Green Lantern #66 Review

War of the Green Lanterns, Part Seven


While John and Kyle try to stop a corrupted Mogo, Guy and Hal take on the infected Guardians in hopes of removing Parallax from the battery and freeing their comrades. The guardians prove too much for them as Krona joins the fray and they are defeated and captured.

Sinestro inside the book of Black regains his consciousness while the others can’t. Krona locks him back inside the book as he prepares to make Guy and Hal a part of the new guardians of the galaxy by force evolving them.

The Good

Action- The fight between Hal/Guy and the possessed guardians hits all the right notes, explosions, flashing colors, constructs…..good stuff!

Art- Lovely dynamic colors compliment the line work, making for a visual treat.

Cover- both covers are eye catching candy

Story- I loved seeing Hal and Guy working together and even better we finally know what Krona desires, to replace the Guardians of the universe with the species from the planet which birthed emotion itself billions of years ago. I also liked the strong will of Sinestro prevailing against the book of black, allowing him to maintain his sanity and individuality while inside the book of black.

Villain- Krona our villain means well but clearly lost a few screws along the way. Sure the Guardians are A-holes, sure they have no emotional connection to those who serve them, sure they are not worthy to rule BUT Krona…dude you had a whole planet razed in genocidal fire to prove a point? You need help just as much as they do! Krona is one of those villains who mean good but go about everything in the wrong way.

The Bad

No complaints

The Ugly



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