Cosplaying while Black (12)

Cosplaying while Black

Gender bender Dhalsim, Luke Cage, Demona from Gargoyles, Aizan, Storm, black renditions of Psylocke, Sailor Moon, Joanna Dark and Powergirl? Cosplaying while Black is oh so beautiful!

Man of Steele Cosplay (10.1)

Man of Steel Cosplay

Tonight as the Man of Steel Movie starring Henry Cavil is all the rage across cyberspace we’re celebrating the movies release with some cosplay of ‘super” proportions! a variety of Supergirls, Superboys and Supermen heat things up on the eve of Father’s Day 2013!

Cosplay Madness (19)

Cosplay Madness

It’s all out madness in our latest gallery which feature a female Spawn, A picture perfect Luke Cage, Jade, Amazon, Nubia, Misty Knight and Blankman?! Oh Lordy!


Black Poison Ivy

It’s always cool when a cosplayer shines a different light on an established character and this black beauty OWNS poison Ivy! Like! Share! Comment!


NYCC Cosplay

Lightning, Partiot, Storm, Static Shock, Luke Cage, Photon, Blade, Black Panther are a few of the highlights in today’s stellar gallery!  

Black Cosplay (25)

Eric Moran Cosplay

There are a few Black Cosplayers that literally pop up in every batch of photos we get. One such cosplayer is Eric Moran! Incidentally today is Eric’s birthday so what better way to celebrate than with a gallery of his greatest costumes! :)

Jade Cosplay (18)

Jade Cosplay

Mortal Kombat’s premiere Black Beauty Jade gets the spotlight in our latest gallery! Cosplayer: Maki – Cosplay Page Photographers: Soulfire Photography: Facebook Page DeviantArt Elysiam: link Paul Karpey: DeviantArt ACP Coolsteel27: Flickr

NY Cosplayer Network, Inc.

Some of our longtime fans decided to share some pictures that combines both beautiful black women  who not only cosplay, but use their cosplay to make a difference! These gals tutor kids in math/ science/ reading and they also volunteer cosplaying at various community events and in shelters. They believe since many poor kids cannot come…


Mz. Marvel Cosplay!

Our favorite cosplay girl is at it again with this super sexy rendition of Mz. Marvel! ~*Check out her other galleries below*~ Poison Ivy Q-ko Hauhi Suzumiya Felicia from darkstalkers Super sexy