X-men Xenogenisis #5 Review


The x-men battle and defeat the furies while Emma deals with Jaspers and rewrites the mind of the last remaining Fury thus saving the day. At the end Crocodile (the president of the African nation) shoots Jaspers in the head so he can never again endanger his people.

The Good

Art- Very animated and expressive It was one of the only good things about this entire travesty of a series

The Bad

Stormafter  having Cyclops tell storm she will be in charge in Africa, Storm becomes a background character in this finale issue and for the entire series was clearly NOT in charge of this excursions (shakes head) very disappointing.

Ridiculous- Ok let me get this, a single fury can trash a whole team of x-men yet in this issue the X-men  kill furies as simply as the power rangers defeat foot soldiers? BULLSHIT!

Telepathy on a robot?- WTF? Ok seriously Warren Ellis were you high when you wrote this issue or what? The Fury has gone up against Rachel Summers and countless telepaths in the multiverse and none of them have ever thought to or accomplished a telepathic assault on an inorganic being/robot before yet Emma Frost connects with  and its “mind”…….what mind?…..its head space does not have a brain to manipulate it’s a computer for Christ’s sake! (note I don’t remember anywhere in this series where he stated these things had brains so WTF) If Emma can do this she would have cyberpathy (the ability to communicate and control machines) not telepathy! This is honestly BS, if you can’t get a characters powers down correctly or find a logical conclusion to the travesty of a story your telling then just cancel the damn thing, this is unacceptable to brand as “astonishing x-men” it fits right in with the Craption of Uncanny x-men, utterly disappointing.

The Bad

I thought Uncanny x-men was the worst comic I had read but here I sit with Astonishing X-men Xenogenisis #5 a book which fails on every level imaginable for that it receives a 1/5 the lowest rated comic book on the World of Black Heroes. Congratulations!


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