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What If? AVX #1 Review

What If AVX #1 (1)

The biggest event of 2012 is now the biggest miniseries of 2013!

We all know what happened to the Avengers and the X-Men… but what if the story had gone differently?

The one and only Jimmy Palmiotti brings his signature style to a mind-blowing reinterpretation of a key event in the history of the Marvel Universe.

Featuring Magneto, Hope, and every Avenger and X-Man you can imagine!


The guardians of the Galaxy are destroyed by the Phoenix Force as it heads to Earth. Black Panther, Nova, Thor, Vision and Ms. Marvel are sent into space to intercept. On Earth the Avengers lead by Captain America prepare to head to Utopia island home of the X-men.

On Utopia Magneto is training Hope when the Avengers arrive. Tensions mount and Storm attempts to quell tempers unsuccessfully. Wolverine accidentally kills Storm as she defends Namor this causes Magneto to lose his $hit and destroy the SHIELD hellicarier.What If AVX #1 (5)

The Good

Cover- I like the cover with the X-men and Avengers facing off on the left and the right while Magneto holds Hope in the center with the Phoenix force blares in the background.

Take 2- I always like these “what if?” tales and considering how controversial some elements of the original tale were I’m curious which avenue Palmiotti is taking this.

Art- Not a great as what we had in Avengers Vs X-men but pretty decent since it handles the action and slower scenes well.

Action- Avengers Vs X-men had great action that you really can’t complain about and this what if tale doesn’t live up to the original but delivers nonetheless.

Black Heroes- Black Panther and Storm are still married in this world (woot) I wonder how he would react upon learning Wolverine killed his lady love? Hmmmmm….

The Bad

I expect quite a few fans to cry foul that they killed Storm in the opening salvo but let’s be honest she was such a piece of uselessness and a punching bag in the original Avengers Vs X-men and such a token black member of every team in Marvel Now perhaps death will serve her better here.

Cover colors- A bit drab especially when you consider how stunning and top quality the Avengers Vs X-men series of covers were.

The Ugly

I did enjoy What If? AVX #1 but it didn’t shock or wow me the way the original did 2.5/5

stars- 2.5

Avengers: X-Sanction #1 – #4 Review

Avengers X-Sanction #1 Review


How has Cable been reborn? Where has he been since “Second Coming”? And what dark event has driven him to destroy the Avengers? The answers are just the tip of an iceberg that threatens to smash the Marvel Universe to smithereens!

A crucial new series by the creators behind SUPERMAN/BATMAN and HULK, Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness


What I Thought

I love Ed McGuiness art! I really enjoyed the action and most of all I enjoyed seeing Cable back in action doing what he does best, kicking ass and taking names! The premise of the book is pretty solid too. In cable’s time Hope never gets the Phoenix because she was never there when it arrived. The Avengers are all to blame for this, so Cable with little over twenty four hours of life left travels back in time to eliminate the Avengers in hope of changing time. It’s been awhile since we had a good time travel tale and this one is pure gold!

On the flip side Falcon is still the bud of jokes and being taken down and captured first in a major storyline is characterization genocide. Apart from the underrated and token nature of Falcon I was cool with everything else.

A desperate father trying his best to save his daughter and race by killing heroes, I like it! 4/5

stars- 4

Avengers X-Sanction #2 Review

Cable goes toe-to-toe with Iron Man as his mission of annihilation continues!

What I Thought

The art and cover stand out above all else as this series hits its stride with this second issue. The action is still top notch as Cable defeats Iron Man in close combat. I really enjoyed how Jeph Leob portrayed Cable’s love for his daughter. She’s literally the driving force in his otherwise dead and dying body. The flashbacks also typify how Hope perceived him as a child, wanting to be like him etc. Also very central to Cable’s characterization was the progression of the Techno Organic Virus. Since childhood he has fought against it, Cyclops sent him into the future to prevent his death at its hand. Everything he became was because of this virus, the cold and stern father he became was also as a result of the life he lead in the future and present. Hope had anything but a typical childhood much like Cable himself and this was handled very well throughout the issue.

