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Mortal Kombat’s Tanya

Created by: Ed Boon and John Tobias

1st appearance: Mortal Kombat 4, 1997

Nationality: Edenian

Team Affiliations: Brotherhood of Shadows, Deadly Alliance

Legal Status: Wanted criminal in Edenia.

Weight: 128 lb   Height: 5′ 9″

Eyes: Green                 Hair: Black


Skills and Abilities: World class martial artist in armed and unarmed combat.

Powers: As an Edenian she has a longer life span than a human. She also has knowledge of sorcery.


Tanya was the daughter of the Edenian ambassador to new realms. When Shinnok invaded the realm she joined him in subjugating her people. When her lord was defeated she went into hiding only to resurface when the Deadly Alliance overtook OUTWORD she became one of their enforcers. She was present during Armagedon and was one of many casualties.


Brightest Day #23 Review


All kinds of disasters have broken out across the world as our heroes scramble to save the innocent. In the forest a barrier has been erected only allowing the “chosen” to enter. Inside Deadman controlled by the White Lantern teleports Dove to their location, Hawk tags along. Outside the dome Captain Boomerang again sees the vision of himself killing Dove. Also outside the dome the Dark Avatar finally arrives- a black lantern Swamp Thing. Deadman then burns up firestorm who becomes a pure fire elemental. Alongside him are earth elemental Martian Manhunter, Hawkman and woman Air elementals and Aquaman the water elemental (all had been previously vaporized by the white Light). They engage the Black Lantern Swamp thing while the white light resurrects Alec Holland the savior of mankind.

The Good

Art- Consistent, dynamic and gorgeous as always

The Return-Swamp thing is…..well he hasn’t been used in a VERY VERY VERY long time. So long in fact that I had not even touched High School when I was given a swamp thing tow by my Dad…..hmmm…nostalgia, Isn’t she grand! It was amusing that this was the big revelation of Brightest day….to bring back this long forgotten character?! Ballsy move Johns.

The other return of all those recently killed by the white light as the primal elements of the planet was a nice touch, it was amusing and quite unpredictable ‘

The Bad

Seriously we have been following Brightest day so Johns can bring back swamp thing…..SWAMP THING? SERIOUSLY?  (shakes head, what will they think of next)

The Ugly

2.5 average

X-men Xenogenisis #5 Review


The x-men battle and defeat the furies while Emma deals with Jaspers and rewrites the mind of the last remaining Fury thus saving the day. At the end Crocodile (the president of the African nation) shoots Jaspers in the head so he can never again endanger his people.

The Good

Art- Very animated and expressive It was one of the only good things about this entire travesty of a series

The Bad

Storm- after  having Cyclops tell storm she will be in charge in Africa, Storm becomes a background character in this finale issue and for the entire series was clearly NOT in charge of this excursions (shakes head) very disappointing.

Ridiculous- Ok let me get this, a single fury can trash a whole team of x-men yet in this issue the X-men  kill furies as simply as the power rangers defeat foot soldiers? BULLSHIT!

Telepathy on a robot?- WTF? Ok seriously Warren Ellis were you high when you wrote this issue or what? The Fury has gone up against Rachel Summers and countless telepaths in the multiverse and none of them have ever thought to or accomplished a telepathic assault on an inorganic being/robot before yet Emma Frost connects with  and its “mind”…….what mind?…..its head space does not have a brain to manipulate it’s a computer for Christ’s sake! (note I don’t remember anywhere in this series where he stated these things had brains so WTF) If Emma can do this she would have cyberpathy (the ability to communicate and control machines) not telepathy! This is honestly BS, if you can’t get a characters powers down correctly or find a logical conclusion to the travesty of a story your telling then just cancel the damn thing, this is unacceptable to brand as “astonishing x-men” it fits right in with the Craption of Uncanny x-men, utterly disappointing.

