Boom Box (Character)

Boom Box
Boom Box

Publisher: Milestone Comics

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Static #40, October 1996

Nationality: Inapplicable

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’9                    Weight: 210 lbs

Eyes: Brown                        Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Unknown

Powers: A Bang Baby with the ability to amplify sound released through his mouth in a sonic boom. He also had a measure of resistance to injury since he received blows from Icon and was electrocuted by Static and was still able to attack and move.


Upset that he was ignored by the recording industry despite his “mad skills” he somehow was present on Paris Island the night of the Big Bang. He survived the ordeal and with his superpowers tried to get a record deal but to no avail. When the Lost Boys were performing in Dakota he attacked them and battled Static alongside Icon. He proved a capable foe but still fell in battle and was never seen or heard from again. (Static #40, 1996) 


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