Static Shock-Virgil Hawkins

Static Shock-Virgil Hawkins

Created by: Denys Cowan, Dwayne McDuffie, Derek Dingle, Christopher Priest and Micheal Davis

1st appearance: Static #1, 1993

Facts: He’s most famous for having his own cartoon series on kids WB and making guest appearances on the cartoon network Justice League.

Nationality: American

Weight: 135 lbs    Height: 5’8

Eyes: Brown              Hair: Brown

Known Relatives: Robert Hawkins (father), Jean Hawkins (mother), Sharon Hawkins (sister), Homer Hawkins (grandfather)

Powers: Electromagnetism


Virgil Ovid Hawkins was what one would classify as a “geek” and as a result was bullied.  After being bullied one too many times he was given a gun by some gang banger friends who told him if he was tired of being pushed around he should come to Paris island. Unfortunately it was the night of the “Big Bang” when all the gangs met up. Once there he threw the gun away thinking “this wasn’t for him. When the island was gassed he gained a variety of electromagnetic powers. Inspired by the comics he had grown up with he became the superhero, Static.

The life of a hero was turbulent as he dealt with other super-being now super-villains who gained powers from the Big Bang most notably, Holocaust. He formed a friendship with fellow teen hero Rocket and even Icon and Hardware. He dealt with his own Homophobia when his friend Rick Stone came out as gay. He later decided to retire from the superhero business.

After being kidnapped by the Dark Side Club, Static joined the Teen Titans and continues to protect Dakota while serving on the team.

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