The Bad

I thought Uncanny x-men was the worst comic I had read but here I sit with Astonishing X-men Xenogenisis #5 a book which fails on every level imaginable for that it receives a 1/5 the lowest rated comic book on the World of Black Heroes. Congratulations!

Brightest Day #22 Review


Firestorm is in the Black Lantern dimension trying to rescue not just his dad and mentor but also the white Lantern. They find the anti monitor who plans on using the white lantern to create dimensions which he will consume to increase his powers. As the anti-monitor tries to access the white lantern’s powers it reacts by blasting him with its power. Firestorm then attacks during the confusion and manages to knock back the anti-monitor and retrieve the white Lantern but Deathstorm blasts them separating them into Jason and Ronnie. When Deathstorm tries to kill them however the professor intercepts the blast meant for them and dies in their arms. This causes them to finally embrace each other as the new firestorm thus fulfilling the White Lantern’s plans and they transform into a white lantern and vaporize the black lanterns. The White Lantern then transports them to the forest to Deadman also now a white lantern, he demands the white Lantern be handed to him now.

The Good

Cover- its Firestorm vs the Anti-Monitor with a splash of color. Nice cover

Art- Gorgeous dynamic colors, pencil work accentuated by the inks and characters with lovely proportions. Brightest day never disappoints.

Firestorm- The new Firestorm: combination of Jason and Ronnie finally embrace there powers and each other and prove that they can kick ass and takes names with the vast powers at their disposal.

Emotion- This issue has a genuine moment between Firestorm and Professor Stein as both young men have had him as there mentor for quite awhile. He’s a big part of the history of the characters and his death here, protecting these young men, one like a son and the other a good friend is a heartwarming moment. This is the stuff that good comics are made of, Geoff Johns thank you for this!

The Bad

Showdown-After all of the panel time Deathstorm has sucked up since brightest day began the finale clash between him and firestorm is severely lacking.

Anti Monitor- Sorry if I didn’t get the memo but was this guy not the essence of the Black Lantern which caused all kinds of trouble in Blackest Night? (shrugs) whatever he’s back….AGAIN like everyone else.

The Ugly

4/5 great art and great emotion

Help Jamaica Interview

There’s something to be said about reading and writing and how much it really does change your life on every conceivable level. Before I even started this site I had tried and successfully found that comic books were a far better way to teach young males an appreciation for books and reading. Imagine how thrilled I was when I ran into Birte Timm, called Brite by her friends who’s part of the “Help Jamaica” organization which is all about facilitating and nurturing reading programs here in Jamaica.   I was so impressed with their work I had to sit down with Brite to share the details on this exciting and life changing Non Profit organization.


Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Birte Timm, in Jamaica many people call me “Brite”. I am born close to Hamburg, Germany, and studied history, philosophy and educational studies at the University of Hamburg. I am currently working on finishing my PhD thesis about the Jamaica Progressive League, one of the first groups that demanded self-government for Jamaica. I currently live in Berlin, but during the past years I spent much time living and working in Kingston, which really became my second home. I love Jamaican music and I love to dance, I love cooking, discussing, reading, meeting interesting people and live life to the fullest.
Tell us about Help Jamaica, How was it formed?