Another very Solid read! 4/5

stars- 4

Avengers X-Sanction #3 Review

Cable rumbles with the Red Hulk as his fight to save the future carries on!

What I Thought

Cool cover with Red Hulk and Cable. I liked all the action this issue and the allusion to the Avengers vs X-men war that followed. It also pointed out that Gambit would have betrayed the X-men and sided with the Avengers; his staff in the future had Stark Tech. We also finally see the reunion of Cable his father Cyclops and his daughter Hope. This reunion is far from heartwarming as Cable almost kills his father to protect Hope, something Cyclops would also do. The similarities between father and son here are heartwarming and disturbing at the same time. Cable almost kills his father and was stopped by Hope, In Avengers Vs X-men #11 Cyclops kills his father; Prof X; because no one could stop him, talk about father son parallels. Overall I thought it was solid 4/5

stars- 4

Avengers X-Sanction #4 Review

As the final hours tick down, Cable must take down a berserker Wolverine and a wisecrackin’ Web-Head to ensure a deadly future does not come to pass!

What I liked

Loved the cover and art as well as the action in this issue. The love and bond of Father and child was also touching and hit the right notes. This issue also sets up Cyclops motivation for the upcoming Avengers Vs. X-men event. His son who he’s sacrificed so much for in the past shows him a glimpse of the future where the Avengers prevented Hope from getting the Phoenix, a dead world of cider and ash. In this issue we also have Hope manifest the Phoenix rapture once more and apparently cure Cable of the Techno Organic Virus.

Overall a very enjoyable miniseries 4/5

stars- 4



Avengers vs X-MEN # 0

Avengers vs X-MEN #1

Avengers vs X-MEN #2, #3 AND #4

Avengers vs X-MEN #5

Avengers vs X-MEN #6

Avengers vs X-MEN #7

Avengers vs X-MEN # 8

Avengers vs X-MEN # 9

Avengers vs X-MEN # 10

Avengers vs X-MEN # 11

Avengers vs X-MEN #12

AVX: Consequences #1 Review

Spinning directly out of AVX #12, find out what happens next! Will any heroes be left standing, and at what cost?


In Wakanda Wolverine and Storm along with his students are forced to leave when they are almost shot down. In prison Scott is locked away in a special mutant only wing of a prison run by mutant haters.

Meanwhile Hope Summers is offered membership in the Avengers but opts to have a normal life instead.

Iron Man and Captain Marvel search for Magneto unsuccessfully. Captain America asks Wolverine to talk to Scott in hopes of locating the Extinction team. Wolverine does not accept but heads to prison anyway to talk to Scott.


The Good

Consequences- Here we see Wolverine and his students attempt to aid Wakandan and almost get shot because he’s so dumb. Storm also tells us she’s now a criminal in Wakanda because she chose her team over her husband/king and subjects.

Cyclops is carted off to jail by mutant haters and placed in a mutant only wing. His physical abuse at their hands is a prime example of what Magneto, Emma Frost and Scott have been spouting for awhile. They will NEVER accept mutants whether criminal, hero or otherwise!

The hunt for the extinction team is also expected given the events of Avengers Vs. X-men #12. Colossus, Magneto and Magik are still at large while Emma and Scott have been captured and Storm is given amnesty because of her betrayal.

The Bad

Hypocrisy- Can someone please contact marvel editorial and tell them nobody on earth, heaven or hell is buying Wolverine’s condescending “I’m the new leader of mutant kind” bull$*** while condemning Cyclops actions in AVX! Is this mass murdering midget really going to lecture Scott on what’s right or wrong? Everything Scott did was for the betterment of his race and on a side note the Phoenix 5 were making earth a better place until Wolverine and his Avengers buddies mucked everything up! Most of Wolverines killings are personal, biased trivial $*** he should be locked up in prison for!  Let me count to ten because this right here is pissing me off!

