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First Appearance: Blood Syndicate #11, February 1994

Created by: Ivan Velez Jr., Chris Cross and Ivan Velez

Real Name: Bubba Brown

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Blood Syndicate

Legal Status: U.S citizen with criminal record

Weight: 170 lbs (human)   Height: 5’8 (human)

Eyes: Brown (human)          Hair: Black (human)

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Unknown

Powers: Bubba has the ability to transform into a large purple skinned dinosaur with razor sharp teeth and claws, enhanced durability and sight. Further mutation later granted him the ability to breath fire.


Bubba was a member of the Paris Bloods alongside Wise Son and Holocaust. During the Big Bang he was one of only a handful of people to survive. He was granted the superhuman ability to transform into a large purple reptile that looked remarkably like a dinosaur (Blood Syndicate #11). After witnessing all that death he decided to leave the gang life behind him and instead try to finish high school and turn his life around. Back in high school his temper landed him in trouble constantly. This resulted in him landing in both the counselors office and the principals multiple times. The straw that broke his camels back was when the principal in a fit of frustration told Bubba to “save the taxpayers some money by killing himself” (Blood Syndicate #11). This principal Carlos Quinones, Sr. also expelled him from school.

Desperate to get back into school he confronted the counselor first but when she refused to help he ate her (Blood Syndicate #12). Bubba then confronted the principal who manged to elude him long enough to contact the fire department and his son Fade arriving on the scene. Fade seemingly fatally wounded Bubba before a mysterious team of paramedics took his body away (Blood Syndicate #12).

Taken by S.Y.S.T.E.M where they healed his wounds and experimented on him. It was their hope to turn him and other Bang babies into living weapons. They were then exposed to Quantum Juice once more in hopes of inducing further mutation. After the experiment himself alongside Masquerade and his fellow Bang Babies escaped to the surface and all separated (Blood Syndicate #19-25).

Life as a Supervillain

He came to the attention of former gang member Holocaust who recruited him as an enforcer. To mark his entry into this new life Holocaust had him challenge Icon’s partner Rocket. Unfortunately for him she proved quite formidable and defeated him (Icon #38-39). He then joined a new incarnation of the Blood Syndicate alongside Fade, Flashback, Rocket and others (Icon #39).

Denys Cowan’s Art Goes Missing!!!

You read that headline right! Comics legend and Milestone comics co-founder Denys Cowan‘s original art pieces, twenty seven (27) in in total have gone missing! Said pieces were to be used in the “Milestones: African Americans In Comics, Pop Culture and Beyond” exhibit in the Baltimore museum. The very outspoken Milestone comics Co-founder and friend, Michael Davis had this to say about the situation:


Denys CowanIncluded were irreplaceable work from original Milestone concept drawings to Batman #400 pages other works from both before and after those career highlights.

My work (some of it) arrived at the Geppi on Saturday. Denys’ did not. On Monday UPS says it tried to deliver Denys’s package but the Geppi was closed because of a snowstorm.

On Tuesday Denys’ box arrived. In that box was some damn fine art. Problem was 27 pieces of Denys’ 28 pieces of art were NOT in the box.

Gone. Perhaps, forever.

You can read the whole thing here. Now I don’t know about you guys but this story has pissed me off royally! I’m also urging everyone to be on the look out locally and on the internet for anyone selling Denys Cowan art. The man put his heart and soul into his work and it just goes missing? WTH? I’m hoping and praying that the art shows up, intact to Mr. Cowan.

[Source: Comicmix.com]

Top 20 Black Superheroes-Milestone Edition

20th anniversary Milestone

This is the list of my top 20 black superheroes/villains from Milestone comics. Why 20? Well 2013 is Milestone comic’s 20th anniversary so it would be an injustice to countdown any more or any less. Nowbmany of you don’t know anything about Milestone you were just too damn young but hopefully this list will be enlightening and informative at the same time. Thank you to the founders of Milestone Media INC. Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis and Derek T. Dingle! You guys created a truly diverse universe, fully realized that has touched the heart and minds of millions. I can also tell you based on website traffic they continue to touch even more every single day, regardless of not being on the shelves. I would also like to thank all the artists and writers who helped mold the characters over the last twenty years. Finally RIP to Dwayne McDuffie a truly great talent gone far too soon!



1.     Rocket                                                             

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Icon #1, May 1993

ervin1Brief Biography: Raquel Ervin is an outspoken young black woman who is the first teenage mother in comics, the woman who inspired Augustus Freeman into becoming Icon and later becomes his partner. As the superhero Rocket, Raquel uses an inertia belt which allows her to fly, re-channel kinetic energy and even form shields.  Why she’s here: I can honestly say watching Rocket consider an abortion as a teen was one of the most touching moments I’ve ever had with a fictional character. Entering the clinic and the eventual changing of her mind despite her family thinking she should just ‘get rid’ of the problem is beautiful. Milestone really got under my skin and stayed there after Raquel Irvin decided to keep her child and not take the easy route out of her problem.