The idea was born when I visited the Trenchtown Reading Center. The founder, Roslyn Ellison from Canada, had invited me when I met her at the place I was renting at Black Scorpio Studio. When I saw the type of book collection with its focus on Caribbean literature, history, children books and biographies, the idea connected immediately. For a long time, I had the vision to work with youths, do explore alternative approaches to education, to offer opportunities to the bright and ambitious youths that lack access to the resources and the environment that channels intelligence into knowledge to empower themselves. But it was at this time, that the idea manifested and a concrete vision took shape. The next time I went to the TRC to show it to my boyfriend, Hilmar “Hille” Keding, who was likewise impressed by the atmosphere in the facility, and the kids that were all engaged in educational activities and beamed with joy about the books and games that were offered. He immediately shared my vision to support the TRC by fundraising activities in Europe.  As a selector for one of Germany’s biggest sound-systems, Soundquake, he had the links to make things happen. We started to cooperate with a T-Shirt company that produced a charity T-Shirt for the TRC and organized charity parties in Germany. Our efforts were met with enthusiasm and success, so that we decided to put things on another level and to build another similar facility in Kingston. Together with a friend, Kevin Thompson, and some other people from Cassava Piece, we started to map out how things could be going and started to look for a suitable building. In August 2008, we officially registered the non-profit organization in Germany and started to look for members and supporters to stem the work. Our little team started to grow, and many supporters of the first hours are still very active in the organization. In March 2009 we additionally registered a non-profit organization in Jamaica. In October 2010, two of our members joined our board in Germany; Nadia Hentschel from Sentinel Sound and Annina Beck. They share not only their links in the music industry, but also their professional educational experience and are instrumental in the design of our educational concepts. Annina now takes care of our accounting and financial matters in Germany. Both of them have been in Jamaica around the time of the opening and helped to build the Education Center that we recently opened in Cassava Piece from scratch. They and the whole team of HELP Jamaica! members and volunteers dedicate an impressive amount of time and dedication towards the project … without all this voluntary work, for example by our volunteers on the ground, Julia, Ashanti, Janika, Maja and many others, the project would not be possible.
What does Help Jamaica do?
HELP Jamaica! raises funds to support and establish educational projects in Jamaica. We focus on literacy and want to provide access to knowledge, support creativity and encourage talent to build the self-esteem of young people. Our projects are aimed to especially support youths who grow up in poor inner city communities and often lack the access to books, computers and also to encouragement to focus on education and to explore and develop their talents. For this purpose, we established our first Center in the community of Cassava Piece in Kingston 8. We offer daily homework assistance and help with Gsat and CXC preparations, reading and literacy support, art and craft, computer classes for young and old, maths classes, a gardening class where kids learn to grow vegetables, various games and outside activities, a weekly drama group, we soon want to form a football and a netball team, start a youth club and have millions of ideas what else we would like to offer! But of course, funding is crucial, so we start basic and very happy about what we can offer already.

We hope that we can help bridge the gap between uptown and the poor and disadvantaged communities and hope that a lot of Jamaicans who had enjoyed a good education take on responsibility and support our project in whatever way. Internationally, HELP Jamaica tries to offer a channel for people who love Jamaica and its culture to directly support young people in their development and thereby help them to help the whole country. The next generation is confronted with a big challenge to deal with the problems the country faces, so the youths need to be well equipped!
Why was Jamaica chosen as a Beneficiary of Help?
Well, Jamaica and the love for the music have been there even before we thought of a project. So there was no need to choose a country… Everything just developed naturally. Everybody who is involved in HELP Jamaica! shares this deep love for the country, that was at the foundation of the idea. The majority of the funds are provided by people who live with Jamaican music and culture every day. Bob Marley’s message had truly spread out all over the world. Many Reggae artists today help to spread not only the positive vibes that Reggae music embodies, but also the protest against the bad living conditions, the discrimination, the hardships that growing up in Jamaica also means for many. We believe that people who play sound systems, who love Reggae and Dancehall, who love to sing and dance wish to contribute to the upliftment of the people and to give something back for the gift they receive through the music. This is true for the founders, the members and the supporters, this is the foundation of HELP Jamaica! Apart from that I believe that Jamaica as a country really needs many projects like the Center in Cassava Piece to overcome poverty, divide, violence and hatred that is poisoning the society.
As a non profit organization how do you keep things going?

