Rubberband Man (Character)

Rubber-band man

Publisher: Milestone Comics

Created by:  Dwayne McDuffie

1st appearance: Static #33, 1996

Nationality: Dakota

Team Affiliations: Short lived Bang baby team

Legal Status: Dakotaverse citizen with criminal record

Height:  Variable             Weight: Unknown

Eyes:  Green                     Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Street fighting skills

Powers: As a result of chemical exposure his body is very malleable and has properties which make him appear Elastic. As a result he can alter his shape and size in any way he wants from wafer thin to dexterous, stretch, bounce and limited shapeshifting. His body is also highly resistant to Static’s Electric based powers.


A small time crook caught in the Big Bang event which killed thousands but granted a handful superhuman abilities. A relative unknown until he challenged Static Shock to a battle on national TV where Static embarrassed him and he fled vowing revenge. He would later resurface as a member of a bang baby supervillain team and captured Static’s girlfriend Frieda. His team was defeated and he wound up behind bars.

NEW 52

He was mentioned in when Static came to New York confirming he still exists in the new DCU.


He appeared numerous times on the Static Shock TV show arguably becoming Static’s most well known arch nemesis.


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