Black Panther (2009) #10 Review

Black Panther #10 – Power, Part Four

“POWER,” PART 4 Wakanda is under siege on all fronts. Storm brings her weather powers to bear against an unnatural force that threatens to sweep the land with blight and famine… T’Challa takes another step into the dark and destructive world of vengeance…and the new Black Panther prepares for a showdown with the last person linked to the assassination attempt on her brother: Prince Namor.


Shuri battles agents of the desturi and defeats them. Storm deals with the unnatural plagues and droughts affecting Wakanda while the press puts the royal family on blast. Doom watches things unfold and monitors all parties confident when he strikes Wakanda will have no chance.

Shuri’s team meets up after the suicide bombings and a former adored one tells them about the desturi.

In wakanda T’challa undergoes a trial by fire as Zawaviri paints runes on his skin highly resistant to magic. He then has his best disciples try to kill T’challa and the former king is unharmed. Shuri and her team discover a faked footage of the attack on her brother. She prepares to do battle with Namor while convening with Reed Richards. Doom monitors the situation realizing all his chess pieces are doing exactly as predicted.

The Good

Dr. Doom is now clearly in league with the Desturi and is monitoring everyone in wakanda except T’challa himself. We learn about the desturi here as well- they are militant Xenophobic Wakandans who are displeased with the way the royals have lead their country.

We also have a fight to look forward to next issue, Shuri vs Namor it will be shocking if she defeats him 🙂

This issue had a healthy dose of action which showed Shuris skill and fierceness is contrast with her brother’s more cool collected methods.

The Desturi continue to be great villains.

T’challa may seem distant and cold to those around him but his plans may very well save Wakanda since his foresight will give them an army tailor made and trained to combat doom.

The cover art looked great and the colors on the interiors contrasted well with the dark style.

The Bad

I really have a problem with the art and its inconsistency 🙁 at this point I’m beating a dead horse so just accept it.

The Ugly



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