2.     Hardware                                            

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

hardware1st appearance: Hardware #1, 1993

Curtis Metcalf was blessed with a prodigious intellect in the art of computing, electronics, metallurgy. At a young age Edwin Alva took him under his wing and Curtis’ creations single-handedly made Alva billions. Upon realizing that his father figure was corrupt and he was held in little regard he rebelled. Creating the identity of Hardware he waged a one man war against Alva and his corrupt company. Over the course of his career he helped Icon repair his ship, befriended Rocket and supplied technology to Static during the new 52. Why he’s here: Hardware grew on me especially after I started working and realized that Curtis’ work environment mirrors most of our realities. Thankfully I managed to escape the ‘cage’ and soar free. Hardware however was my inspiration of never settling and demanding that if my worth can’t be acknowledge it’s time to go!




 3.      Masquerade  

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Blood Syndicate#1, May 1993

masqueradeBrief Biography: The young woman who would come to be known as only Masquerade has a past shrouded in mystery. From an early age he realized his gender identity did not match his physical body; he was a man trapped in a woman’s body. After the Big Bang he gained the power to shape shift and immediately used these abilities to make his body reflect what’s always been in his mind, becoming physically a man. Masquerade has been both an ally and enemy of the Blood Syndicate over the years. Why he here: He Masquerade was the very first transgendered character I had ever encountered. Before Masquerade I didn’t even know what transgendered meant!The guys at Milestone also made this a complete non-issue which even by today’s ‘progressive’ standards is unheard of. 



4.    Wise Son

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Blood Syndicate#1, May 1993

Wise Son

Brief Biography: As a gang member in Dakota he was present at the Big Bang event. He came from the event with superhuman abilities and joined the Blood Syndicate. When he discovered he was indestructible he took it as a sign of a ‘holy mission”. After teammate Tech-9 died he took the mantle of leadership. He is a hard-line Islamic fundamentalist in many respects and continuously attempts to steer the Blood Syndicate towards these beliefs. Why he’s here: Honestly there is still widespread misconception when it comes to Islam. When I first released Hannibal’s biography a few Americans noted he was the first ‘re-usable’ suicide bomber, yeah they went there. With Marvel so excited by their Muslim Ms. Marvel it must be noted Milestone did it first! Hannibal started out as a woman hating man of violence but matured into a great level-headed leader and a man who took fatherhood very seriously.  Assalaam-O-Alaikum!




5.       Icon/Augustus Freeman                                                        

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Icon #1, May 1993

iconBrief Biography: Arnus is an alien who crash landed on earth during slavery and took on the appearance of a black human. He is equal in power to DC Comics Superman. As Augustus Freeman he was a lawyer who later becomes Dakota’s premier superhero after a chance encounter with Raquel Irvin/Rocket. After the merger of DC and Milestone he was shown to be friends with Superman. Why he’s here: Every fan knows I love me some Icon! But those above him have appeal not just to the comic fan but also on a socially conscious level. Everyone above Icon I can take into my classroom and teach a life lesson. Icon now is noteworthy for having lived the African-American experience from its colonial origins to its modern potential. Icon is a self actualized, though very separate from humanity kinda man. The Superman power levels and parallel also make him very popular.



6.        Static                                                       

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Denys Cowan, Dwayne McDuffie, Derek Dingle, Christopher Priest and Micheal Davis

1st appearance: Static #1, 1993

staticBrief Biography: Virgil “Static” Hawkins was exposed to a mutagenic gas that swept his city of Dakota, which gave him and other ‘bang babies’ superpowers. With the ability to control electromagnetism, Static joined the Teen Titans and continued to protect his city while serving on the team. During DC Comics new 52 he moved to New York and starred in his own ongoing title which was among the first wave of cancellations. Why he’s here: I know your all roasting me on an open fire for not putting Static first but sue me I just don’t think he’s more noteworthy or did we ever connect the same way as those above him. Static is Milestone’s biggest and best success story to date! Easily the most recognizable Milestone character thanks to his very popular Static Shock t.v series.




7.      Holocauste

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Blood Syndicate #1, April 1993

1091423-holocaust_cardBrief Biography: Leonard smalls Jr. was the son of Dakota mayor/Thomasina Jefferson and her husband Leonard Sr. He was always a sadistic and cold person but stepped over the line when on his sixteenth birthday he killed his father. Taking to the street he joined a local gang where he made plans to take over the Dakota underground. At the Big Bang he was the only member of his group to survive. Holocauste then joined with the other survivors of the event to form ‘The Blood Syndicate” but unlike them was cruel, power-hungry and sadistic. Why he’s here:  Hands down there is no greater supervillain in Milestone history than Holocauste. He has awesome power, incredible design and is just straight up built for evil. Even DC realized his potential when they incorporated Milestone into their continuity and Holocauste found himself up against Black Lightning.



