is a mutant who’s mutation gives her a very unique link to death. This link to death allows her to sense and feed on a persons necroplasmic energies. Necroplams is the energy which surrounds an individual when they are near death or on the verge of dying. She can even survive her own death by absorbing her own necroplasm. Once she absorbs this energy she can then convert it to either generate concussive blasts of energy or to reanimate the dead, thus creating zombies.

Like a vampire she is drawn to the dead and dying. She can also reanimate the dead as zombies. Additionally she has shown the power to absorb natural energy to an unspecified degree.


Driven almost mad by her manifested mutant abilities she took to living on the streets during the height of the legacy virus. There she came into contact with a small band of X-men who tried to recruit her to there team. When sinister offered her a more sure way of controlling her powers she left with him. Over the next few years with her power under control she worked for sinister monitoring mutants for him. When Nate grey arrive don earth she escaped from sinister and joined the boy to ensure her freedom. In time they fell in love and adventured together. When she came face to face with Madlin Pryor however she was seemingly killed after her power inhibitors were removed. She did not die however and for months followed Nate and Maddie while she advanced through pregnancy and finally gave birth. She then confronted Nate who had lost control of his power and said a tearful goodbye before returning for her child. Her current whereabouts are unknown as she retained her powers after M-day.

X-men First Class Cameos

Rumors swirling are that Wolverine will make a surprise cameo along with a young Storm. In just one week we will see all and know all as it relates to this movie in the meantime enjoy theses two new sexy shots of Zoe Kravitz who’s playing Angel Salvador and catch her flutter fly and fight in the trailer below. We also have an interview with Zoe here.


Black Manta-David Ray

Black Manta

Created by: Nick Cardy and Bob Haney

1st appearance: Aquaman #35, 1967

Nationality: Unknown

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Wanted by Atlantis for crimes against the ocean.

Height: 6′ 3             Weight: 230 lbs

Eyes: Brown         Hair: Black

Relatives: Aqualad (son)

Skills and abilities: Skilled in the use of weapons and creating technology. Capable leader.

Powers: Mutation grants him gills which allow him to breath in water. He also has the strength, endurance and stamina of an Olympic level athlete.

-His manta suite allows him to survive the pressures of the deep ocean, release electricity, enhance his strength, endurance. he can fire harpoons, bullets and various other things from the writs of the suit.  it also grants a level of camouflage. He also carries an assortment of bladed weapons with which he’s an expert. Concentrated beams of heat can also be fired from the helmet.


As a child he was captured on a ship where he was subject to torture and routine sexual abuse and molestation. The day his mind snapped however was when he saw a young aquaman swimming in the ocean. All attempts to gain his attention and thus to save himself where unsuccessful. He fixated on this day as his abuse continued until he vowed revenge on all those who had been party to his suffering. He slaughtered all his attackers one night and set out to make Aquaman pay for not saving him. After gaining his freedom he found many treasures on the vessel and when he returned to land he had enough money to amass a personal army over time and build technology which would one day enable him to gain revenge on Aquaman. When Ocean master recruited him to kill Aquaman he was overjoyed and thus he became the rival of Aquaman with the plan to rule the seas. Unable to best Aquaman he eventually killed his young son Arthur. Jr. After laying low for years he sold his soul to the demon Nekron and became a manta human hybrid with enhanced physical attributes. Defeated by his foe again he had his soul restored. He briefly ruled Sub Diego a new underwater city but was driven out. When he thought Aquaman was dead he became a local fisherman and had a normal life. When he realized he was alive however the news drove him over the edge once more and he slaughtered all those around him. He then allied with the Xebel forces to find his son Aqualad and kill his enemy. In the finale conflict he cut off aquaman’s hand before his son used his powers to seal black manta and all of Xebel back into the Bermuda triangle.

Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #518 Review


Vlad kills his son and threatens T’challa before seeking out his wife’s killer. Cage arrives in time to save T’challa and a waitress. They mend their relationship and T’challa seeks out vlad who he almost defeats before his younger son arrives and using his powers captures both T’challa and the killer. Vlad congratulates him as a worthy heir before T’challa escapes and captures them both. The killer is taken down by the waitress. T’challa meets and greets the police before finding out the waiter is still alive and altered beyond repair and running loose in Hells kitchen, T’challa vows to find him. In the office of the doctor who performed said experiments she hires Kraven the Hunter to find the boy before anything can link back to her.

The Good

First arc done- Thank god it’s over, between the false advertising of last issue and the terrible art this issue I just want to get past the introduction phase and see if this is worth reading for two more months.

Gadgets- I liked T’challa using his brain and new gadgets

Cover- I liked the cover art

The Bad

Solicits-What could have been a cliffhanger ending with Kraven the hunter was yawn inducing with all the publicity already shone on “storm hunter” come next month.

Art- The art in this issue was terrible. It had a hard time particularly as a result of all the action, fights jumped from scene to scene with no seeming flow to speak of.  The rain scenes (which you would expect to be dramatic in a noir book) were  hideous! The entire thing looks like a rush job. Note to marvel next time artist cant turn in consistent work it may be time to send for a fill in! I’m just saying…

Identity crisis- T’challa old chap it’s time to return to your country, you suck at keeping your identity a secret. Almost every major character knows his Identity. Both villains being carted off to jail know his ID, the woman working in his cafe also among others. That is sloppy on the part of one the smartest man in the marvel Universe.

Luke Cage- Why was he here really? He behaved like he was back in the 1970′s he ousted T’challa’s identity in front of a civilian THEN asks her if she knew afterword and if she would tell anybody? What is Luke sipping on Stupid soup? He also behaved out of character, he’s been in the superhero game long enough to know why he needs to keep his mouth shut around civilians….alas Stupid soup is what his wife is feeding him over at Avengers mansion (shakes head)

Convenient- Your telling me Vlad the Impaler and the serial killer will both keep there mouths shut about his secret identity while they stand trial and go to jail? RIDICULOUS!

Villain- Vlad started out as a villain who loved and cared for his family , a man who turned to crime to give his family a better life. Family was the most important thing to him. For gods sake he was sympathetic and anyone who has fallen on hard times could even assume he was a good man who had done some bad thing.  In this issue he becomes pure evil , killing his son for no other reason than he has become a liability. Who is this wretch who I feel no sympathy for? He sure as hell did not exist up till last issue. This was a terrible turn for a villain who was more complex than just being evil. Such a pity

Boring- The saddest part about this finale issue of the opening arc was how bored I was with each passing page. If Storm hunter does not deliver big time I’ll consider dropping the Black Panther from my pull list….the first time in over ten years :(   you should consider doing the same.

The Ugly

devastatingly average 2.4/5 :(

David Liss (Writer)

Date of Birth: March 16, 1966

Before comics

Born in New Jersey and raised in Florida, David is, in fact, a one-time encylopedia salesman. He received his B.A. from Syracuse University, an M.A. from Georgia State Universty and his M.Phil from Columbia University, where he left his dissertation unfinished to pursue his writing career.

Most of his novels are historical fiction.

Work in Comics

David helms the Black Panther man without fear series which follows T’challa after the Doomwar story. He’s also written the five part mini series Mystery Men.


Read our Interview with David Liss here

Green Lantern Corps #52 Review


Boodika is back to her senses but John and Natu have to stabilize her before she dies. Ganthet is able to safely remove an alpha lanterns power core. Henshaw demands Ganthet do the same to him, before he can the Lanterns attack along with the whole population of the planet. Henshaw subdues the natives, Ganthet gets a quick charge and they rally in frying Henshaw. Upon the destruction of his body he jumps into Boodika but inside her mind she defeats him cementing herself as her own person and her original personality is also restored. For saving the universe they are al granted the rank of Green Lantern Honor Guards able to police any sector.

The Good

Cover- Both covers rocked! One with its tongue in cheek mention of Immortal combat evoked my favorite fighting game Mortal Kombat. The other showed Hannu wrangling with a bunch of Alpha Lanterns.

