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SEPTEMBER 2010 SOLICITATIONS- Black Superhero edition


The superstar team of Warren Ellis and Kaare Andrews (SPIDER-MAN: REIGN) take X-Men into the Heroic Age!
Something’s happening in the tiny East African city of Mbangwi. Something that requires immediate investigation. A newborn sprouts metal electrodes and explodes, taking out an entire hospital. Is this the first wave of mutant rebirth that the X-Men have been praying for…or something very, very different? Something sinister?
56 PGS./Cardstock Cover/Rated T+ …$4.99


1:10 Variant covers by IVAN REIS
The resurrected have discovered their purpose for being back, but where will the knowledge lead them? Who is the new Aqualad? And what strange event is taking place around the White Power Battery in New Mexico?
Retailers please note: These issues will ship with two covers each. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.
Issue #9 on sale SEPTEMBER 1
Issue #10 on sale SEPTEMBER 15
32 pg, FC, $2.99 US


Pencils & Cover by KAARE ANDREWS
Something is causing the children of an African village to be born mutated. Something in the woodland outside the village.
Something they don’t talk about. But now, whatever it is, it’s being hunted, and the X-Men are trapped between the hunters and the hunted.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


Written by TONY BEDARD
1:10 Variant cover by PATRICK GLEASON
BRIGHTEST DAY continues as the final part of the “Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns” features a confrontation between Cyborg Superman and Ganthet! Will the villain finally get the eternal sleep he so desperately seeks? Meanwhile, the Weaponers of Qward attempt to tap into the White Energy from the construct left behind by Deadman’s battle with the Anti-Monitor.
Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.
On sale SEPTEMBER 22 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US


Written by MARK MILLAR
Penciled by STEVE DILLON
Now that the mysterious Vampire X has unleashed his vampire goons, they’re out for the Avengers’ blood. But with the new Daredevil sporting fangs, it looks like even heroes are susceptible to the vampire bite. With this type of enemy the Avengers need some serious back-up—and back-up with some specialized training in vampire annihilation. Did somebody say BLADE? Fan-favorites Mark Millar (KICK-ASS) and Steve Dillon (PUNISHERMAX) shock and awe in the next thrilling chapter of Ultimate Avengers!
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99


Written by DAVID HINE
Art and cover by GUILLEM MARCH
In “The Killer of Saints” part 3 of 4, truth and faith come into conflict when Azrael risks everything to save the life of the keeper of the True Shroud. If he fails, the secret of the shroud will be lost forever. If he succeeds, he must face the fact that everything he ever believed in is a lie.
On sale SEPTEMBER 15 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US


Pencils & Cover by STUART IMMONEN
Variant Cover by STUART IMMONEN
Super Hero Squad Variant also available
With reality under furious attack by arcane power far beyond anything anyone on Earth has ever dealt with before, the Avengers have to start getting creative or forfeit all that we know. The rules of magic and mysticism in the Marvel Universe are about to change in a gigantic way and it’s all going to happen here! All this plus a brand new chapter in the oral history of the Avengers.
40 PGS./Rated A …$3.99


Written by DAN DIDIO
The mystery of the vault is revealed as the horror of Geode is set loose on the streets of Markovia. And while the country prepares for war, Geo-Force must choose between protecting his armies from the might of The Olympian or re-uniting with a lost love.
Plus, discover why Simon Stagg is doing all those horrible things to Black Lightning…
On sale SEPTEMBER 29 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US


Pencils & Cover by JIM CHEUNG
Variant Cover by TRAVIS CHAREST
THE RACE IS ON as the Avengers, the Young Avengers, and the X-Men compete to be the first to find the Scarlet Witch. When the Young Avengers discover the secret of Wanda Maximoff’s disappearance, the Avengers attempt to neutralize the Scarlet Witch before the Young Avengers can find her. But their efforts soon lead to an all-out war between the Avengers and the X-Men that only the Young Avengers can stop.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


Obsidian at long last reunites with his father Alan Scott after the intense madness of the recent JLA/JSA crossover as both come to terms with what their family has just been through. Can these two heroes pick up the pieces and move on after the devastation they’ve just survived? Don’t miss this special issue written by superstar scribe James Robinson!
On sale SEPTEMBER 29 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US


