New Static Shock: Meet the villains!

Straight from artist John Rozum comes these sneak peeks of the plethora of villains who will oppose Static as he moves from Dakota to New York. Be sure to check out the Static#1 previews and art and Static #3 Info as we  gear up for the september 7th 2011 relaunch!


Joey Piranha

One of the first to oppose him is Joey “Piranha” Scroccone, a low level mobster with an insatiable appetite to rise up the ranks of power in New York’s criminal underworld. He discovers a means to rise to the top really quickly and the only obstacle he finds in his path is Static.



This one is called Sunspot, and all I’m really going to tell you is that his powers come from a plasma energy suit designed to be used in extreme environments and stolen from S.T.A.R. Labs.



Saying anything about Virule invites too many spoilers. I’ll just say that he’s as lethal as he looks….


The Pale Man

The Pale Man is Joey Piranha’s right hand man. He claims that he was once a member of the Joker’s gang and accidentally inhaled a non-lethal dose of Joker gas which transformed his appearance and also caused a couple of side effects. The Pale Man is perpetually tense, willfully trying to contain an inner violent rage as well as a Tourette’s syndrome like urge to laugh, something that creeps out of him more when he’s anxious, or emotionally stimulated, but often punctuates his speech.

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