Hate- At this point I’m convinced Captain America/Steve Rogers is a secret mutant hater. He defeats Scott then just hands him over to be sent off to prison? Scott will be put in general population without powers after all the good he’s done? They didn’t even send him to the raft for Christ sake or even check where the hell they were sending him. (Shakes head) This mutant as minorities’ symbolism is a bit on the nose right now……..is this what the writers at marvel think of Blacks, Latinos, Muslims etc?

Wakanda- Someone explain to me how stupid would you need to be to fly in Wakandan airspace with a plane full of children? Let’s recap Wakanda is a self contained nation fiercely xenophobic and more so after Doomwar and AVX. If he was their alone or with veteran heroes it would make sense but this is utterly unacceptable.

Ticking Time Bomb- So let me get this straight the mutie haters are going to house the new criminals from said species in the same place as the man who resurrected their race? They do realize if Scott wants he could inspire a riot like they have never seen? On another note, did no one learn anything from the “Raft”? Housing super criminals together always works out so well!

Scarlet Witch- Once a favorite character of mine but the pat on the shoulder she gets for decimating a race and killing thousands because Captain America has been inside her s***** is the very worst thing they could have done for her. Apparently it’s cool to kill people if you’re an Avenger but for X-men that’s reason for imprisonment.

The Ugly

A bit predictable given how Avengers vs X-men #12 ended but for any mutant fan this is the worst case scenario we have dreaded since you first picked up the book whether five years ago or twenty. Mutants are hated more now than before despite their best efforts and Captain America is handpicking which ones are worthy or trust and forgiveness. This issues raises many question and I can see how this will blow up in Caps face soon enough 3/5

stars- 3

Avengers Vs X-men #12 Review


Avengers vs X-MEN # 0

Avengers vs X-MEN #1

Avengers vs X-MEN #2, #3 AND #4

Avengers vs X-MEN #5

Avengers vs X-MEN #6

Avengers vs X-MEN #7

Avengers vs X-MEN # 8

Avengers vs X-MEN # 9

Avengers vs X-MEN # 10

Avengers vs X-MEN # 11

It’s all come down to this! The final battle — as the world burns! Will there be any victors in the war between Avengers and X-Men?



The avengers fight Dark Cyclophoenix to no avail. Scarlet Witch and Hope are sent in to tag team him. They manage to defeat Cyclops and free the Phoenix from his grasp. It bonds to Hope who puts an end to all the chaos that Scott caused. Scarlet witch convinces Hope to relinquish hr hold on the Phoenix and she does. This results in the X-factor gene reappearing in the human genome, mutants are back and manifesting everywhere.

After the ordeal Cyclops is taken into custody and the rest of the Phoenix are wanted criminals. Scarlet Witch shows Hawkeye the schematics for the Uncanny Avengers team.

Utopia is cordoned off by SHEILD, Hope flies off.

The Good

Cover- I really dig this finale cover allot. It appears that Hope and Wanda are powering Iron Man’s armor. This doesn’t happen in the story however like just about every other cover for this series.

Art- I also liked the art courtesy of Adam Kubert.

Cyclops was Right- So after all the bitching and whining the Avengers and in particular Captain America has spouted Cyclops was right! Lol Aint that a tragic hoot!

Marvel Next-This is the “game changer” that marvel has touted let’s see how this pans out for the underused unappreciated black at marvel comics.

The Bad

Hypocrisy- Let me be the very first to say that Captain Americas reaction to the entire situation. Lets first look back at HOM where the chick he was f***ing, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch killed millions with her little mad tiff of “no more mutants”. The Avengers knowing full well she was a threat did not imprison or kill her despite being a damn ticking time bomb! She gets forgiveness while the Phoenix 5 get hunted and persecuted? So wait a minute? Is Captain America letting her runaround free because he tapped that ass? Because man that would be downright wicked to poor ole Scott…he’s a straight man! So he’ll be locked away for a long time! lol

On another note, did Magneto not aid them in the battle against the Phoenix? I distinctly remember him sending out a distress call from Utopia in Avengers vs X-men # 10 and fighting alongside the avengers in Avengers Vs X-men #11? Magneto turns out you were right as well, they will NEVER accept you! lol

Logan and Steve-After their very heated disagreement in Avengers vs X-men #3 things just return to normal? So Logan clearly dismisses Cap’s orders and gets rewarded by being put on the Uncanny Avengers team? Did they kiss and make up? So it would seem….

