Quincredible #1 Review

quincredibleWhat good is invulnerability if you are a 100 pound weakling. That is the delima that Quinton West faces as he received the gift of invulnerability but no other powers to compliment it. Now he goes on a quest to become the best super hero he can possibly be even though all of his foes are much stronger than he is. Or so he thinks. Written by David Gorden and drawn by Gerardo Sanduval.

The Good

Cover–  Gorgeous rendering of the titular hero with the villain in the background.

Art– I love the art style used in this opening issue. It’s animated, expressive and very fluid. The artwork from Sandoval and Reed is consistent from start to finish complemented in no small part by the colors provided by Sai Studios. That’s a winning formula right there!

Action– The issue is simply one big fight scene illustrated through splash pages. The fight serves the purpose of showing that Quincredible is invulnerable by allowing Big Brother to dominate the fight and throw everything at our hero besides the kitchen sink!

Hero– It was a nice introductory tale which served the purpose of introducing us to the hero, his powers and his personality while also allowing us to witness his big debut to the public. The fight also illustrates his inexperience and the many areas in which he could later improve. I see loads of potential in the character of Quin who has a personality and quips similar to both Static and Spider-man. It’s not terribly original but has a resonance with the male comic fan demographic to which the book is clearly targeted.

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The Bad

Own or rent– This is a kindle book so for those used to reading digital comics it’s not really formatted to you on a traditional computer. I’m unaware of their being a physical copy either.Another issue with this issue is that it doesn’t give you the ability to download the issue so technically you don’t own this book so much as you just spent 3.99 to rent viewing the book. That is BS to me! After what I payed I was at least expecting to be able to share the damn thing with my friends. That is not happening with Quincredible unfortunately!

Fight– While I enjoyed this introductory issue it was just one big fight with little else happening.

Vacuous– some of the “pages” simply had a big old blank background filled in with colors and nothing else. For 3.99 this is not welcome!

Short– The format helped the story being told significantly because honestly if this wasn’t one panel on each page there would be very little to present in a traditional 22 page comic.


The Ugly

Quincredible #1 is an exciting start to what I hope will be a long running series. There are a number of winning formulas here mixed together in a great way. I’m not a fan of the kindle format, they need to work out a traditional cbr file and that would make me and a whole mess of other comic fans really happy. With beautiful art, a cool protagonist and exciting battles Qunincredible is a straight up and down winner from Lion Forge comics!  I give it -4/5

stars- 4 very good


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