Klaws of the Panther #4 Review


Klaw flees to space to unleash his machine and Shuri contact Steve Rogers for help. He recommends the black widow. Klaw argues with his weapon about what he has done to her and plans to do to the world. Shuri and company blast into space to save the world. Black widow infiltrates Klaws base as he unleashes his weapon. She refuses to kill the innocent woman and the woman it seems saves them all in the process. Klaw vanishes, they all celebrate the victory.

The Good

Good action, good ending with Shuri coming to terms with her bloodlust and willingness to lose innocents in her war.

The Bad

Cover- Ok someone explain to me why Natasha Romanov the Ex-Russian spy and former avengers leader looks like a black woman on the cover? (shakes head) Lord help me!

 Uneven art- The art plummets back to looking plain terrible this issue after a small jump in #3. It just sucks royally to look at pages where ……no pun intended……it looks like someone used their feces to draw. This is not the kind of art I expect from my comic book SORRY!

The Ugly



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