Length- looking back on this series I’m still unconvinced that we needed twelve issues dedicated to simply having some new mutants. The Juice just doesn’t add up to the effort of the squeeze.

Underwhelmed- I’ve been trying my hardest to write this review all week but was too underwhelmed by this issue that it’s been a chore. This series has failed on so many levels for me. The death last issue was yawn inducing, the connection of the Phoenix to the Kun Lun mythology was glossed over, Hope becoming “the white phoenix” all but confirms she’s Jean Grey reborn since it’s already established there can only be one White Phoenix in existence (See Grant Morisson’s New X-men run for details)

Fear- This entire series and the deaths that occur are all because of the fear Captain America and his merry band of do-gooders had of the phoenix and their mistrust of the X-men. This issue Hope gets the powers and does exactly what she was destined to do, the thing she would have done long ago without casualties had the Avengers just backed the **** off! Sure the Phoenix five and Cyclops as dark phoenix committed crimes but none of that would have happened if the avengers had just let mutant affairs be dealt with by mutants! They know piss about the phoenix and yet they came to the x-men’s home to tell them to hand over their messiah, setting of a series of events that destroyed the X-men, Utopia, killed an unknown number of people etc. Great job Captain America!

Hope Summers- Her training under Spider-man, iron fist etc had no bearing on what she did with the Phoenix. Sure the training helped her fight Cyclophoenix but would that have been necessary if the Avengers had just kept their noses as they usually do out of mutant affairs? (Shakes head)

Captain America- Marvel’s perfect Aryan soldier behaves in such a dumb holier than though attitude that I had to check his chest and head for a swastika!

The mysterious vanishing X-men- So last issue Emma was on the floor, Xavier’s dead body was also strewn about, this issue they disappear off the field of battle with no explanation.

Black heroes- Am I the only one disappointed their was no mention of Bishop anywhere in this thing? Storm, Luke Cage and Black Panther served no purpose in this issue besides adding color to the otherwise all white tapestry.

The Ugly

I can honestly say this issue was underwhelming for me but it did deliver great art and finality to this whole web of drama from HOM in 2005. I also get why this issue will be a hot topic for debate for quite awhile too since the Avengers apparently “win” the war but only after they started the war in the first place and Cyclops and his X-men were right all along. If the Avengers had left well enough alone this entire series of events could have been avoided. Overall this issue on its own was barely average 2.5/5

stars- 2.5

Avengers Vs. X-men #11 Review

There can be only one who wields the Phoenix Force and the Avenger/X-Men war leads to a fatality.


Captain America recruits Hulk to his cause while the X-men who have realized that Scott has been corrupted also join the Avengers. Together with Xavier they plan to make their finale stand against the Phoenix two.

On Utopia Scott and Emma debate what they should do, either remake the world or take the force for themselves individually and do whatever they desire. They are attacked by the combined team and Scott meets Xavier on the Psionic plane. In the middle of the Fight Scott violently takes the force from Emma and seemingly kills Xavier before becoming the Dark Phoenix.

The Good

Cover- Emma Frost and Scott Summers face off over who will wield the Phoenix force while the Avengers are all but powerless in the background.

Emotional-What a f***ing sad state of affairs this turned out to be for my favorite comic book couple.

Scott and Emma the pillar of the mutant community the literal symbol of mutant togetherness in this issue are separated personifying a literal split throughout the mutant race. Schism may have split them in two and the start of AVX could have lead to reconciliation but the descent into madness of the Phoenix five has damaged the dream of a mutant nation. I understand that the Phoenix has apparently corrupted both BUT the cracks have been in the dam for years this is just where the whole dam comes crashing down. Sad day for SummerFrost fans!