SHADOWLAND #3 (of 5)
Written by ANDY DIGGLE
Penciled by BILLY TAN
Variant Cover by BILLY TAN
The Heroic Age has begun… but Daredevil didn’t get the memo. As The Man Without Fear’s reign over Hell’s Kitchen continues, his allies and friends come together to try and, for one last time, put an end to his rule over The Kitchen. Will the Devil’s reign continue, or will the heroes triumph?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


Co-feature written by JEN VAN METER
Art and cover by FREDDIE WILLIAMS II
Co-feature art by TRAVIS MOORE & DAN GREEN
Learn more about the mysterious past of King Chimera as he revisits a death he feels responsible for while in the hospital room of his fallen teammate! Then, Power Girl alone takes on the reborn gods of Parador, which may be the last thing she ever does!
And in the penultimate chapter of the co-feature, Liberty Belle is shot just as she, Hourman, Tigress and Icicle find the fabled staff of life they’ve been tracking as individuals and as a team!
On sale SEPTEMBER 1  • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US


Silver Sable…Paladin…Misty Knight…The Shroud! Four very different heroes, all ensnared in a mystery spinning out of Shadowland! Is Daredevil using The Hand to kill mobsters untouchable by the law? Or is something even more sinister spreading throughout the city? Each hero approaches the puzzle from a different angle, and now they must race to discover the truth—but The Hand has other ideas, and time is running out! Can this quartet of strange bedfellows put their differences aside and come together before death strikes again? Join writer Antony Johnston (DAREDEVIL) and artist Wellinton Alves (THUNDERBOLTS) for a trip down the mean streets of Shadowland!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


Art and cover by SCOTT KOLINS
“Kingdom Coming” concludes as Magog, the Justice Society of America and the JSA All-Stars are forced back together when all signs point to the events of KINGDOM COME coming to pass! But Magog refuses to rejoin either team and finds himself fighting for his life AGAINST the JSA!
On sale SEPTEMBER 15 • 56 pg, FC, $4.99 US



Penciled by MAHMUD ASRAR
The war for New York’s soul escalates big time when Luke Cage and Iron Fist take on the all-new, all-different Power Man! Who is the kid that can mop the floor with them both? And if that wasn’t bad enough, the worst villains from Luke and Danny’s past are crawling out of the woodwork en masse to take them on: Cockroach Hamilton! Comanche! Specs! SeÒor Muerte! Discuss! Stiletto! Why has this flash mob of colorful criminality suddenly swarmed against our heroes — and what role does it play in the long-term schemes of The Hand?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


Cover by ED BENES
The heroes of Milestone Comics return to battle the Justice League in this title collecting JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #27, 28 and 30-34, now in paperback!
On sale October 20 • 176 pg, FC, $14.99 US


Written by JEFF PARKER
Penciled by KEV WALKER
The Thunderbolts crossover with Shadowland begins here! Luke Cage heads into Hell’s Kitchen to pull his old friend back from the brink of madness. And if swarming ninjas aren’t enough, he’s become aware of other forces that will make his task even harder. Going against the Warden and the government itself, Cage sends the T-Bolts in to level the playing field. But without his direct guidance, will this squad of killers and criminals make the situation even worse? Find out in the book calls “Impressive…not to be missed.”
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99


X-MEN #3
Penciled by PACO MEDINA
In a desperate bid to fend off an endless horde of vampires, the X-Men do the unthinkable: They resurrect Dracula. Will the former Lord of the Vampires go along with Cyclops’ scheme to take down Dracula’s upstart son, Xarus? Meanwhile, Wolverine sets off to rescue Jubilee, unaware of the chilling transformation she has undergone. To attempt to free his former teammate, Wolverine must embark down his darkest path yet.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


Written by VARIOUS
Lock your doors, board up the windows, arm yourselves with stakes and sunlight…and it still won’t protect you when the vampires stalking the X-Men set their sights on YOU! The X-Men have their work cut out for them as they‘re pitted against a terrifying new clan of vampires in all the B-movie-styled glory we can print in four colors! Baby, this is one comic book with bite! Four brand new tales of horror await PLUS the first part of NIGHT SCREAMS, from Uncanny X-Men #159, the classic tale of Storm’s struggle with Dracula himself by Claremont and Sienkiewicz!
48 PGS./New & Reprint/Parental Advisory …$3.99