All our work in Germany is done by volunteers in and outside the organization. Without the selfless efforts of the members of HELP Jamaica! and of all supporters, our work would be impossible. For example, our webmaster Severin Collins and our designer Hekmek, who developed the logo, constantly donate their services. Since we have started to work in Jamaica, volunteers from Germany have been living in Jamaica for several months and helped establishing the facility. In Europe and slowly also in other parts of the world, people get to know HELP Jamaica! and support our work with donations, charity parties, or donations of books and material. So many sound systems from all over Europe have organized or played at charity party’s and donated the proceeds, artists and musicians performed for free… Jamaican bookstores like Bookophilia and Sangster’s Book Stores and the Book Industry Association have been instrumental in providing our initial collection. Food For The Poor donated a computer-station with 10 monitors. The German Embassy has provided a grant of 10.000 Euro for the renovation of the building and the landscaping.

The promoters of Germany’s two biggest Reggae Festivals, support us, the Summer jam in Cologne by asking for donations from the people on the guest list and Sheriff, the promoter of the Reggae jam in Bersenbrück donates 5000 Euro after the festival and offers us place for our info-booth in the middle of the festival ground. Sound-Systems and promoters organize charity parties for HELP Jamaica! and donate the benefits, artists, bands and selectors perform for free and many individuals support us with donations or by subscribing to our supporting membership (you can download the form on our website). We also sell charity products, like the “Gullside College” T-Shirt that the Swedish Label Skank had produced for us without taking one cent for the design or the distribution; this year we will have new edition on another color and try producing the shirt also for girls. We sell charity calendars for which professional photographers donated their pictures, from Stasha Bader (Rocksteady – The Story of Jamaican Music) to Peter Dean Rickards (Afflicted Yard) and many many more. The artist and comic author Nicholas DaSilva included us in his “Dread and Alive” story and donated a percentage of the proceedings. The German “Help The Children Foundation” donated towards the opening ceremony and money for printing staff T-Shirts. Many more people supported us, too much mention! Currently we work on a cooperation with the artist Michael Thompson and we will produce a set of art-postcards that will be available in a few weeks. So in a nutshell, everybody who supports our work helps to keep things going…

What impact do you think Help Jamaica has on young people?
The HELP Jamaica! Center in Cassava Piece offers all sort of support, from homework assistance to creative arts. The books provide inspiration and encourage youths to appreciate their heritage and to know their history. Access to computers prepares and equips them with the necessary skills to be competitive in job applications. The guided usage of the internet connects them with the outside world and helps them to do the research for their various projects at school and all information needs they have. We hope we can have a positive impact on the life of the young people who come daily, and it is a very good sign, that a lot them come on a regular basis, many of the 50-60 kids that come daily are there every day. The team of professionals and assistants from the communities act as a positive role model and tries to encourage the youths in their personal development. The love, respect, encouragement and appreciation that the kids feel when coming to the Center alone can change how they feel about themselves.

Why do you believe that Reading is so important?
Reading has played a crucial role in my personal upbringing, my parents used to read to me before I went to sleep, my grandfather read to me every mid-day and so I was blessed to grow up in a lot of phantasy worlds. I couldn’t wait to read for myself and since then, I do that extensively. I believe that reading and books provide inspiration for children and helps them to develop their personality. By exploring other worlds and learning about different cultures we inescapably develop a different outlook, fresh ideas, new ways of thinking. It also equips you with powerful rhetorical skills and weapons to argue, to discuss and to convince people. Well, and of course you can learn all sort of things and expand your knowledge and your horizon…
What are the benefits of being able to read as opposed to not being able to?
At our opening ceremony, many of the speakers cited Garvey’s statement that if you want to hide knowledge from a black man you have to put it into a book. Being able to read and have access to books about history, culture, biographies of inspiring personalities will inspire critical thinking. This is necessary to assume control over one’s own decisions in life and can encourage young people to want take over responsibility for the surrounding they life in, for their communities and their country. Illiteracy is a means to keep people uneducated and to deny them access to jobs, opportunities and a self-determined life.
What kind of feedback have you gotten on the work you’ve done?
The feedback is overwhelming. Sometimes the encouragement and big-ups from very different types of people literally shake me up in the daily working routine and help me to overcome the many challenges and strives.

