Oshun (Character)

“Daughter of the Mountain,” Oshun is the Sacred Harlot. She is the queen of the performing arts and the sacred drum is Her womb. She is the golden lady; all jewelry belongs to Her. She is the coquette; the new moon is Her mirror. She is sweetness and light, all the things that make your life worth living. When the doctor fails, Oshun heals with cool water. She cures barrenness, troubled wombs, and difficult problems in pregnancy and sexually. The party will start as soon as Oshun arrives!

Fallon grey profile

Fallon Grey (Character)

Fallon Grey is a sixteen year old girl from rural Oregon. Nominated for Prom Queen, Captain of the debate team, most popular girl in her class. But there is another side to Fallon. A feeling like there’s something more inside of her. When terror strikes her small town, she’ll find out just how right she was. As fearsome supernatural forces hunt Fallon, she’ll come face to face with something even more shocking than the monsters on her tail. Eric Brooks…Blade…her father?!

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Skorn (Character)

Born to a middle-class working family; Angelica was the known stand out “smart-girl” of her community. She excelled to academic and athletic success, but aspirations are halted as she and her family becomes victims of the criminal element. Using the rage from the event as her driving force, Angelica succeeds in forging her mind and body into a cutting edge weapon against the scourge that changed her.


Obatala (Character)

Meet OBATALA the supreme deity of the Yoruba pantheon, the androgynous creator. She is envisioned as an ancient wo/man dressed in luminous white cloth and having lustrous white hair. It is Obatala who shapes the child in the womb, and who is the highest deity concerned with the affairs of humans. Obatala is considered to be most benevolent, most wise, and infinitely powerful of the gods!? Check it!!


Oya (Character)

Meet OYA-YANSA the Queen of the Winds of Change. Many people fear her because she brings about sudden structural change in people and things. Oya does not just rearrange the furniture in the house — She knocks the building to the ground and blows away the floor tiles. She is the Mother of the Mind. She can impart genius, restore memory, or slap you with insanity. Check it!

Power Girl6

Power Girl (Character)

A genius-level intellect, a bright future and more money than she knows what to do with, at just 16 years of age Tanya Spears has it all – even superhuman powers! Tanya is the newest Teen Titan, believe it!

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BUTTER (Character)


4d 2

4D (Character)

Publisher: DC Comics Created by: Grant Morrison 1st appearance: JLA #24 Real Name: Lea Corbin Nationality: Unknown Team Affiliations: Ultramarine corps Legal Status: Unknown Weight: 130 lbs    Height: 5’7 Eyes: Brown            Hair: Black Relatives: Unnamed father (Status Unknown), Unnamed Mother (Status Unknown) Skills and abilities: Trained in armed and unarmed combat thanks to military service Powers: Captain Corbin…

Dee 7

Dee (Character)

Publisher: Image Comics Created by: Kurtis J. Wiebe and Meg Dejmal 1st appearance:  Rat Queens #1, 2013 Real Name: Unknown Nationality: American Team Affiliations: Rat Queens Legal Status: Unknown Weight: 135 lbs    Height: 5’5 Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black Relatives: Unnamed Parents, Mezikiah (Husband) Skills and abilities: Skilled unarmed combatant. Powers: Described as a necromancer she has displayed the ability to heal wounds. Equipment: She carries a dagger and shield.…


Jiya (Character)

Publisher: Xmoor Studious Created by: Robert Garett 1st appearance: Galtow #1 Nationality: Unknown Team Affiliations: Samurai Clan Legal Status: Unknown Height: 5’9                    Weight: 160 lbs Eyes: Brown                       Hair: Brown Relatives: Unknown Skills and Abilities: Master hand to hand combatant. Powers:  She has superhuman strength granted by her bionic arm. Equipment: She carries…


Lady Sentinel (Character)

Publisher: Image Comics Created by: Rob Liefeld Real Name: Kiesha Langston 1st appearance:  Youngblood #8, March 2009 Alias: Sentinel Nationality: American Team Affiliations: Youngblood Legal Status: Unknown Weight: 125 lbs    Height: 5’8 Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black Relatives: Unnamed father (Status Unknown), Unnamed Mother (Status Unknown), Marcus Langston/Sentinel (Brother) Skills and abilities: She has a mastery of technology. Powers: None Equipment: She has to an exoskeleton which she helped create,…


Lyra (Character)

Publisher: Aspen MLT Created by: J. T Krul and Micah Gunnel 1st appearance: Aspen Showcase- Benoist #1, 2008 Nationality: American Legal Status:Unknown Height: 5’5″     Weight: 150 lbs  Eyes: Brown      Hair: Black Relatives: Unknown Skills and Abilities: Unknown Powers: Lyra is a member of the Faye race and as such has insect like wings…