SECOND COMING is nearing it’s end, so you’ll soon get all kinds of info as to what’s coming from Matt Fraction (IRON MAN) and Whilce Portacio (HULK). Here’s something to whet your appetite- Kitty Pryde & Emma Frost’s first encounter since Kitty took her trip in a bullet. Part 3 (of 5)
40 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


Written by PETER DAVID
It may happen in Vegas, but it’s very likely not going to stay there as X-Factor in general–and Longshot in particular– are unleashed on the Las Vegas strip, determined to face down the goddess of death in her lair and save a very
unusual client…
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Doomwar #4 Review

Doomwar #4 – Doomwar, Part 4

So far, Doctor Doom has won every round. With an army of indestructible shock troops, a horde of enhanced super-villains, and a new and terrifying level of personal power at his disposal, Doom is ready to crush the Fantastic Four, Storm and the Panthers for good. The only chance our heroes have to survive Doom’s deadly game is to change the rules. Enter: Deadpool.


The fantastic Four, T’challa, Shuri and Storm do battle with the new Doombots. They are on the losing end until Shuri introduces  her Vibranium panther suit and and weapons. They take down the Doombots and then convene. Outmaneuvered Shuri  takes charge and decides it’s time to take the fight to Doom and dispatches multiple teams lead by the superheroes with the Adored ones as soldiers. Doom realizes this new strategy is Shuri and not T’challa or Reed.

The teams are successful but with many casualties. T’challa and Reed disagree with Shuri’s methods but she holds firm that they must act decisively NOW! Her words cause T’challa to realize that Doom has out thought them and they need to either go crazy or do things out of character in order to make a dent in Dooms defenses or to take him down.

Declun warns Doom that he is sacrificing all of his safe houses which have been his ace in a hole in many a past battle. He claims he does not need them as long as he can finish his work here. The teams are taking a beating when Doom finally finishes his master work. He adorns the new Vibranium faceplate for his armor and uses it’s power to all but kill each team.

Storm reports in that her entire team is dead, Shuri is injured and down and most of the fantastic four have disappeared. T’challa has had enough and makes a call for.

In Latveria home of Doctor Doom a Deadpool arrives in disguise and kills their border patrol and makes his way into Dooms castle. he sets it ablaze before announcing his arrival to Doom.

The Good

The art matched the story’s tone very well, Scott Eaton turns in some great work!

Doom continues to Shine as a villain worth his weight in the ink used to illustrate him.

T’challa and Shuri continue to have a great divide in their approach to to the war and what each of them is willing to do. T’challa and Reed both brilliant are caught upstream without a paddle as Doom out thinks them at every turn. Shuri has a more battle ready tech dependent approach who is more than a bit willing to sacrifice soldiers to win. T’challa makes a fateful decision here which shows him turning away from ‘Logic’ and embracing a more loose and unconventional approach to things. By enlisting Deadpool he certainly introduces a wild card straight out of left field sure to cause a healthy dose of murder and mayhem even if he will be pretty useless in a straight up fight with Doom.

The issue also marks the genesis of T’challa leaving Wakanda to Shuri while going off and doing his own thing.

Action Junkies will have a grand ole time with this issue, explosions and fires, force feilds and destruction. This is your issue :)

The Bad

Deadpool on the cover just seems like a way of cashing in on his recent popularity. This issue fell short of the first and second in terms of quality.

The Ugly

4/5 The stakes are higher as the end game approaches

Doomwar #3 Review

Doomwar #3 – Doomwar, Part 3

The Fantastic Four join in as the fires of DoomWar escalate into a fulll-blown inferno! Sometimes you can win every battle and still lose the war. That’s the hard truth facing the Black Panther and the X-Men as they reel from Doctor Doom’s most crippling blow yet. Doom now has everything he requires to become the most powerful force on Earth. All he needs is the time to bring his newly invincible armies into the field. The clock is ticking and Doomsday is coming.

~spoilers ahead~

We get an overly long recap of recent panther history and the first two issues by way of Shuri trying to get the Fantastic four on board, to help with their Doom problem.