Another emotional exchange was between Scoot and Xavier. Words can’t describe the mixed emotions going through me after reading this. Scott’s most influential father figure the man who forged him into the single minded tactical leader of the X-men was Charles Xavier. To hear Xavier tell Scott that he was disappointed in him must have cut deeper than any sword. When Scott lashes out at Xavier I understood the emotions behind it. Scott is what Charles has made him, Xavier could not achieve what Scott did, Xavier literally refused to find an alternate to Scott’s methods, Xavier has waited until all this escalation when he could have stopped things from ever getting this far, how far would he have gotten if he had sat down with Scott and discussed alternatives to being so militant? Instead Xavier comes in pompous and lofty as always to pass judgment after all the secrets he kept from the X-men Scott in particular all those years ago; I’m thinking of his secret x-men team which included Scott’s own brother Gabriel which he kept hidden for years among many other secrets like using killers like Sage and Mystique to do jobs he never wanted the X-men to be involved in. I could go on for awhile so I’ll leave it at this, Xavier’s exchange was hypocritical and for too condescending for my taste. I hope Xavier is dead he’s a character that has not aged very well, he’s a dinosaur much like classic superman who simple have no weight in modern comics. Put him on a shirt to wear at the Jean Grey School and be done with it!

Magneto and his daughter also had a powerful moment in this issue. Wanda is Magneto’s estranged daughter. She started out on his team the brotherhood before becoming an avenger and reforming. Years later she would go crazy and her power threatened existence itself. The X-men and Avengers debated killing her to save earth. Her daddy disagreed and saved her from certain execution. HOM came about in her trying to create the family she never had, granting Magneto his wish of mutants ruling the word and satisfying the desire of the Avengers and the X-men at the time. When Magneto sided with the heroes in trying to take her down and destroy her word she stripped most of earths mutants of their powers and literally stopped evolution in its tracks to punish Daddy. To say they have a complicated relationship would be the understatement of the year! When she tops Scott from Killing magneto was this an emotional response or just saving a valuable ally? Even more than Quicksilver she and Magneto have always been drawn together, every father needs his princess and every daughter longs for the approval and the loving protectiveness of her father. Will this catalyze a change in their relationship? We can always hope!

Action- How can you not be entertained with all the explosions, fists, fires in this issue? It’s like glorified fan fiction and I can admit I enjoyed it!

Art-Oliver Coipel was the best pick for this issue and he delivered big time!  The destruction and chaos of this issue looked good from start to finish.

Black Heroes- Falcon, Luke Cage and Storm are a here though not even one of them does anything remotely meaningful.

The Bad

Blue Marvel- Where is marvel’s big gun? With Sentry dead the next best thing would have to unequivocally be Blue Marvel, literally a black superman. He was absent from siege, from Doomwar now from AVX? Can we retcon his existence because if he’s not going to be used in any major storyline despite being one of the most powerful being s on the planet, its ridiculous! Unless he’s not on earth why has he been out of action? Is he a yellow belly coward who would rather sit at home and watch things unfold instead of get his hands dirty? He may as well NOT exist if he’s relegated to Limbo after barely being introduced! 

Scott Summers- Talk about the road to hell being paved with good intentions. So now that Scott has the entirety of the phoenix force he’s been corrupted by it and like jean before him is now “Dark Phoenix”. I know they planned to vilify Scott in particular but this even by my understanding standards is a bit much!

Hope Summers- Seriously? What purpose does this chick serve? All this hell for this jean wannabe and she’s useless until next issue? Get rid of this chick swiftly PLEASE I hate her so much more than Jean Grey/Phoenix right now! What a worthless waste of paper!

Death- Xavier’s death had little effect on me and I’m sure most readers will agree. He’s been irrelevant for years now why would his death warrant any attention?

Phoenix Power- Two Omega class mutants with unlimited power can’t beat a band of Avengers and X-men? seriously? Being punched by Hulk is a viable battle option against the power to create and destroy all reality? Ok! Whatever you say!

Alternate Covers-Hate is too kind a word for what I feel for those alternate covers where Psylocke and Black Widow face off. Are they even in this issue? Why not have an alternate cover with Cyclophoenix faces off with Captain America? I don’t know but that would have been relevant and far more fitting.