8.       Buckwild

Publisher: Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Icon#13, 1994

buckwildBrief Biography: In 1972 Rufus was wrongfully convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, he plea bargained down from the crime he did commit and sentenced to jail. Inside he was abused by the prison guards, realizing he wouldn’t survive his sentence he volunteered for an experiment involving cryogenics. Unfortunately the experiment went terribly wrong, only his brain was frozen before his containment unit exploded. A side effect of this experiment he was granted superhuman strength. When Icon took a brief hiatus he served as his replacement. Why he’s here: Honestly Buck wild will change how you look at the blaxploitation era of comics and especially classic Luke Cage. Buckwild is a superhero parody of epic proportions and arguably the funniest black character in comics’ period!




9.       Rubberband man

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Static #33, 1996

rubberbandman2 Brief Biography: A small time crook caught in the Big Bang event which killed thousands but granted a handful superhuman abilities. A relative unknown until he challenged Static Shock to a battle on national TV where Static embarrassed him and he fled vowing revenge. He would later resurface as a member of a bang baby supervillain team and captured Static’s girlfriend Frieda. His team was defeated and he wound up behind bars.Why he’s here: To the masses, that is the non comic book fan community this is the most popular villain Milestone had to offer thanks in no small part to a recurring role on the Static Shock Tv series. I like his power set but think his comic book version needs a redesign.



10.   Fade

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Blood Syndicate #1, April 1993

FadeBrief Biography: Carlos joined the force syndicate with his sister Flashback in order to help them assimilate after moving to the US from Panama. He knew from early on that he was gay. While in the force syndicate he fell in love with  Tech-9 one of the founding members of  Force Syndicate, though Tech-9 had no idea Carlos’ true feelings. His gang-banger lifestyle left a strained relationship with himself and his father. On the night of the Big Bang event he was one of many gang members to  attend the event.Why he’s here: Now back in the 90′s when I was homophobic because I had never met an openly gay person before, Fade came on the scene. He was not effeminate or flamboyant, He was truly just like everyone else. This revelation blew my mind back then and stayed with me ever since.




11.   Technique

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Hardware #9, 1993

TechniqueBrief Biography: Tiffany was always a brilliant woman so when she chose to become a cyberneticist it was no shock. After achieving her doctorate her skills caught the attention of Edwin Alva. She was given her own staff to put an end to Hardware. She made fast friends with Kurt Metcalf who assisted her as the head of the “Anti-Hardware ” team. It was her idea to use a female pilot for their own version of a power suit since the female pilot would be lighter making the armor more maneuverable. Upon the armors completion it was named “Technique”. Why she’s here: In the Dakota Hardware was quite possibly the smartest man on earth. Technique was a woman who could go toe to toe with him, intellectually and physically. She was the yin to Hardware’s Yang in every sense of the word. It also doesn’t hurt that Mcduffie planned for her to be Hardware’s successor as chronicled in ‘Milestone Forever’. Don’t sweat the Technique!


12.   D-Struct

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Static #12

d-struct 2Brief Biography: An ex-gang member who was caught up in the big bang event. After surviving that ordeal he quit the gang and returned to high school to finish his senior year and graduate. When surviving gang members learned he was alive he was attacked for what they saw as abandonment. Using his powers he fought them off and came to the attention of static shock. He later clashed with static when said gang members captured his father. Together they defeated the gang and him and his father left Dakota to find a better life. He got a job with Alva Technologies and teamed up with Hardware later. Why he’s here: Damon is a good example of someone who started out doing wrong and turned his life around. That’s inspirational!


13.   Virus

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Static #9, 1993

Paul Morris-VirusBrief Biography: After his father left them both, Virus followed his mother into the streets where she became a crack addict who abused him constantly. Despite his large size he suffers from an unspecified mental illness that gives him the mental ability of a child. He eventually joined the force syndicate, Dakota’s “Misfit” Gang because they treated him with care. For this surrogate family he began stealing. Then came the Big Bang, his gang was killed and he discovered he had been granted super powers. Virus then lived under a mall where he stole to survive. Befriended by Static he was taken to St. Peter’s mission where he still resides. Why he’s here: Like many others on my list this was the first time I had seen a grown man with the mind of a child. What was more interesting was his sad life and his longing for acceptance. People do many bad things but a very simple reason for that is what we all want…to be accepted, embraced and loved. Food for thought even twenty years later.


14.   Starlight

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Shadow Cabinet #7, 1994

starlight6Brief Biography: Stella was a girl who always had an aptitude for mathematics, to this end upon graduating from High School she enrolled in a college level degree of said subject. It was here that she witnessed her college professor using an experimental Tachyon telescope for a teleportational experiment. It went horribly wrong and he was being bombarded by cosmic rays. Fearing for his life she pushed him out-of-the-way and took the full brunt of the cosmic rays and radiation. She was transformed into a human pulsar. She was found by Hardware who used his technology to help stabilize her powers and help her control them. Why she’s here: I’ve always like her design and all of her appearances after her debut suggest she was going to be a major player in Dakota. With her power set she’s a female Static, easy!