The feedback from the supporters and partners in Europe and America is really encouraging and everybody is proud and happy to see that our common efforts now start to bear fruits. The feedback from the children and adults who utilize the Center is wonderful. Their turn-out in considerable and increasing numbers is a proof in itself! About 50-65 kids utilize the Center and a great number of adults come every day to read a book, to look up things on the internet and to meet others. The community is proud that we all together have been able to establish this facility. We are really happy that many conflicts and feuds have been ended amongst people who now cooperate and are part of our core team. The Center has provided a sign of hope and encouragement and really has unifying effect on the community suffers a lot from division, violence, fear and suspicion. Many people have warned us and recommended to keep our hands off Cassava Piece as it would be too divided and to difficult. The fact that we have reached so far and really opened the facility within 2 years of planning and fundraising impresses a lot of people. So we got a lot of positive feedback from the community and also advise and support from the surrounding institutions, like the neighboring schools, the police, the Abilities Foundation, the Social Development Commission and many other organizations and individuals. What is missing now are the big companies that love the work we do and come on board by helping us to stem the monthly costs, to improve the facility and to finally one day make our dream become reality to open up more similar facilities in Jamaica in the future!
What’s the proudest moment for you since Help Jamaica began?
In the night before the opening ceremony a 23 year old youth from Cassava Piece I had not consciously met before approached me in front of the Center. He told me how much he loves to see what is happening and that the community really needs a library and community center. In that moment I started to realize that what we have dreamed of for two years of hard work, sweat and persistence was now about to become true and that young people already started to look towards the Center even before we have opened our doors to the public. During the whole ceremony on the next day an indescribably pride and joy was flowing through my veins – when Karl Samuda admitted that he has not been successful in his effort to establish a computer center in the building that we now use, when Romain Virgo sang “Who feels it knows it” and Darrio from the Subkonshens Camp encouraged the youths to fulfill their dreams. Or when Rising Star Second Winner Camaley from Cassava Piece encouraged the youths that everybody can rise up and had the Director of the Culture Department o the Ministry for Youth, Sports and Culture, Mr. Bartles, skank in a frenzie, when my partner Hille and I cut the ribbon and we all went inside and saw the finished library equipped with books and computers – that was the proudest moment, maybe in all my life.
How can we the public help you continue the great work?
There are so many ways, and everybody can be a part of our effort! Of course one of the most crucial needs is to raise funds for the monthly expenses, the salaries, the utility bills, communication cost, and of course money for material, games etc. We also appreciate donations of books, art and craft material, office supplies, especially when directly donated in Jamaica, as shipping is a financial challenge. Individual donations, supportive memberships, charity cooperation with companies, charity parties or shows are ways how we do our fundraising at the moment. People can support our work by volunteering their time and actively help in the daily work at the Center. Business could donate towards our non-profit organization in Germany or in Jamaica and get their tax-deduces, we are looking for powerful partners from corporate Jamaica, but up to know we lack the time to really start approach them. Musicians and Artists can do free shows and charity concerts or donate their time and come give a music workshop to the youth at the Center. Journalists could write about HELP Jamaica! to raise awareness for our work – actually everybody can help to spread the word. Please have a look at our website – there you will find additional information on our project and also many ideas how you can join our efforts to HELP Jamaica!

Thanks for the time Brite and be sure to let us know when you need some volunteers next time, keep up the good work!


Created by: Reginald Hudlin and John Romitta

1st appearance: Black Panther #2  (2005)

Nationality: Wakandan

Alias: Prince T’shan, son of Sy’an

Team Affiliations: none

Legal Status: Diplomatic immunity as Wakandan Ambassador

Height: 5’10                   Weight: 190 lbs
Eye Color: brown        Hair color: Black he wears it bald

Relatives:Bashenga (ancestor), Azzari the Wise (GrandFather),   S’yan (Father),  T’chaka (Uncle, deceased), Ramonda (Aunt),   Shuri (Cousin), White Wolf (cousin), Jakara  (cousin, deceased)  Storm (In Law),   T’Challa (Cousin).

