The Big Bang (Event)

The Big Bang

Milestone Comics-The Big Bang

The Big Bang should have been the Gotterdammerung of Dakota’s gangs. A Finale Battle to decide turf; but police intervention killed most of its participants, leaving the rest with bodies and/or abilities tailored to their wildest dreams…and beyond.

The full list of survivors is not fully cataloged, but includes:

HolocaustThe most vile of all Milestone villains

StaticMilestone’s most famous superhero

Boombox– A villain who battled Icon and

Payback– Static and lover of Starlight

 The Blood SyndicateSuper powered remnants of two gangs

Tarmac-Recurring Static Villain

Rubberband man– Milestone’s most Famous Supervillain

17 thoughts on “The Big Bang (Event)

  1. Although the Big Bang only played a small role in his origin, Hardware has always been my favorite Milestone superhero. To me he is DC’s most under rated hero.

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