15.   Flashback

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Blood Syndicate #1, April 1993

Flashback-Sara QuinonesBrief Biography: At the Big Bang Flashback was one of only a handful of people to survive the massacre. After the incident she gained superhuman powers and joined the Blood Syndicate. For awhile she dated teammate and then leader Holocaust. Because of the nature of her power she was used as a fail-safe for her teammates when in hectic situations. If anyone was mortally wounded she would travel back in time and prevent them from dyeing. Over time however this took a toll on her psyche since she had memories of all her friends  being horrifically killed. To compensate for the nightmares which haunted her she turned to cocaine use. Why she’s here: As a kid I thought all junkies or drug users were just bad people. Sara put a different spin on things, humanizing drug use and the reason we do it. Plus by overcoming her addiction she serves as inspiration for those trying to recover.


16.   Tech 9

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Blood Syndicate #1, April 1993

Rolando Texador is Tech-9

Brief Biography: Tech-9 was a loyal founding member of the Paris Bloods, on the night of the Big Bang, he was blessed with the ultimate compliment to his natural marksmanship ability-no weapon he holds ever runs out of ammunition. His obsession with military strategy and discipline won him the leadership of the Blood Syndicate. He led the team and even successfully defended his leadership mantle from the more physically powerful Holocaust/Pyre. His powers were unstable however and his body liquefied soon after killing him instantly. Why he’s here: Tech was the guy who took the remnants of two gangs and made them a superhero team fighting to save their community. Without him they may have ended up villains. Tech also served as the first example that being a “Bang Baby” could kill you.


17.   Rocket 2

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Icon #4, 1993

rocketII 2Brief Biography: Darnice grew up with Raquel in Dakota since they were young children. They eventually became best friends. Darnice was the only person to whom Raquel confided that she was Rocket and that she was pregnant. When the original Rocket was close to giving birth she had no choice but to stop being a superhero temporarily. To this end Darnice was given the mantle of Rocket and the powers. Raquel trained her in the proper use of the powers and she was teamed with Buck Wild who became a temporary Icon.Why she’s here: Honestly there was no greater friendship for me than Darnice and Raquel. They were really down for each other and trust me the conversation they had about sex in Icon #4 makes me chuckle even today! Darnice proved that you don’t need superpowers to be a superhero when she convinced Buckwild to accept death and move on.



18.   DMZ

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Blood Syndicate #1, April 1993

dmzBrief Biography: When a member of the D’masi police force chased an intergalactic criminal to earth. An African-American man stepped in between her and certain death resulting with him mortally wounded. Grateful to the lower life form for his sacrifice she used her people’s advanced technology to heal him and in the process unlocked his full potential and enhanced him. After this she left earth promising to return for him one day. After the Big Bang event he became the most mysterious member of the super human team the Blood Syndicate. Why he’s here: DMZ was the most intriguing mystery posed by the original Milestone line of books. We had never seen his face, his power was vague and his connection to Icon just really drove us crazy. When the great Dwayne Mcduffie revealed his past on a comic book forum years of head scratching and speculating had ended and I was sold!


19.   Oblivion

Publisher: Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Icon #22

OblivionBrief Biography: A long time ago before Arnus came to Earth he sentenced Kali’lkak to isolation though he did not wish to do so because he was unable to live among civilized beings. Though his isolation was as comfortable as any citizens everyday life he did not view it as an act of mercy. Before he was sentenced to isolation though he decided to hurt Arnus and thus sabotaged his ship resulting in his crash landing on earth and him eventually becoming Icon. His exile was supposed to be rehabilitative but he left what he called a “prison planet” after killing his therapists he went on a rampage across the galaxy on his way to Earth to kill Icon. After killing over three hundred life forms he took to calling himself Oblivion. Why he’s here: Like the lady below him he was not on my initial list but he’s the most evil, vile sadistic villain Milestone had to offer. Like the Joker, Bullseye or Sabretooth he takes joy in his villainy. His powers also allow him to take on any shape and even kill superhumans. If Milestone ever had a villain who could jeopardize the whole of Dakota, it’s OBLIVION!



20.   Lysistrata Jones

Publisher:Milestone Media INC.

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Icon #13, 1996

Lysistrata jonesBrief Biography: The self-styled arch nemesis of BuckWild, Mercenary Man. She developed a unique but effective fighting style from viewing countless hours of cheesy martial-arts films. After a similar marathon session of viewing a series of ‘Blaxploitation’ films, she decided to become the “Black Queen of Crime” (or ‘Queen of Black Crime,: she’s still deciding which). In addition to her criminal genius, she is a talented choreographer. She met Buckwild at some undisclosed point in the past. He tried to thwart her latest plan by taking out her gang but she escaped after ensnaring him with her ‘P-whip’. Why she’s here: I had two other characters in mind but could not pass up on Ms. Jones. Like Buckwild she’s a combination of Blaxploitation jokes, Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and a dose of reality. She controls men with her P-whip. Get it? Black dudes be getting pu**y whipped all the time and this vixen is its symbolic manifestation!