The latter half of the story centers around Doom and how he passed the final lock of the wakandan security system “purity”. He enters the plane of Bast the panther God stripped of armor and offers himself up for judgment. Doom doesn’t try any tricks he does not fight instead he does as the test required he reveals his ultimate truth the very dogma by which he has lived, the real reason for his perceived Villainy. He has seen the future as a sorcerer and thus has seen the world lead to ruin in countless futures, days of future past, skrull conquered world, shiar conquered world, Bishop’s future, galactic avengers etc. What he has found is a single glimmering hope to save the human race a world in which he rules with an iron first. Only here does he see the world surviving and thus his actions are “pure” simply by virtue that he believes it completely. In the end Bast is truly shocked at the purity in Doom’s acts of Villainy. Bast despite being protective of her people has no choice but to cede the Vibranium to Doom for he has passed the test she herself has set.

T’challa and Reed track down the Vibranium in many different warehouses owned by doom. They land on the location containing the largest reserve and are my by new Vibranium powered Doombots.

The Good
Totally accessible thanks to the shuri induced recap. Art style suited the story. Doom’s status as a major bad ass in the marvel U just skyrocketed! Magneto who?  This story was also evocative of the great Doom tales of the past….80s graphic novel Emperor Doom springs to mind. It also ties into past stories like an old Cloak and Dagger confrontation where doom is unaffected by her evil hurting light. Clearly Doom does not see/perceive himself as a villain therein lies his greatest inner strength to him his actions are for the “greater good”. Everyone else-es perception of him really does not even enter into it. Wasn’t there even an Excalibur sorry in which the phoenix didn’t find any evil in him? Remember that Vaguely but a Excalibur would be better suited to talk about that :)

Also something you may have over looked….Bast despite giving Doom the vibranium because of his purity in believing that “HIS” future was the only one to lead the world to paradise DID NOT confirm his presumptions, she actually acknowledged she has seen the future as well and the one that leads to paradise BUT she never said that Doom and her vision are of the same world.  Interesting indeed……did Doom truly win? Or is Bast using him to fulfill the OTHER possible future she saw? Only time will tell….
End of Spoilers!

The inclusion of the fantastic four works in two ways, for 1) Doom is a major player so it’s only fitting to have his “nemesis” (maybe even sales reasons :P) secondly 2) it ties into their involvement with Shuri in issue 11 and 12 respectively of her Black Panther run.

The art work was passable and the fantastic four comes into play next issue. I also loved how the panther verse has expanded organically into the rest of the marvel universe. Marvel has got things right no specific set of characters live in a bubble anymore and for that I salute you!

The Bad

The recap was a bit long and winded and took up more time and space than was necessary. That same long-winded recap served to lengthen the story, that seemed like a cop out. The art is not fulfilling its role here at all, colors are muddy, art work seems sloppy. I’m just thinking how much more awesome would this be IF the damn thing looked as good as it read?

Some will have issue with Doom outwitting the Panther God ‘Bast’.

The Ugly
Doom is awesome, the Marvel Universe feels connected, art is muddy but overall still a good 4/5 stars

stars- 4

Doomwar #2 Review

Doomwar #2 – Doomwar, Part 2

Doctor Doom’s latest power play has the Marvel Universe up in arms. Wakanda has been conquered and Storm faces execution in the next 48 hours – unless the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and the two Black Panthers can rally to the rescue! With Doom only minutes away from stealing enough Vibranium to help him conquer the world, T’Challa faces the most dreadful decision possible: let Doom win…or let Storm die!


Nightcrawler is shocked at how Shuri and T’challa have killed all the desturi high council. They explain this is how one deals with traitors. They decide to split up but   nightcrawler cant reach the vault with his powers.

At the vault Doom’s patience is running out as storm tries in vein to explain she cant break the finale lock.

Nightcrawler rejoins the dora and x-men about to face off with the wakandan army. Both sides start battling. Tchalla makes his way to the vault using his new powers. Doom is not concerned as he concentrates outside the vault. The battle between the dora and the army rages on.

Nightcrawler and wolvie warn shuri about the slippery slope she’s on as she loses herself in killing the desturi proclaiming she has finally found herself. She contacts the dora after destroying the desturi jammers right then an army descends on their location. Wolvie colossus and shuri brace for it.

Doom reveals the finale lock and has an epiphany as everyone rages in battle. Tchalla reaches the vault and him and doom finally face off. Doom has storm chained and ready to kill her unless Tchalla opens the final lock.

