Green Lantern Corp #60 Review

War of the Green Lanterns part 8


John and Kyle arrive at Planet Mogo who is recruiting millings of Green Lanterns to Krona’s cause. Pretty soon there will be no chance of stopping him. Kyle can still only barely use his powers but John is getting better and better at using his. They manage to locate mogo’s core but are flanked by possessed Green Lanterns. Kyle tries to cure him but cant, John makes contact with the core and realizes its too late to save mogo as the Black lantern power also relies in the core after Blackest night. John decides he has no choice but to destroy mogo, Kyle tries to stop him but he channels the Black Lantern powers and fires a shot into mogo’s core destroying him.

The Good

Art- the dynamic colors give the less than realistic pencil work pop right off the pages. It’s a visual treat for the eyes!

Cover- Both covers are lovely. The standard has both lanterns in a hailstorm of green lantern rings, the alternate shows our earth lanterns minus Kyle is an almost cg scene with green light so bright it fades to white. Lovely!

Characterization– Kyle remains ever the optimist, hoping there is another way to deal with the problem at hand, John is a hard ass! knowing that tough decisions need to be made and he does just that. The difference in our protagonists really sells the issue at hand.

Action- John gets great spotlight with some nice fight scenes and that last page where he destroys mogo? Badass moment! But one that will drive a huge wedge between him and Kyle’s years of friendship

The Bad

Blue ring– It has served no purpose thus far in the story….lame.

Kyle- Kyle fans will lament his uselessness in the overall story.

The Ugly



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