There you have it guys, in no particular order of course, so don’t freak out that Static or Icon were not number one. If your favorite didn’t make the list leave us a comment below on why they should be included. Also be sure to leave us a comment on what Milestone comics meant to you as a fan, some founders peruse the website so this is your chance to let them know how their work inspired or changed your life.  

Also below is the fan edition of the this list so VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

So your favorite can get the top spot!

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Created by: Dwayne McDuffie

1st appearance: Icon #19, 1994

Real Name: unknown

Nationality: American

Relatives: unknown

Group Affiliations: none

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black

Skills and abilities: none

Powers: Superhuman strength and near-invulnerability gained from the event known as the “Big Bang”, which empowered many of Dakota’s super-powered community

Weapons: Bulletproof carried a sidearm he used in his bank robberies


Bulletproof was one of the many individuals who were present at the Big Bang event. As with the other survivors, Bulletproof gained powers from the experimental tear gas which was used on the gangs. Some of the empowered individuals endeavored to use their powers for world domination or to create large criminal empires, but instead Bulletproof was content in being a small time super power crook, doing crimes which required little effort and garnered him fast cash. He especially like committing robberies. Bulletproof would go into establishments announce his intentions to rob the place, then shoot himself in the head. The robbery victims would be so shocked by this that they would give up their goods in face of his invulnerability. He was so unstable that he would offer the places he robbed their money back if someone would play Russian roulette with him. His career came to an end when Rocket came upon him robbing a check cashing place. In his unstable arrogance Bulletproof insulted Rocket’s weight (she was secretly pregnant at the time) and shot at her for trying to arrest him. This angered Rocket to the extent where she punched Bulletproof with enough force to knock him through buildings, flying several blocks in the air. Bulletproof was eventually caught by Static, in which he begged Static to take him to jail. The heroes took him into police custody. (Icon #19, 1994)

Milestone’s Michael Davis responds to Brotherman!

Milestone's Michael Davis

In a followup to one of our most controversial news pieces ever [check it out here] comes this follow-up from Michael Davis, one of the founders of Milestone comics in response to Dawud, creator of Brotherman. Again this is verbatim, nothing added or subtracted:

For a long time, there was a Brother Man poster, from the comic of the same name, hanging in my office at Milestone.

That book was, and still is, one of the greatest comics ever done. Not just of greatest “Black” comics, but greatest comics PERIOD, ever done.

Over the last few days I’ve been on a mission. That mission was to stop a point of view from becoming fact. That “point of view” was the accusation that Milestone’s business plan was in fact stolen from the people who created Brother Man.

It wasn’t. Milestone had been published for almost a year before the “theft” was said to have taken place.

Unless Denys Cowan, Dwayne McDuffie, Christopher Priest, Derek Dingle, and I were all Warlocks and Time Travelers, the task of stealing said business plan was impossible.

Perhaps one of the other partners at Milestone (most likely Dwayne — if ANYONE could build a time machine it would have been him) was a time traveler, but I assure you, stealing business plans would be the last thing on my to-do list if I had a time machine.

My objectives for traveling back in time:

1.      Buy a shitload of Google stock

2.      Buy a shitload of Microsoft stock

3.      Buy a shitload of Apple stock.

4.      Prevent Ted Cruz’s parents from meeting.Milestone poster

I don’t have a time machine, but what I do have are records of just about every important document I’ve ever sent, received, signed, or just read. Not to mention personal journals that goes back to high school.

When I write about something from my past, it’s not just my memory I’m relying on. If that was the case, the following is a good example of what that would look like:

I met Deny Cowan in the 80’s at either Marvel or DC Comics, or perhaps a brothel. Later we started Milestone, and now we are both have Inkpot awards, or just inkpots.

That’s an exaggeration, but not by much.

A few months ago, I was told my friend Lee died. Later, I found out Lee was still very much alive, but the night I thought he was murdered I was beyond devastated, got drunk, and wrote an article about Lee which was 100% from memory and 100% true.

Sort of.

I wrote about how Lee stopped this guy from stabbing me by taking away his knife and cold cocking him. That did happen, but it wasn’t Lee who took the knife and cold cocked the guy — it was a dear friend named Duane who I haven’t seen or (and this hurts to admit) thought about in decades.

That memory was so strong, it wasn’t until I was looking for something else in a journal that I realized it wasn’t Lee but Duane when rereading the entry. Up until that moment, I could have and would have sworn it was Lee.

I ended up getting stabbed in the leg that night, and surely, if not for Duane I would have been stabbed again. But the truth is the truth, and no matter how bad I want to be able to tell the story of how my oldest friend GOT me stabbed in the first place when next we see each other, I can’t because it didn’t happen.

Milestone comics starter series

Milestone comics starter series

Not to worry Lee — I still have the “it’s a thin line between jail and bait” story.

With the vast amount of business paper trail and journals I have, running a date by me is akin to taking a lie detector test with one huge exception: what I have can be used in court. Memory is a funny thing, and so are some “friends.” Many people who I thought were real friends “liked” on Facebook the accusation that Milestone’s business plan was stolen from the people behind Brother Man.

