Klaws of the Panther #2 Review


Klaw continues his assault on our gathered heroes; Shuri, Shanna and Ka Zar. He escapes and sets off a bomb which only Storm’s timely arrival defuses with her electricity powers. They then save what animals and people they can from the erupted volcano. Days later Shuri meets with Wolverine in Madripoor as she tries to get her hands on some savage land vibranium. Every lead winds up dead as they realize that Klaw and AIM are working together on something called “the scream”. They capture on of his agents and Klaw kills him and takes our duo down and departs.

The Good

Duo- Wolverine and Shuri make a great team and play well off each other. He also tries to help her with the bloodlust she now feels after the events of Doomwar.

 Story- Things pick up pace this issue with Klaw and AIM’s plot taking shape. Not thrilling but it’s a step up from last issue.

The Bad

Art- The art does not capture the action very well. Scenes fit together jarringly as you try to understand how you get from one panel to another. Fights look ridiculous and the faces are all hideous. Detail is not a strong point of Gugliotta. The art sucks royally! I hate it!

Villain- Klaw has NEVER been a good villain…he’s just lame in all honesty 🙂 why are we not using the infinitely cooler human assassin version from “Who is the Black Panther”?

Cover- Attention whore Wolverine on the cover with Shuri in hopes of selling more issues? Lame

The Ugly



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