Warhawk (Character)


Publisher: DC Comics

Created by: Alan Burnett; Paul Dini

1st appearance: Batman Beyond: The Call part I (television); Batman Beyond #21 (comics)

Nationality: African (Zambesi)

Real Name: Rex Stewart

Species: Human-Thanagarian Hybrid

Team Affiliations: Justice League Unlimited

Legal Status: unknown

Eyes: Green     Hair: Black

Relatives:  John Stewart (father/Green Lantern), Shayera Hol (mother/Hawkgirl)

Skills and abilities: Skilled Hand to Hand combatant,

Powers: Super Strength, Stamina, Durability, Flight (using artificial wings), Levitation (without artificial wings) high resistance to injury

Weaponry: Artificial wings made of NTH metal, protective armored suit; suit capable of covering entire body in armor; suit also contains retractable razor claws.



While serving with the Justice League, John Stewart and Hawkgirl were involved in a relationship which lasted until Hawkgirl betrayed the team. Afterwards, Stewart began a romance with Vixen, another member of the team. During a trip to the future, Stewart met a future Justice League member named Warhawk, who after a battle and subsequent escape, refers to Stewart as dad. Warhawk reveals that he is Stewart’s son. Even though Stewart could guess who Warhawk’s mother might be, an older version of Static (the character says he is 65 years old) blurts the mother’s name out and remarks how Shayera was grumpy carrying an “egg” the size of Warhawk.

Warhawk and his parents in Africa
Warhawk and his parents in Africa

After returning to his own time, Stewart chose to reveal the knowledge to Hawkgirl. Eventually he did tell Hawkgirl about their son, and also remarked that he didn’t at first because he didn’t want to be “destiny’s puppet”. He continued his relationship with teammate Vixen until she was murdered by Shadow Thief (Justice League Beyond #7). Grief stricken Stewart and Hawkgirl travel with Shadow Thief to Rann where he kills the villain. This results in him losing his power ring and Earth being deemed unworthy as a species for Green Lantern protection.

Returning to Earth Hawkgirl and Stewart retired from the Justice League, and went to Vixen’s village in Africa to bury her. Here they resumed their relationship and nine months later Warhawk was born. Born and Raised in Africa his parents provided him with the history of Thanagar and Earth, planting the seeds for his love of science, history and a warrior’s spirit. As a teenager he mastered Nth metal and forged his wings and armor so he could fly.

Hero of Thanagar

At age 18 he traveled to Thanagar which was still overrun with Gordanians. He joined with an underground resistance of Thanagarians who were left behind forgotten and injured. He forged for the maimed Nth metal wings and weapons and rallied their forces to take back the planet which had been lost to them for decades. When word of their success reached space their entire race returned and he was celebrated as a hero though his half breed nature caused initial prejudice.

Warhawk reminded them that it was him the 1/2 cast son of a traitor which saved their race and won back the planet. Their hatred turned to acceptance though he later returned to Earth and the comfort of him home before joining the Justice League himself (Justice League Beyond #8). He is also involved in a relationship with princess of Atlantis and second born child of Aquaman and Mera, Marina who is also a member of the Justice League (Justice League Beyond #10). Himself and teammate Micron don’t get along however. The team is eventually expanded to include fellow black superhero Danica Williams, the future Flash.


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