Black Panther (2005) #6 Review

Black Panther #6- Who is the Black Panther Conclusion!


The first arc concludes and it’s one for the record books! It’s a rumble in the jungle as the Wakandan royal family squares off against the Radioactive Man, and the Black Panther goes toe-to-toe with his arch-nemesis Klaw in a battle royale!
Part 6 (of 6).


This is for my father!

Klaw has the queen mother and demands Tchalla throw himself on a knife for him not to kill her and destroy his country. T’challa refuses as Klaw will destroy them anyway. In the mines Shuri and Radioactive man do battle, she manages to kill him with the ebon blade of the black knight. The queen mother gets saved by the Dora Milaje and S’yan while Batroc is defeated and Klaw tries to infect the technology of  wakanda only to be driven out. Tshan gets taken over by the body hopper.

Tchalla returns and drives a spear into Klaw’s chest right as the united states cyborgs arrive to assist, Tchalla promptly kicks them out, their assistance is not needed.
The Good

Beware the Panther

A climatic ending to a very good read, everything was engaging from start to finish, it also cemented that Wakanda and the Black panther are literally the people to beat in the marvel U. Great work from Hudlin despite what the haters think and say.

The Bad
Nothing to complain about

The ugly
5/5 stars


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