D-Struct (Character)

Publisher: Milestone Media

Created by Kurt Busiek

1st appearance: Static #12

Real Name: Damon Briggs

Nationality: American

Weight: 172 lbs    Height: 5’9

Eyes:Brown              Hair: Black

Known Relatives: Mr. Briggs (Father), Mother (fate unknown)
Skills and abilities: Proficient in the use of firearms due to gang membership. Streetfighting.

Powers: He can transform into a large creature made from molten rock granting him superhuman strength, endurance and resilience. He can also produce a combustive compound from his mouth.

Facts: He also appeared on the Static Shock tv series.


An ex-gang member who was caught up in the big bang event. After surviving that ordeal he quit the gang and returned to highs school to finish his senior year and graduate. When surviving gang members learned he was alive he was attacked for what they saw as abandonment. Using his powers he fought them off and came to the attention of static shock. He later clashed with static when said gang members captured his father. Together they defeated the gang and him and his father left Dakota to find a better life. He got a job with Alva Technologies and teamed up with Hardware later.

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