People have been telling me for days that I’m overreacting.

Some said my reaction was parallel to responding to a flea when I’m an elephant. I was asked over and over again, why was I going buck wild over this?  Those questions irritated the shit out of me, except the one Jason Scott asked: “What in your mind will it take for this to be squashed and no longer require a response?”

A public apology, which we didn’t get. What we got was an acknowledgement from Brother Man that I had “corrected” him on some things.

If he said Milestone came out in 1995, and I said no it was 1993, THAT’S a correction.

Icon #7

Icon #7

What was said was we stole Brother Man’s business plan. That didn’t or couldn’t have happened. I didn’t “correct” him, I told the truth.

Big difference.

Why was I so angry?

No one gets to call into question my integrity and walk away, like this is in high school.

What EVERYBODY is missing, or just doesn’t seem to care about, is the truth.

Who says what about you matters.

Ted Cruz asking to see Obama’s birth certificate and calling into question Obama’s right to be President is one thing. That f******* idiot is only reaching other f******* idiots.

Now, imagine if you will, Colin Powell or Bill Clinton calling into question Obama’s birth certificate and his right to hold the Presidency.

Now imagine they do it tomorrow.

Now imagine NO response from Obama.

Brother Man is one of the great success stories in Black Comic History, and it deserves to be. That book is simply brilliant, and the respect the creators have in the Black Comic space is damn near biblical.

So when the creators of Brother Man speak to something, people listen and with nary a second thought, believe.

Once the original post went up, the sentence written over and over and OVER in the comments was “Thank you for setting the record straight.”

Why was I so angry?

I’ve had lunch to discuss business with Richard Parsons. I’ve spent an afternoon with Bob Johnson in his suite at The Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills, doing the same. Clarence Avant sent me two first class tickets to Los Angeles to meet with me on Ron Sweeney’s advise. Before he died, I met with Don Cornelius and was chosen to write his biography.Static Shock (2)

Rosamond Bernier called ME her inspiration when talking to kids, and she did that in print.

Jay Bernstein gave me the option on Mike Hammer for a dollar and called me the best dealmaker he ever met.

The Gordon Parks Academy named its auditorium “The Michael Davis Auditorium.” Shit, you think that happened because I drew Shado?

I doubt very seriously if every name I just dropped is familiar to most readers, but being in business with any one of them is an a honor and a privilege.

Reputation is EVERYTHING to people at that level.

This isn’t high school or the hood, where you can talk smack about anyone and then laugh about it later.

I’m in a serious business run by serious people.

Words at this level have very real consequences, and the wrong ones could destroy a life’s work. Even if proven to be untrue, it never goes away. The greatest entertainer in the history of the world will always be a child molester to many people, even when there was LESS than zero proof and only the words of a young boy put up to it by his disgusting mother.

I don’t even have to mention his name — everyone knows who I’m talking about.

That’s what words did to him. And he had the means to fight it. Yet still, there is a shadow over his legacy, and as such the Beatles still have a hold over the greatest thing to happen to popular music because those white boys never got accused of anything as damning as raping a child.

Don’t get me wrong — a bigger Beatles fan than me would be hard to find. But hundreds of years from now, when historians ask the question, “Who was the greatest influence in popular music?” the King of Pop will lose on a technicality, on a lie, spun for no other reason than to make a buck.

If you are to be introduced into the level of power of those to whom I’ve been fortunate to be allowed access, the first thing done regarding you is due-diligence, which may include a serious background check. Hardware- The Man in the Machine

Words like thief and liar have real meaning at that level.

Dismiss this as just another Michael Davis self-promoting line of bull**** if you like, and I know some will, but consider this — who do you know that can book 60 hotel rooms two days before Comic Con, in downtown A-list hotels?

Give that a thought for a moment.

It’s not about hotel rooms, or even Comic Con, and if you’re in the entertainment industry and think that’s all it is, then you’re a f******* amateur compared to me. And that’s me being kind when I call you that.

It’s about relationships with people at a level where something like that is possible. If you have to google any of the names on the list above, with the possible exception of Rosamond Bernier, who I admit is a bit off the beaten path of popular culture heavyweights, then you are not ready for the primetime I’m already in. That’s not bravado nor bullshit — that’s the real world of corporate America, the entertainment industry, and the difference between making dinner or making reservations.

If you’ve seen my Facebook rants, you know I alleged what was being said about Milestone were simply lies. I’m not saying that anymore, not because I don’t think it’s true, but because the Brother Man crew deserves at least the benefit of the doubt — although we at Milestone were afforded little, and some of my “friends” offered no support, but “liked” what was being said.

So, the “point of view” expressed by Brother Man was inaccurate, and my thanks to them for acknowledging that.

Unless it’s announced that Static Shock was created by them but lost in a poker game (in which Milestone cheated), I’m done.

It pains me that so many people assume Milestone tried and succeeded in pilfering the hard work of another Black company. It pains me more that a Milestone / Brother Man collaboration will most likely never happen now, and that really blows because, God help me, I love that book.

