Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #10 Review

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #10: War of the Green Lanterns, Part Nine


Right as Krona is about to proceed with his plan him and the guardians are hit with a major psychic backlash as mogo dies. Green lanterns fall from the sky as do the pieces of mogo like asteroids. In the center of it are Kyle and John. Kyle tries to revive mogo but cant, john takes them directly to Oa. Guy and Hal take the new disturbance as a chance to break free, gather up ganthet and the book of black and flee to the central power battery. They meet up with John and Kyle. They try to pull the yellow impurity from the battery but cant. Ganthet recovers and has Hal and Guy don an extra ring each they are almost able to crack the power battery but the corp attacks. Ganthet has Guy wearing a red and pink ring lash out at the battery while the others hold of the corp. He finally admits what he loves and hates most in the world which cracks the lantern freeing parallax and the corp. Kyle frees Guy of the red lantern rig and they all put back on their green rings. They now band together to take on Krona and the now possessed guardians. Krona congratulates the earth lanterns for proving him right and now he can make them his fellow guardians and end the chaos. The corp stands ready to stop him once and for all.

The Good

Alternate cover- Guy Gardner stretching towards his green lantern ring in close to CG quality while his body sizzles with green energy is lovely.

Dynamic- Each of our Protagonists gets nice panel time.  Hal leads, John is grief stricken over destroying yet another planet, Kyle cures Guy of his red lantern ailment and Guy finally gets his day he rips Parallax from the Central power battery and finally admits his great love…the corp itself. All in all Very satisfying

Action- This issue packs all out action like none before it, so much crammed in built easily the most satisfying piece of the war of the green lanterns thus far.

The Bad

Standard cover- it lacks the polish you would expect from a modern day comic book in a big event.

Art- Easily the weakest of the lot of all the green lantern books. The colors are far too subdued and washed out.

The Ugly



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