The dora are outnumbered but ready to die in battle for their king.

Inside Doom starts counting down from five and if Tchalla does not open the lock his wife dies. Tchalla as always does not flinch. After the countdown doom proclaims his victory and throws storm to tchalla. He quickly opens the vault on to realize all the vibranium is gone.

Doom leaves a sign………………….. CHECKMATE!

The Good

Where to start? Tchalla and Doom make very good nemesis. Doom is wicked, evil and deliciously entertaining while Tchalla is regal, controlled and majestic. I can honestly say Doom war has been my favorite Doom and/or Panther story hands down. I’m enjoying it immensely. Both sides have much to lose and man the stakes just got higher! Must read In all honestly THIS is the Doom that is to be feared.

The Bad

Cover is hideous, and Storm fans be warned she is more of a damsel here than before.

The Ugly


Doomwar #1 Review

Doomwar #1 – Doomwar, Part 1

Wakanda has been conquered, its Vibranium reserves plundered. Storm faces execution in the next 48 hours. And Dr. Doom stands triumphant. It will take the combined forces of the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and the two Black Panthers to stand against him. A war has begun that will pit the world’s most relentless super-villain against a collection of the world’s most powerful super heroes — one that will span the globe, offering twists and turns and surprise players (hello, Deadpool!) that neither side will see coming.

Do Not read the summary unless you want to be spoiled!


The desturi have taken hold of the governance of Wakanda and placed the queen Storm of the X-men on trail. Every major news network is covering the story as T’chala and the princess Shuri have both disappeared. Storm is defiant to the end and refuses to acknowledge their trial as anything but a mockery. Knowing they cant break her will they sentence her to death and expel all outsiders including the press from Wakanda.

Supporters of the desturi question the new leader believing he has had outside help  to commandeer the throne. Doom watches all this from the vibranium vault as he tries to break the lock and gather all the vibranium contained inside. He breaks the magical lock and sacrifices some of his foot soldiers. He warns the remaining technician to not disappoint him.

On Utopia home of the mutant race, the X-men watch the news in a very somber mood. They wonder where is Tchalla and how he can allow what is happening to take place in his kingdom. They are very concerned about Storm and her well being. As the meeting gets heated T’challa and Shuri arrive to get help from the x-men in rescuing Storm.

Back in wakanda Storm is locked in a power negating room as she awaits her execution. Scott and T’challa and shuri continue to discuss what will be done to save storm and the question of their own innocence to crimes they have purportedly committed.

Elsewhere Dooms army stands ready for battle.

Tchalla reveals to the x-men what has taken place in his country and why storm was originally left their. Nanites turned the whole populace into walking cameras who if tampered with self destructed, this coupled with the desturi infiltration of all walks of life in wakanda put Tchalla and Shuri in a precarious position.  He also reveals that Vibranium can also enhance magical powers exponentially and that’s why doom is there to get enough vibranium to make him the most powerful being on earth.

Back in wakanda storm frees herself from her prison by picking the lock, she walks straight into doom, who has plans for her.

On Utopia Scott gives his finale answer he cant sanction  Utopia to assist Tchalla and shuri as he cant risk the lives of the remaining mutant race for one person. Tchalla understands as he also chose his people over storm. Both share a moment of mutual respect and understanding. Scott tells Tchalla that some of the x-men will accompany him anyway since he cant stop them. Scott and Emma wave goodbye to Psylocke, Wolverine, nightcrawler and colossus as they join Tchalla to save their friend.

Doom takes Storm to the vault and tells her to open the lock or he will kill her servants, the queen and everyone she has known, to prove his point he kills a servant right off the bat to let her know he does not bluff. The queen Mother pleads for her not to but Storm being storm she assists to cease bloodshed.

On the plane to wakanda the team gets a run down with how they can take back wakanda. T’challa wants no bloodshed but Shuri tells him she will do anything to take back her country even if it means killing.

The desturi learn that the people of wakanda are protesting to the overthrow of their royals. He knows they would and plans to discipline them the next day. They get alerted to Tchalla’s quinjet landing in wakanda he orders the army their to engage them.

