Static Shock #4 Review


Static is fighting the mysterious new Gilotina while Mr. Piranha and his “investors’ watch. Before Static can finish her off she vanishes.  Static call’s friends back in Dakota to talk about his adventures, elsewhere the Pale man who is an undercover cop relays info to the FBI.

At STAR LABS the two versions of Static’s sister are apparently both identical even to the point of saying the same thing.

Mr. Piranha and Pale man meet with Dr. Nemo who supplies them with Q-Juice which mutates the people gathered into super human beings. Static shows up and gets taken down. They get ready to finish him off.


The Good

Characterization- Still solid writing for Static, Mcduffie would be proud.

Action- The introductory fight was great! I could easily see Gilotina becoming a mainstay of this series.

New Rogues- A whole bunch of people just got mutated, bang babies in New York, and this has potential!

Continuity-Frieda’s inclusion was a nice ode to the original series as well as Static mentioning his lame villains from the original series, sorry long time fans Rubber band man? LAME!

Story- Rozum and Mcdaniel continue to impress me despite a few hiccups. I’m enjoying this story far more than I enjoyed the first four issues of the original Static.

Cover- There’s something sexy about this cover I just can’t put my “Tongue” on it 😛


The Bad

Clones- Sorry but I could care less what happens to Static’s sister, she was always just a useless one line filler background character…..why is having two of her important in any way? Yawn

Double cross- So Pale man is a cop? Thought he was infinitely more interesting when he was just a younger crazier version of Joker. That had potential! This revelation falls flat and leaves me underwhelmed.


The Ugly

Still one of the better Black Books on the shelves 3/5



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