Black Panther (2009) #12 Review

Black Panther #12 – Power,

PRELUDE TO “DOOMWAR” If you think you know what’s coming next in BLACK PANTHER, guess again. Shuri, T’Challa and Storm are caught up in a tangle of plots within plots as Doctor Doom and the Broker close the jaws of their trap. Heroes will fall, trust will be betrayed, secrets will be revealed, and nothing will ever be the same. The fuse is lit and Wakanda is about to explode. Guest stars Namor and the Fantastic Four jump into action as the new Black Panther goes to war.


Shuri and company are on their way to see the “broker” who pitted the newest Black Panther against Namor. They know it’s a trap but are ready nonetheless. Storm gets arrested as T’challa departs Wakanda.

Shuri’s team gets attacked and Doom tells the broker that all he needs to do is buy him an hour. Doom lets the desturi take control of Wakanda. Shuri and Namor reach the Broker and have a brief tussle before he disappears and shows them the news feed of Wakanda being taken over by the desturi.

Doom finally arrives in Wakanda as he reveals his hand; he plans to break into Wakandas vibranium vault.

The Good

The Broker gets tied into a lot of marvels problems here from supplying mutant growth hormone to Nitro who caused the destruction which lead to the civil war and being the supplier for enhancements right across the supervillian board. He has a nice personality and seems brilliantly twistedly evil 🙂 I look forward to more of him in the future.

Dr. Doom gets a great character piece his genius and tactician skills make this a must read for Doom fans.

Great action and a lovely twist straight out of left field in those last few pages. Great writing! I even enjoyed the art in this issue 🙂

The Bad

It lacked an emotional connection, all this stuff was happening and it was all exciting but there was no one character that the reader could say latch on or relate to.

This issue was not new reader friendly. You would have needed to read the entire Hudlin and Mabery run to have understood the subtle nuances of those last few pages of this issue.

The Ugly



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