The Ugly

Love It or hate it AVX is a game changer for marvel (at least for a few years) and it’s entertaining to boot! This issue will have message boards and chats across the Internet alight and honestly the best literature is always controversial and hotly debated, so Bendis Avengers vs X-men get a high recommendation of 4/5

stars- 4

AVX Cyclops vs Storm


Cyclopheonix vs Storm Phoenix

De-powered Storm kicked Scott’s ass back in the day(See Uncanny X-men #201 for details)

if both had the power of the Phoenix who would be triumphant?

Scott is clearly a world class threat defeating even Thor with the Phoenix added to his powers

Storm Phoenix on the other hand conquered earth itself and defeated all who opposed her


AvX: VS #5 Preview


• The premier tie-in to AVENGERS VS. X-MEN marches on!



Uncanny X-Men #17 Preview


The climactic end to the X-Men’s greatest stand against Sinister!

The culmination of everything Sinister has planned since Uncanny #1!

Avengers vs X-men #10 Review

Time is running out as the Avengers are cornered in their last stronghold! But the stakes change when Hope and the Scarlet Witch join forces! Why?! How?!


Scott comes to Kun Lun to demand that Hope return with him. She refuses and the Avengers and the Thunderer recruit a young Sho Lou the undying to their cause along with the Scarlet Witch. Scott however is seemingly invincible until Hope channels the powers of Shou Lou and send Scott to earth’s moon. He comes face to face with the Watcher and realizes he needs more power so he must take it from Emma Frost.

On Utopia Emma Frost has the inhabitants kneel before her and takes control of their minds. Magneto is the only one to voice opposition. He manages to send out a distress call to Xavier.

On earth the rescued Avengers try to convince Xavier to come with them but he vows to save mutant kind since Scott and Emma are compromised.

The Good

Cover- Cyclops on his knees before the scarlet witch, the Avengers group shot and the inks only covers are truly worth collecting! Good stuff!

Black Heroes- Storm and Black Panther working together now that they are no longer married? Talk about a kick in the family jewels.

Action- Cyclops vs everyone! Yeah that was the highlight of the issue nothing else really happened….

Art- Kubert’s art is perfect for this issue, I don’t know if it’s nostalgia on my part but he channels his late father Joe very well, especially in the expressiveness of emotions on the characters faces. Terror, shock and awe are expertly illustrated. I had to actually check the cover to make sure it was Adam and not father Joe (RIP) that did the art. Kudos to Adam Kubert and a moment of silence for his legendary father Joe Kubert (1926-2012) you will be missed!

Endgame- You can already see the pieces of what comes next in this issue. Both the X-men and the Avengers vs the Phoenix. We already know the two teams will come out of this more united. What we don’t know if what will become of Emma Frost and Scott Summers! Their relationship has kept the X-men united after Jean died and Xavier abdicated his leadership of the X-men to the two. Even after Schism Emma became the main financial backer for Utopia. Relationships are never perfect but here was a couple with a singular goal in mind and shoot me, but I loved them together! Thinking this is the end of Utopia, them as leaders, them as a couple……sadness personified! I never quite realized how significant this pairing was until I was faced with its imminent end. House of M, Messiah Complex, Schism, Endangered species, Utopia, Dark X-men, some of those were not the best surely but if this is the end of “Summer Frost” it was a damn good ride while it lasted! Cheers~

The Bad

Alternate covers-Gambit vs Spider-Woman……..

Phoenix Cyclops- Common complaint of this series but Scott did not seem that powerful this issue. Why was Hope able to run around so much? Why not just grab her with telekinesis etc and be done with it? (shrugs)

The Ugly

I don’t know about anyone else but this was a very average read, not once was I excited or did my heart race. Wake me when the next issue hits please 2.5/5

stars- 2.5

Avengers Vs X-men #9 Review


Our story opens up with Colossus and Magik utterly pummeling Thor. The remaining Avengers retreat to Kun Lun. After the Rasputin duo drop Thor in a volcano, Storm realizes the corruption of the remaining Phoenix powered X-men and advises her fellow X-men to leave Utopia. She visits Wakanda only for T’challa to inform her there marriage has been annulled.

