Brightest Day #23 Review


All kinds of disasters have broken out across the world as our heroes scramble to save the innocent. In the forest a barrier has been erected only allowing the “chosen” to enter. Inside Deadman controlled by the White Lantern teleports Dove to their location, Hawk tags along. Outside the dome Captain Boomerang again sees the vision of himself killing Dove. Also outside the dome the Dark Avatar finally arrives- a black lantern Swamp Thing. Deadman then burns up firestorm who becomes a pure fire elemental. Alongside him are earth elemental Martian Manhunter, Hawkman and woman Air elementals and Aquaman the water elemental (all had been previously vaporized by the white Light). They engage the Black Lantern Swamp thing while the white light resurrects Alec Holland the savior of mankind.

The Good

Art- Consistent, dynamic and gorgeous as always

The Return-Swamp thing is…..well he hasn’t been used in a VERY VERY VERY long time. So long in fact that I had not even touched High School when I was given a swamp thing tow by my Dad…..hmmm…nostalgia, Isn’t she grand! It was amusing that this was the big revelation of Brightest day….to bring back this long forgotten character?! Ballsy move Johns.

The other return of all those recently killed by the white light as the primal elements of the planet was a nice touch, it was amusing and quite unpredictable ‘

The Bad

Seriously we have been following Brightest day so Johns can bring back swamp thing…..SWAMP THING? SERIOUSLY?  (shakes head, what will they think of next)

The Ugly

2.5 average


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