Storm continues picking the lock as Doom grows impatient and orders the queens death, her brother in law, S’yan interrupts and gets killed instead. Doom demands storm not play games with him and tells her next time the queen is dead. Storm breaks one of the locks. One more remains for doom to have his prize.

Tchalla and his team  face off with the army, shuri pleads for them to surrender and they will get leniency they of course don’t comply. Nightcrawler teleports Shuri and T’challa straight to the desturi leader and shuri snaps his neck  for all to see. They boldly declare “we are wakanda!”
*End of Spoilers*

The Good
Man? what can be said? The re-launch of black panther finally gets handled. Everything since Vol 5 started has lead to this! Personalities shine future conflicts are shown, battle lines are drawn and the war has begun.

Highlights include the difference between T’challa and Shuri in their approach to war and winning back their nation. It’s also noteworthy that the Adored ones/Dora who have been trained by T’challa throughout the last Black Panther series become the backbone of the resistance to thwart Doom.

Storm stole the issue for me as she shows why she is different than Scott and T’challa. Storm has always lead with her heart, refusing to lose a single person no matter the greater good, for her there is always another way. She came off regal, badass and very much a queen/goddess.

Also loved the X-men’s reaction to the whole thing, Wolvie in particular, not a wolvie fan but man did I dig him in this issue. It was also quite fitting the X-men that decided to join in the rescue of Storm. Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Colossus all joined the team with her and have maintained solid friendships throughout. Nightcrawler and Wolverine even shared romantic feelings with their teammate right before her marriage. Psylocke on the other hand was a member of Storm’s team of X-men during the “Australian years” and they too have always been shown very close. Psylocke even came to the Aid of Storm‘s team of rookie X-men in 1997 which resulted in the loss of her telepathy, these women go to bat for each other and are great friends. Kudos to Mabery for recognizing that :)

I also loved the parallels between Scott and T’challa both leaders and rulers of their respective people, both understanding that the whole is more important than any one individual.

Doom….man….Doom, he came off evil and diabolical but brilliant and cunning and all around a worthy foil to the brilliant T’challa. Doom, you have moved up on my evil villains list definitely.

Artwork fit the story well, I never had to scratch my head or wonder what was going on and that is good especially when things are as engaging as this.

The Bad
Hard to complain when everything comes together this well……..BUT

Some will hate that Storm was portrayed as the “damsel in distress” but to each his own. For a very different take on things you can go here

The Ugly
Solid 5/5 stars, you should be reading this, don’t have it? Run out and get it its that damn good!


Mortal Kombat’s Kai


Created by: Ed Boon and John Tobias

1st appearance: Mortal Kombat 4, 1997

Species: Earthling

Team Affiliations: Order of light

Legal Status: Unknown

Weight: 240 lb            Height: 5’11

Eyes: Brown                 Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and Abilities: World class martial artist in Moi Fah.

Powers: Skilled martial artist, master of the Ghurka Knife and Spiked Club. Kai also holds the power of fire.


Earth born Kai was a member of the order of light a sect of shaolin fighting monks to whom both Lui Kang and Kung Loa belong. He participated in the war against shinnok and Quan Chi. AT the end of the war he was granted Raiden’s staff and wandered the earth to find his purpose. He later returned for Mortal Kombat Armagedon.

He first appeared in Mortal Kombat 4 in 1997 and made his first comic book appearance in 1998.


Black Panther #24 Review

Black Panther #24 - War Crimes, Part 2


Stark comes to the Wakandan embassy to see T’challa he’s out so he speaks with storm. He leaves his men to watch over the place for any movement. Elsewhere Cap is defeated by BP and he takes him back to the resistance HQ where he meets and greets the rebels.

Storm is tired of waiting for him so she flies off she is being tracked by Stark’s men. BP and Falcon have a heart to heart. In Wakanda the council debates whether T’challa has abandoned them or not in light of a submarine in their waters. Storm visits her grandparents for advice. Raganaroc is brought back online and storm visits reed Richards to discuss registration.

The Good

I liked this slow paced issue, characters for the most part were well characterized and politics continues to be in the forefront of things. Wakanda’s council worrying about Tchalla and his loyalties ever since Ororo came in is a running gag at this point. While Reed and the pro-reg continue to be villains but not so much for out right evil but for their adamant stance on things. Good work Hudlin.