Action- Lost of explosions, dismemberment, body jumping it all made for a nice action packed issue.

Art- Great contrast with the colors, things still look good.

The Bad

Drawn out- This revolt of the Alpha lanterns has dragged on too long. So long in fact I was dying for it to end.

The Ugly


Romeo Miller

Percy Romeo Miller, Jr. (born August 19, 1989) better known by his stage name Romeo (previously Lil’ Romeo), is an American rapper, actor, basketball player, entrepreneur and model.

Black Talon

Created by:  Gerry Conway and Steve Englehart

1st appearance: The Avengers #152, 1963

Nationality: Unknown

Team Affiliations: The Lethal Legion

Legal Status: unknown

Height: 5′ 10              Weight: 210 lbs

Eyes: Brown         Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Affinity for magic

Powers: Samuel is the leading Houngan Zombie user in the world. He can raise the dead and bound them to his will. He can also fire potent energy blasts, cast illusion and control minds.


The first Black Talon

Desmond Drew was the son of Mama Limbo a magic user of soem repute who used her powers to mind control him and a cult in hopes of gaining immortality. When she died Desmond was grief-stricken but the mob his mother had used as pawns in her crimes descended on him in anger and he was killed [Tales of the Zombie #6]

The second Black Talon

Samuel took up the mantle of the Black Talon after the first one was killed. recruited by Grim reaper to battle the Avengers. He eventually fell in love with Nekra and joined the Lethal legion though racism upon himself and Man Ape made them leave the team. He then battled She Hulk after resurrecting some dead mutants as zombies and clashed with Captain America but again was defeated. When Mephisto and Black Heart fought over leadership of hell he sided with Mephisto and recruited old friend Man Ape to the cause. They then recruited others in a new masters of evil. Defeated he took on deadpool who ridiculed his “chicken outfit” after deadpool broke his wrists and his Zombie army crumbled he was left defeated and embarrassed.

He resurfaces as a drug dealer complete with a new costume, guarded by his Zombie armies. Here he allies with the Hood though he later joins with fellow magic user Jenifer Kale to trap the “zombie cloud” inside a creature. During  Dark reign he joins the hoods gang though the group is defeated during the siege of Asgard.

Thunderball – Dr. Eliot Franklin

Thunderball – Dr. Eliot Franklin

Thunderball – Dr. Eliot Franklin

Created by:  Len Wein and Sal Buscema

1st appearance: The Defenders #17, 1974

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: The wrecking crew

Legal Status: US citizen with criminal record

Height: 6′ 3              Weight: 255 lbs

Eyes: Brown         Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Genius level IQ, he holds a Ph.D in Physics. He is most noted for creating a gamma ray bomb.

Powers: Superhuman Strength and durability, able to battle Hulk and Thor. He also wields a wrecking ball to great effect which has become his trademark.


Before turning to a life of crime Eliot Franklin was a promising mind with a bright future ahead of him. After going straight through college on various scholarships he attained a Ph. D in physics and began work on something that even Dr. Bruce banner had been able to do, create a Gamma Ray bomb. When the bomb was completed it was stolen and he foolishly tried to get it back but when caught was jailed. In prison he met Dirk Garthwaite/The Wrecker, Brian Phillip Calusky/Pildriver and Henry Camp/Bulldozer; together they formed the wrecking crew. When The Wrecker gained super powers he broke them out of jail and had them all hold onto his enchanted crowbar during a lightning storm. When the lightning struck the crowbar it distributed powers throughout the group. Over the next few years they battled Thor, Hulk, The avengers and x-men among others though they were jailed multiple times. They were also recruited by the Beyonder when secret war took place. He is still a supervillain to this day having long since turned his mind away from science.

Young Justice Episode 10-Targets

Red Arrow is on his own against the world’s most dangerous assassins in preventing the League of Shadows from starting a war, until he is forced to make an unlikely alliance with someone even more dangerous. Aqualad fails to convince Red Arrow to ask the team for help.


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