Cassandra Hawkins

Cassandra Hawkins 5

Publisher: Milestone Media llc./DC Comics

Created by: Scott McDaniel

1st appearance: Static Shock #21993

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: High school senior with no criminal record

Weight: 120 lbs    Height: 5’8

Eyes: Brown              Hair: Black

Skills and Abilities: Unknown

Known Relatives:Robert Hawkins (father), Jean Hawkins (mother), Virgil Hawkins/Static (Brother), Homer Hawkins (grandfather), Sharon Hawkins (Sister)

Alternate reality relativesLarry Hawkins (Nephew), Sadie Hawkins(Niece)


A mysterious clone of Sharon Hawkins. She was embraced by the Hawkins family after she was tested by Star Labs. She chose to be called Cassandra Hawkins. Due to her experiences she is a more physical and confident woman than her genetic template Sharon. She also knows that Virgil is Static and was friends with Gilotina.



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