That said, given the chance to sit down with them, I’m there. Yeah, I can’t believe I said that either. I’m trying really hard not to be the dick I’m capable of being. A dick, by the way, is what I’d be called for taking this to a level that involves the words “cease,” “desist,” or “damages.” This is no idle threat — I don’t make those. I’m also trying hard not to judge too harshly or wrongly (I was wrong…once) the people I consider friends who “liked” the accusation in its original post. For all I know, they were liking the essence of what was said, or…nope. That’s just bull****. I’m trying not to dwell on what reason they liked the post, or why none of them, who liked the post, gave at least a “Hey, can you be mistaken?” in the comments.

So I’ll let that shit go too. Some will still think I’m being a dick, but if I was being a dick, this article would run in my weekly column at Bleeding Cool and my weekly column at ComicMix. Sure, some people are going to forward this when I post it on Facebook, but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the golden shower of public scrutiny those sites generate. I may be naive and full of hope, but somehow I feel this will stay mostly between the Black comic book community on Facebook and related sites.

Lastly, I’m heartbroken that there are people that would believe something so horrible about Denys, Priest, Derek, or myself, but I’m going to let that go. We four are a part of Milestone, as our friend & partner Dwayne McDuffie was, and in our hearts always will be.

Who would have believed Dwayne McDuffie would take part in something, even if possible, so atrocious?

After the universal outpouring of well-deserved love and respect from all (but especially the Black Comics community) when he passed from this world, who among you would follow and co-sign, like sheep, accusations that Dwayne was a liar and a thief?

Dwayne, who did whatever he could to uplift the Black Comics community?

No one, not Denys, Derek, Priest, or myself, was more Milestone than Dwayne.

Soiling his work, name, and legacy in a blind frenzy without the slightest consideration that what was being said was untrue is unforgivable, and the very definition of what I think it means to be a nigger.

If you’re not there, you just won’t get it. Don’t start none, and there won’t be none.

Make Mine Milestone.

There you have it guys, both sides of the story, we can now put this story to bed and as Michael Davis put it, look forward to a collaboration of some kind between these two titans in the field of Black Super-heroics.




[Source: Michael Davis World Originally posted on malibulist.com on Nov 04 2013 (Used by permission)]

Boom Box

Boom Box

Boom Box

Publisher: Milestone Comics

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Static #40, October 1996

Nationality: Inapplicable

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’9                    Weight: 210 lbs

Eyes: Brown                        Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Unknown

Powers: A Bang Baby with the ability to amplify sound released through his mouth in a sonic boom. He also had a measure of resistance to injury since he received blows from Icon and was electrocuted by Static and was still able to attack and move.


Upset that he was ignored by the recording industry despite his “mad skills” he somehow was present on Paris Island the night of the Big Bang. He survived the ordeal and with his superpowers tried to get a record deal but to no avail. When the Lost Boys were performing in Dakota he attacked them and battled Static alongside Icon. He proved a capable foe but still fell in battle and was never seen or heard from again. (Static #40, 1996) 




Created by Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan.

1st appearance: Icon #22, May 1993

Nationality: Unknown

Alias: Kali’kak

Team Affiliations: no

Legal Status: Inter-galactic criminal wanted across the galaxy.

Weight: Variable       Height: Variable

Eyes: Variable             Hair: Variable

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Skilled in armed and unarmed combat.

Powers: He has complete control over his atomic structure thus, he can augment his physical form in a variety of ways including manipulating his size, virtually unlimited strength, hardening portions of his body into armor, reshaping his arms into a variety of melee weapons etc. His malleable body also means he is very resistant to physical injury. In addition to this he can fire concussive force beams from his hands.


A long time ago before Arnus came to Earth he sentenced Kali’lkak to isolation though he did not wish to do so because he was unable to live among civilized beings. Though his isolation was as comfortable as any citizens everyday life he did not view it as an act of mercy [Icon #26].

Before he was sentenced to isolation though he decided to hurt Arnus and thus sabotaged his ship resulting in his crash landing on earth and him eventually becoming Icon  [Icon #25].

His exile was supposed to be rehabilitative but he left what he called a “prison planet” after killing his therapists he went on a rampage across the galaxy on his way to Earth to kill Icon. After killing over three hundred lifeforms he took to calling himself Oblivion [Icon #26].

Once on Earth he continued to massacre all he saw until he was confronted by the New Rocket and Icon/BuckWild. In a decisive battle he killed the new Icon/Buckwild causing the new rocket to flee [Icon #25].

Engaging the original Rocket in battle he gained the upper hand until the Original Icon returned to Earth to put an end to his rampage [Icon #26].

Together the original Icon and Rocket made short work of Oblivion as Icon used his powers to overload his nano assemblers thus taking away his powers. Not soon after the authorities from the federation came to pick up the prisoner. It’s unknown where he is now [Icon #27].

Blood Syndicate


Rival members of Dakota’s most powerful gangs, they were exposed to an experimental tear gas that left them more than human. Forced by extraordinary circumstance to band together, they now face Society’s problems on their own terms, by their own rules-the only way they know how.


