Static Shock #2 Review


Static gets his arm severed but instead of separating from his body it reattaches itself while his powers go haywire, he absorbs all the electricity in his immediate vicinity which knocks his enemies systems and weapons out as well as hospitals etc. He confronts the shooter who flees. The slate gang gets scolded for botching the assassination but promises to kill Static next time. At his new HQ Static runs a full diagnostic on his body. His arm has a minor injury though he’s sure the hand was severed earlier.   At home that night his sister and her clone both have the same nightmare. The next night Static is attacked by Virule and the Press gang and they gain the upper hand.


The Good

Story– Scott McDaniel and John Rozum weave a tale of character development, ties to the past, intrigue and excitement all seamlessly woven into a modern tale. You should be reading this!

Tech– Last issue I spent a bit f time detailing his new tech courtesy of Hardware and this issue I’ll look at even more of it! Ok instead of a lame trash can cover Static’s new mode of transport is a set of flat pieces of magnetized metal no doubt made from some cool alloy thanks to Hardware. Being composed of multiple pieces Static is free to manipulate the pieces as the need arises. This issue we see him not just use them as transport but also as a makeshift arm brace ad even a shield. The possibilities for his magnetic powers and these metal pieces is endless, My mind racing at the sheer simplicity of the design and just how much mileage they can get out of it.

Evolution- Virgil’s powers are starting to move into the next phase. In this issue he gets his arm clearly cut off but manages to even subconsciously to reattach the arm. Virgil wonders if he’s becoming like Superman (chuckle) and only some things can hurt him. That’s a mighty good question and I’m intrigued enough by these developments to stick around for the long haul.

Villains The Press gang, Virule, Mr. Piranha and the Pale man? Things are looking very promising for the future of this book.

Continuity-Nods are given to Static’s origins in Dakota and his life there. His “friend” Frieda also gets brought up so old school Static should get a kick out of that.  Hardware however is the most significant.

Art– Scott McDaniel’s art is very stylistic and sits pretty in the middle of the detailed and cartoony look. Very Pleasing

Cover- This cover is enough of a departure from issue #1’s to make it


The Bad

HUH?– Virgil’s sister……there are two of them? One a clone the other the original all living in the same house, when did this happen?


The Ugly



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