Bulletproof (Character)


Created by: Dwayne McDuffie

1st appearance: Icon #19, 1994

Real Name: unknown

Nationality: American

Relatives: unknown

Group Affiliations: none

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black

Skills and abilities: none

Powers: Superhuman strength and near-invulnerability gained from the event known as the “Big Bang”, which empowered many of Dakota’s super-powered community

Weapons: Bulletproof carried a sidearm he used in his bank robberies


Bulletproof was one of the many individuals who were present at the Big Bang event. As with the other survivors, Bulletproof gained powers from the experimental tear gas which was used on the gangs. Some of the empowered individuals endeavored to use their powers for world domination or to create large criminal empires, but instead Bulletproof was content in being a small time super power crook, doing crimes which required little effort and garnered him fast cash. He especially like committing robberies. Bulletproof would go into establishments announce his intentions to rob the place, then shoot himself in the head. The robbery victims would be so shocked by this that they would give up their goods in face of his invulnerability. He was so unstable that he would offer the places he robbed their money back if someone would play Russian roulette with him. His career came to an end when Rocket came upon him robbing a check cashing place. In his unstable arrogance Bulletproof insulted Rocket’s weight (she was secretly pregnant at the time) and shot at her for trying to arrest him. This angered Rocket to the extent where she punched Bulletproof with enough force to knock him through buildings, flying several blocks in the air. Bulletproof was eventually caught by Static, in which he begged Static to take him to jail. The heroes took him into police custody. (Icon #19, 1994)

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