The Blood Syndicate began with a dispute between Dakota’s street gangs that led to the disaster known as the big bang. Skirmishes between the Paris Bloods and the Fox Demons over drug money exploded when the demons also stumbled into a turf war with the force Syndicate. The Paris bloods and the force syndicate united against the demons who allied with the Paris Bloods foes the Sadler All Stars. The Doble Eles joined the Paris Bloods to even things up, and battle plans were drawn. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 10, Blood Syndicate I)

Preparation for the Big Bang were extensive, each gang knew alliances would be short lived at best. Each gang made secret plans to betray even the most solemn of pacts. Some of the smaller satellite gangs also made cross alliances all their plans would prove insufficient in the face of what the authorities had in store. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 11, Blood Syndicate II)blood syndicate

News of the impending violence is hard to keep secret and word of the BIG BANG was no exception. The police heard about the upcoming gang war in plenty of time to discuss their options with the mayor’s office. Public outcry over the crime rate and an upcoming reelection made the choice clear. Coordinating the city’s elite law enforcement teams with a technical assist from Alva technologies, a final strike against dakota’s gangs was planned. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 12, Blood Syndicate III)

City of Dakota mayor Thomasina Jefferson decided to go all out in her efforts to thwart the Big Bang. In addition to ordering a curfew to be enforced by the city’s elite cops S.H.R.E.D and G.R.I.N.D she also decided to test an Alva Technologies “Bonus’ an experimental tear gas laced with a radioactive dye. Anyone with a trace of the dye could be tracked down by the radioactive signature of the gas. No one at the Big Bang would escape-Prosecution that is. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 13, Blood Syndicate IV)

No one anticipated the sheer Chaos that the Big Bang became. Nine of Dakota’s most deadly military forces would clash, only two of them on the side of law and order. Even hardened police veterans had a difficult time maintaining control. The Experimental gas was deployed almost immediately: by the time its full effects were known, it was too late. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 14, Blood Syndicate V)

The experimental gas provided by Alva technologies was a far more final solution to Dakota’s gang problem than anticipated. The radioactive dye marker killed most of those it tagged, instead of leaving them alive to be tracked down later. The gas seeped through police gas masks and protective garments as well and many S.H.R.E.D and G.R.I.N.D officers died alongside the gang members. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 15, Blood Syndicate VI)

As Police units deserted the scene of devastation that would come to be known as the Big Bang, the high tech systematics went to work, silently picking over the scene. They removed a number of bodies including those of Kwai and Brickhouse, covering any trace of their presence. The Nature of systems role in these events has never been adequately explained. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 16, Blood Syndicate VII)

Finally, too few of the victims staggered to their feet, astonished that they had survived, but survived as what? Some had twisted bodies with remarkable abilities, some gained amazing powers. All had been forever changed, many of them made their way independently to the area’s largest landmark-the abandoned Louislier factory.  (Skybox Milestone Trading card 17, Blood Syndicate VIII)

In the Weeks following the Big Bang, Dakota’s woes dominated the national news. A reliable death count and eyewitnesses to the debacle never materialized. The state legislature made Paris Island an ‘Enterprise Zone’, but the precise nature of the aid to be offered is still under debate. The site of the Big Bang, now known as ‘Ground Zero’ belongs to the Blood Syndicate-for now. (Skybox Milestone Trading card 18, Blood Syndicate IX)


Third Rail

Tech 9

Wise Son










Thomasina Jefferson

Mayor Thomasina Jefferson

Mayor Thomasina Jefferson

First Appearance: Icon #2, 1993


The Mayor of Dakota. She’s most well known for being the mother of Holocaust and for being the one who approached Alva technologies for the experimental gas used at the Big Bang event resulting in many deaths and the creation of “Bang Babies” such as Static, Payback and Blood Syndicate.

After the Big Bang she was held hostage by Payback who wanted her to confess to her part in the Big Bang but he was stopped by Icon. Thomasina also appeared to have dated Augustus Freeman.


Paul Morris-Virus

Paul Morris-Virus

Real Name: Paul Morris

Publisher: Milestone Comics

Created by: Dwayne McDuffie

1st appearance: Static #9, 1993

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: Unknown

Height:  6’3           Weight: 210 lbs

Eyes: Brown           Hair: Unknown

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Unknown

Powers: Biological Fission allows him to split into several proportionately sized copies of himself, from twins half his original size to thousands of thumb-high replicas.


After his father left them both, Virus followed his mother into the streets where she became a crack addict who abused him constantly. Despite his large size he suffers from an unspecified mental illness that gives him the mental ability of a child. He eventually joined the force syndicate, Dakota’s “Misfit” Gang because they treated him with care. For this surrogate family he began stealing. Then came the Big Bang, his gang was killed and he discovered he had been granted super powers. Virus then lived under a mall where he stole to survive. Befriended by Static he was taken to St. Peter’s mission where he still resides.


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