Skills and abilities: Trained from birth in various African martial arts.


He grew up with T’Challa and Shuri and has always harbored envy towards  T’Challa.  Being close in age they often played and sparred together as children.
When his father S’yan took over ruling of Wakanda in the death of his uncle T’chaka he saw it as an opportunity to surpass T’challa and ascend to the throne. Completing his training and walkabout while T’challa was away in America he waited for the yearly challenge to attain his prize. He challenged his father but things did not go as planned and he lost the fight.

He became bitter when T’Challa defeated his father in battle thus beating him in becoming king of Wakanda. He has always thought his father allowed T’Challa to win. As king T’challa appointed  him the Wakandan U.N ambassador to keep him from interfering. He performed his duties admirably despite knowing they were a shackle made to keep him away from the throne.

When Wakanda was attacked by Klaw’s forces  he was approached by a blond woman who was really a parasitic body thief in disguise.Thinking she could aid his people in their time of need he rushed her to Wakanda. On the way there however the plane crashed and as the woman lay dieing he tried to help her and had his body taken over by the parasite resulting in the consumption of his personality and death.

sexy Cosplay

Our favorite cosplay girl is at it again XD

Captain America: Hail Hydra #3 Review


The Falcon, Black Panther/T’challa and Captain America are in Wakanda so T’challa can equip falcon with his very first set of wings. A section of wakanda is attacked by zombies and our trio defeat them and realize Hydra is behind it. They meet with the avengers before heading to Haiti to check on the zombie formula. They get attacked again and Cap learns that the super soldier formula may have been something more that he was initially told. Falcon secures the research they came for and cap’s eyes glow with the hydra formula.

The Good!

The Grotto of Soloman- Apparently Wakanda is not only home to Vibrainuim but also the secrets of immortality were left by Solomon with endless bounties of treasure. I like this expansion on the rich culture of wakanda and the grotto of Solomon could easily tie into the frogs of Solomon introduced by Jack Kirby in Black Panther vol.1 #1 way back when.

Captain America- It was nice seeing questions asked about how Captain America managed to survive being frozen and reanimated in modern day with no side effects (note he did have side effects but apparently that has been retconned). The entire super soldier program has always been shady, (cough)  Isiah Bradley  (cough)

Cover- Nice cover with our trio, T’challa, Falcon and Cap.

The Bad!

Art- Chronically Inconsistent. In an attempt to channel the art of yesterday the artist has instead given us panel that sometimes look good and sometimes don’t. Detail is nonexistent, faces lack features…….at  least it looks better than flags of our father.

History Lesson- The scene with our trio in the quinjet over wakanda discussing the origins of the word Zombie felt like the writer took it from a book and simply wanted to share it in the story but not doing so very fluidly.

T’challa- his disbelief in Zombies while heading to the site was ludicrous for a man who rules the most technologically advanced state in the world, holding the most precious metal in the world which mutates people into demons based on raw exposure. Plus he would have knowledge of his nations past and their magic phase……why would he not believe? I don’t get it? That felt like bad characterization.

Wakanda’s intelligence systems- So Wakanda has info on even the super soldier’s secret identity the first time he lands on wakandan soil? They have Galactus protocols, T’challa even infiltrated and joined the avengers to asses their threat level but he has no idea who hydra is? Ridiculous!

The Ugly!

2/5 meh

Tyson Beckford

Tyson Craig Beckford was born on December 19th 1970 and is a fashion model and actor, best known as a Ralph Lauren model.

Cosplay update!

One fan sent me even more cosplay, I just had to share! (in this gallery- Storm and John Stewart)


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