Dora Milaje

First Appearance: Black Panther vol.2 #1

Created by: Christopher Priest

Background: The group was founded to secure peace between the eighteen rival factions of the marsh tribes of Wakanda and the more technologically advanced capital ruled by the Black Panther. It is unknown which king specifically founded them though they were active even in the time of World War 2.


The Dora Milaje or Adored Ones as the name translates in English (Pronounced dora-meh-LAH-shay) are essentially wives in training and bodyguards  for the King of Wakanda. Wakanda despite being one of the most technologically advanced place on Earth also has pockets of rural villages/tribes which make up the outer rim of the nation. These “Marsh” tribes often war with each other to determine who is of more value to the Technologically advanced capital of Wakanda.  They are trained usually from an early age, taken from the 18 tribes of wakanda and presented to the king who decides whether or not they are worthy of joining the ranks.


-A young Dora Milaje in training will speak only to the king and only in the language of Hausa. She is forbidden from having any man touch her or touch him. To have this occur is the biggest shame they can incur.

-Various Martial arts and those native to Wakanda are incorporated into one style thus allowing them superior combat prowess to even the most well-trained outside soldiers and ninja.

-Unarmed Combat training also incorporates mostly laded weapons such as swords, spears, nun-chaku, bo-staff etc All Dora Milaje undergo multi-weapons training though out initial indoctrination. Only later can they begin specialized training in a single weapon style.

-A successful Dora Milaje trainee is effectively the representative of her tribe in the capital of Wakanda thus her behavior will affect how her tribe is perceived and also affects trade with the capital. (When Nakia went rogue it was stated when her behavior became public knowledge trade with the other tribes would cease and civil war would rage)

-Training continues well into adulthood though in some instances Dora are known to leave the order or get discharged.

– a Stylized shaving of the head and tribal markings are customary on all Dora Milaje

Special groups

The Duo- In Black Panther vol.2 #1 the duo of Okoye and Nakia are first shown. Both accompanied him to America as his personal bodyguards. When Nakia defected Queen Divine Justice Joined the team.

Midnight Angels- During Doomwar T’challa had a group specially trained for infiltration and outfitted them with Shadow Physics technology able to destroy even Vibranium. They infiltrated Doom’s castle and partook in the battle. It’s unknown if they are still together.


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