Klaws of the Panther #3 Review


Aim continues to amass as much savage land vibranium as they can in hopes of dealing with Klaw and save “her”. Shuri visits Avengers mansion to get some help but only finds Spider-man at home so she recruits him. They Hit an AIM base and get some more info. Klaw has a base in space and a mysterious hold on the leader of AIM. Klaw meanwhile reveals to the AIM leader he is unto his plan of betrayal and once “she” sings the world will belong to him. Shuri and Spiderman find the main base and battle AIM forces. They defeat the lackeys but not Klaw. When they grab the AIM leader he reveals his daughter is the “her” they have been referring to and she is no longer human, she is now the “battery” for Klaws machine to enslave the world.

The Good

Art- There has been improvement to the art in this third issue. Spider-man looks surprisingly good.

Action- Lots of action to keep those action junkies amongst you very happy.

Twist– The story finally becomes remotely enjoyable with the inclusion of an innocent converted into Klaws weapon.

 Cover– Shuri, Spiderman and Klaw, I like it!

The Bad

Inconsistency-Art still sucks! Especially when forced to detail women and action. Ok lets be fair, spiderman looks great and that’s it 🙁

The Ugly



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