The Bad

Art was very inconsistent, first page was Fugly while other bits were ok at best. The Cover was meh.

The Ugly

2.5/5 average

Black Panther #23 Review

Black Panther #23 - War Crimes, Part 1


T’challa and Storm visit the grave of Black Goliath and speak with his family. All this is covered by the press. They fly back to Wakanda where Panthers advisers object to his interference with the happenings in America. Storm wants him to remain in Wakanda but he wants to do what he thinks is right.

Once they return Stark has his people monitor the wakandan embassy and Black widow tracks panther. She gets taken out by his Dora Milaje while Panther meets with Cap to supply him with tech to fight against registration.

Tony makes plans to get Ragnaroc online after he killed Black Goliath in case Panther and Storm join with Cap and rally the mutants to their cause.

The Good

This is the first time in Hudlin’s run Xenophobia starts to pop up in Wakanda. While Panther is busy gallivanting the Desturi are infiltrating his ranks and he’s too busy to realize.

It was great how well placed the story was into the civil war tapestry. The story fit in and filled out a much needed patch.

More and more I realize how similar Stark, Doom and T’challa are.  They all have major egos which has lead each to the brink of self destruction at one point of another.

The Bad

Terrible art, some panels worked but they were far and few between…..

The Ugly

3/5 stars

Black Panther #22 Review

Black Panther #22 - World Tour, Part 4: Inside Man

Panther and Storm meet with Captain to rally forces against the . He refuses though as he cant get involved in foreign politics. Panther and storm help some children while in to curry favor for their own cause the Us watches this and plan an interception when they land in . They arrive to speak with the president and are sidelined by them practically forcing Ororo to sign a registration form. She refuse and they storm out of the white house. Once outside they try to save a child from a mob of protesters when a sentinel attacks them. They defeat it but get attacked by Iron Man. Panther and him verbally spar until War machine convinces them to stop. They do but Panther and stark both decide this is far from over.

The Good
Big improvement from the last few issues. It was great seeing How the Us government with the pro registration stance tried to Force Tchalla and Storm into a corner after they themselves attempted to rally forces against said government. I think the politics was intricate enough to make it interesting.

The Bad
I really couldn’t care less for the bland art.

The Ugly
3/5 stars

Firestorm #3 Review

Firestorm #3 - Eye Contact, Part 3


Jason is in shock after vaporizing a heroin house and the people within and it even more frightened when he cant seem to separate from the man who tried to kill him. They spend the issue discussing his lack of  confidence and the reasons for this. In the end he embraces his new lease on life as Firestorm and separates them but it’s too late they were joined too long and the man dies. Jason then returns home to his abusive dad who almost takes his head off. While on the phone later we see a slight difference in his eyes, a glimmer of hope which never existed two issue ago.

The Good

Jason is dead...Speak only to Firestorm!


This issue we got allot of our initial questions answered. We learn how his father got injured and the resulting abuse which lead to his mother’s abandonment of them and how he then became his fathers primary outlet to vent his frustrations at life. We also get a glimpse of the angry frightened little boy who Jason really is even now as a man thanks to the trauma he has had to live through.

Jason‘s dad this issue becomes more of a scumbag and frankly my contempt for him and hoping for his death or torture later on is a big driving factor in continuing to read.

The drug dealer dies this issue but before his death, which was a welcome by the way :P he manages to talk some sense into Jason. It was strange the things that can inspire people and this was captured well here. This man tried to end Jason‘s life last issue and here as he is dieing he gives Jason a reason to live his life like never before he essentially proves the old Jason a death while giving new Jason a chance to live. This symbolism was a welcome treat especially when you consider that Jason up till this point has been someone you feel sorry for…for all the wrong reasons.

With the end of this first introductory arc Jason has so many places to go as a character and be developed in so many different ways, lets see where this goes.

All that Power and he still can't stand up to his "old man"

Art by Chris Cross was as detailed as ever and captured all the scenes well.

The Bad

Jason as a character thus far grates on the nerves, he’s the kind of guy you feel sorry for, you sympathize with him but you just don’t like him. That is bad for a lead character. Sure this is how the writer plans to develop our protagonist but some panels really just grated on the nerves.

The Ugly

Main character may be unlikable but this issue was a step in the right direction, lets see how it goes. 2.58/5


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