In Ethiopia Emma Frost is being corrupted by the Phoenix but Cyclops is too busy trying to save Hope to realize her pleas for help.

The Avengers try to rescue their captured members and run into Professor X and Storm who are there to do the same thing. Prof Shields them while they make their way inside. The Rasputin’s attack and Spider-man decides to sacrifice himself to save his team. They bang him up real good but turn on each other in the end. This causes the Phoenix to depart both of them leaving Emma and Scott the sole remaining Phoenix hosts.

In Kun Lun the avengers regroup only for Cyclops to show up telling Hope to come home.


The Good

Cover- The cover with Spider-man battered and bruised is gorgeous and foreboding.  The other stand out covers are the Colossus Spiderman and Cyclophoenix ones the rest are not worthy of the cover price.

Rasputin duo- Have you ever wondered what a completely twisted version of Ilyana and Colossus could be like? Oh lord are they creepy! The mini limbo Magik has made is ripped straight from Ridley scott’s Aliens. Absolutely disturbing on every conceivable level and the fact that Colossus is OK with this is proof of just how far he’s fallen.

Emotional- Before I even got the issue in my hands the internet was set ablaze by talk of Black Panther and Storm’s annulled marriage. It left me with mixed emotions. Now having read it cover to cover I’m overcome with emotions about fictional relationships I haven’t felt in years! The last time I was this upset was when Kyle Rayner and Jade broke up. I’m literally distraught that my two favorite couples in comicdom are unraveling at the seams. I’ve already talked about Storm and T’challa exhaustively (Read the post here). Emma Frost and Scott Summers are done! Scott my brave, fooling single minded jackass is again not paying attention to his woman. Jean drifted to wolverine they ceased communicating. The big draw of him and Emma was that they were on the same page, of the same mind on just about everything but more than that they communicated. There wasn’t a whole lot he didn’t know about her or her about him it was a relationship perfect for a man who was to lead the mutant race back from the brink of extinction (and yes I’m saying that well aware they started off with the telepathic affair). Unfortunately as the end game approached he started neglecting Emma much the way he did Jean and like Jean Emma often found solace with a teammate this time Namor. This issue is the perfect example of Scott dropping the ball with his woman…again….as X-men fans will remember Emma has hosted the Phoenix before see “Phoenix  Endsong” and she could not handle it. With that in mind Scott should have been keeping a very keen eye on her instead of focusing al his energy into finding and stopping he avengers and securing Hope Summers. I also get the logic in his mind with finding Hope after all if he finds her he saves or creates millions of mutants if he loses five x-men even if he loves one of them its justified. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Action-More action then you can shake a stick at! Believe it!

Spider Man- This issue captured the essence of peter Parker very well as the “Wisecracking underdog with a heart of gold” instead of raw power Peter’s words are seen as his greatest weapon. Kudos on the execution!

Black Heroes- Storm and Black Panther despite officially having their marriage annulled have banded together to stop the remaining Phoenix hosts. It’s about good god damned time Storm did something to remind us she exists as anything other than a figurine!

Art- Adam Kubert hits all the right notes. The fights are well choreographed and brutal. You can literally feel the pummeling that Spider-man and Thor get this issue.

The Bad

If you hated Scott and Emma rejoice this is clearly the twilight of “Scemma” (Scott + Emma).

Storm fans will be happy that Black Panther   has been kicked to the curb…or has she been kicked to the curb? Whatever!

Covers- Daredevil vs Archangel as a cover…really? Were either of these guys even in the damn book?!

The Ugly

Honestly this issue had major developments. The death of two iconic relationships, the corruption of Emma Frost, the defeat of Thor, Scott arriving in Kun Lun and Storm rebelling against Scott! This is the issue Avengers Vs X-men has been waiting on. Completely buzz worthy and controversial on every level! 4.5/5

stars- 4.5


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